Month: February 2020

As usual, Mrs. Lion was right. On Sunday night she got out her trusty CBT rope and wound turn after turn around my balls stretching them far from my body. When she finished she left them that way and commented that she liked bouncy balls. A very short time later she started playing with my penis. It didn’t take long before I was rock hard and trying to help her with my hips. She edged me over and over. When she was done she kissed the tip of my penis and commented that I produced some precum.

All I needed was a little extra attention to get back to being her eager lion. If you read her post yesterday afternoon, you know that she sent me an email and asked me what I might enjoy doing on Monday (I’m writing this on Monday before anything gets started). I said it might be fun to try milking. So, she wrote her post “The Lion Says Moo“. In an email, she wondered if I would be able to stay on all fours long enough to be milked to the edge a few times. Good point. I’ll try.

I also mentioned that it might take some practice over several sessions for both of us to get into good shape for lion milking. Mrs. Lion expressed some doubt that she would be able to keep up her interest. She was underlining a point that is both an amazingly strong credit for her an ongoing problem for the two of us: There is nothing in all this for her. She isn’t interested in sex for herself and she isn’t particularly amused by the antics she puts me through. She really hasn’t found anything to motivate her beyond her strong desire to make me happy.

So far, we haven’t come up with anything that she is strongly motivated to do on her own. If it wasn’t for her strong love for me, I think she would’ve given up all the stuff years ago. I keep hoping that we will come up with activities for me that challenge her and make her want to keep going out of her own desire to perfect something.

Spanking may be one of those things. She does seem motivated to perfect her ability to effectively spank me. I’m not kidding myself. She would stop in a minute if she didn’t think I needed or wanted it. It’s not that she’s unusual. When I was topping I found it very difficult to look for constructive motivation to perfect my technique. I chalked it off to the fact that I was probably not really a top. I was right. Clearly, I’m not.

Mrs. Lion isn’t either. She’s very good in her role as my disciplining wife. It’s a role I asked her to play, not one she decided for herself. More often then not I think this is the case with most couples. When you come down to it, even though being under her discipline and orgasm control is important to me, it’s not a very big part of the reason I’m with her. People who get together because of an interest in BDSM, chastity, etc. don’t generally last too long. Let’s face it, even though I want Mrs. Lion to have a wonderful time in her role, she probably never will. What keeps her with me has nothing to do with that. We love each other and want to be together under any condition. That’s the real glue.

Still, I wish she would have more fun being my disciplining wife. Oh well.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, but Lion has requested that I milk him. I’ll need to have a refresher course. I know Lion needs to be on his knees. I know I jerk him off from behind, but I don’t remember what else is involved.

Lion has already said it has to be an ongoing process for it to work. We’re not really consistent with ongoing processes. One of us always has a reason to stop. Usually it’s me and my achiness that kills it. I can’t stand for long, or bending over is difficult or some other excuse. Sometimes, and I think this is more likely, I lose interest. If I didn’t then I’m sure we’d be right back at it as soon as I felt better.

Case in point: anal play. How long has it been since we’ve done anything anal? Why did we stop? Was Lion not feeling well? Was I not feeling well? And why didn’t we start up once that reason was over? I bet it was because I forgot. And if I remembered, why didn’t I start again? I know if I said we were starting again, Lion would be wagging his butt in the air in an instant.

I need to get better at being consistent with things. The only thing I’m consistent with is being inconsistent. My losing interest is no excuse for not doing things. If Lion wants it, I should do it. And doing it means continuing on with it even if we need to stop because of illness.

Tonight I’ll get a refresher course on milking and we’ll go from there. If memory serves, it won’t be easy or immediately fruitful. It will take time. Deep breath. It will take time.

Mrs. Lion is right. I do get tired of being masturbated. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy it and that I don’t get hard. I just don’t feel myself responding as much as I did in the past. This happened before we began enforced male chastity. When Mrs. Lion’s interest in sex was waning, my most frequent sexual outlet was being masturbated by her. It wasn’t very frequent; about once or twice a month. I filled in doing it myself two or three times a week. I got tired of both of our hands.

She was also right that when she mixes other activities along with the handjob, it becomes more fun. I’m not sure that the problem is I’m tired of her hand. It could also be a sequence of events. I lie on my back, she pinches my nipples a little then her hand moves down my body, eventually landing on my penis. She begins playing with it. When I get hard, she sits up and begins masturbating me in earnest. She’s very good at it. I do like it a lot. But it tends to be the same each time.

I’ve hinted that it might be fun to be able to hump her hand. We haven’t tried that in a long time. We have two Fleshlights that she could hold while I hump. I also suggested that “milking” with me on my hands and knees, my penis pulled out behind me might be exciting too. These are just ideas and may not work. The thing is that they are different. We both tend to be creatures of habit. When it comes to sex I think this can become a problem. Our anal play has also stopped. This isn’t because Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to do these things, she hasn’t been feeling very well and simply jerking me off is almost too much for her.

male milking
Being “milked” really turns me on

Part of the problem is that all of these activities are evening, long-after-dinner play sessions. Just as we’ve discovered that early spankings work out much better than late ones, I think we will find that early sex will be better than waiting until the later evening.

There is a certain amount of built-in excitement because I never know if I’m going to be worked up and ready to ejaculate and then left hanging. That’s very cool. However, getting me to that point is becoming more difficult. Part of it is that I haven’t been feeling anticipation. I usually will ask if we are going to do “something”? Generally, Mrs. Lion will then move over and begin. There is no real buildup.

Another possibility is to have me hump my Fleshlight.

The old cliché that the real sex organ is the brain is undoubtedly true. Perhaps when Mrs. Lion feels better, we can have more like spanking games or other games we used to play; remember Zapardy? Maybe try some lion milking. The Internet is just full of bizarre ideas that might be fun to try.

Don’t get me wrong, Mrs. Lion works very hard to make me happy. Nothing she does is out of obligation. It’s all out of love. I just think it’s a little easy to slip into habits. Even if she gave me a blow job every night, over time I would get tired of them too. It’s just human nature. I don’t need a three-ring circus. One with a trained lion will do. (Psssst — the idea of being trained really turns me on.)

We got started late last night. It was after 9. Sometimes that doesn’t matter. If Lion has been snoozing a lot his batteries can recharge and later doesn’t always mean failure. However, he hadn’t been snoozing.

I think the problem was more in the manner in which I was playing with him. When I told him he was spoiled the other day, I was only half-joking. I really think he’s tired of handjobs. Oh, I know he can get excited and, if there’s been spanking or if I’ve tied his balls or used some clothespins, he’s very happy with a handjob. But I think he’s secretly hoping I’ll give up and go for oral. Now I have a secret of my own.

I almost did give up last night and go for oral. But then I thought about the possibility of his being spoiled. No, I don’t think he’s consciously not getting hard so I’ll “give in”. Lion doesn’t do things like that. And I know he gets bored with regular old run-of-the-mill hand jobs. However, he hasn’t had a handjob in days. His last orgasm was oral but the time before that was a handjob.

Last night’s issue was most certainly the time we started. But I’m still going to tease him about being spoiled. I know he loves oral ministrations. I decided last year to try to even the score between oral orgasms and handjobs. I didn’t make it by a long shot. Maybe this year I can do better.

Of course, oral orgasms are not always the intention. It used to be that as soon as I moved between his legs, he knew he was getting an orgasm. Since I’ve figured out how to edge him orally, it’s not always a given. I’m happy about that. I like keeping Lion on his toes. It’s sort of like Schrodinger’s cat: is it alive or dead? Maybe in our case, it’s Schrodinger’s orgasm: it this an orgasm or frustration?