Easily Distracted

Today is Cyber Monday. I’ve been very distracted at work, looking at all the emails that come in promising me giant discounts. I haven’t bought anything. So far the only thing I’ve really accomplished is deciding what’s for dinner. And that had nothing to do with cyber anything.

We had a nice four day weekend. I’m convinced every month should have an extended weekend. My office has Christmas eve, Christmas day and the day after off. That means we’re working Monday and Friday of that week. Why bother? Just give us the week off. We won’t have another holiday off until Memorial day.

Anyway, I made quite a bit of progress unpacking. I got rid of a lot of boxes. The garbage and recycle guys hate me, I’m sure. I found some of the things we’ve been looking for. Others remain hidden.

I also made some progress in the Lion department. I finally got him to the edge and he had his orgasm. In his post yesterday, Lion again said we should start our activities earlier in the evening. I agree. He says it’s fine to wake him up if he’s snoozing. He never sleeps very soundly, but I think if he’s asleep it’s because he needs it. Why would I wake him up? But I will do so.

Last night I was doing laundry until fairly late. Since it was the day after an orgasm, I didn’t think Lion would want any attention. However, we did hold hands while we watched TV. I had heartburn so I couldn’t really snuggle in with him. He was snoozing while watching our stupid football team lose again. I didn’t figure there was any need to wake him up for that.

Tonight, I’ll make sure I give Lion whatever attention he wants. We can snuggle and see what develops. I’m not putting any pressure on him to be aroused. I’m certainly not putting pressure on him to get to the edge. Of course, I’ll do what I can to help but pressure is the enemy.

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