Month: September 2019

Since we are focusing on our move, sex and discipline have been largely absent. Well, absent from actions not from my mind. We seem to be bedroom-rooted when it comes to both. Mrs. Lion reserves time after dinner for discipline.

It was bound to happen. The stress of moving and things changing finally got to us. We were yelling at each other last night. I’m still pissed. Yes, I harbor resentment at times. It takes a while for me to

` Mrs. Lion and I are thoroughly tired of dealing with this move. She’s been exhausted every day with aching joints and frustration with the progress we need to make. On Sunday he mentioned that I’ve been doing some things

Yesterday we had to go on a box run. Despite the fact that we’ve been throwing out tons of stuff, we still have a lot to pack. It’s not like we have our house jammed with stuff. There’s plenty of