Year: 2020

I won’t say I did a lot yesterday. I didn’t actually get a lot done all weekend. What I did get done was started very late and went until almost 11. In the middle of this, Lion asked if I had the energy to unlock him. The problem with this is that I didn’t really have the energy or the time, but I don’t want to tell him that because he’s very sensitive to being just one more chore. I also realize that he’s newly horny and edge-able lately so I don’t want to discourage that.

I can’t account for every time, but I don’t think I’ve ever considered Lion a chore. It’s true I may not have the time or energy for him but I feel bad when I deny him. That may sound ridiculous given the fact that part of my job in male chastity is, in fact, to deny him. Oddly, I consider edging him as actively denying him whereas ignoring him (or not playing with him) is passively denying him. I think I can definitively say we both like the former more.

To the other point, I want to make sure we keep up with edging him. A horny Lion is a happy Lion. Of course, he’d rather have an orgasm sometimes but he knows I’ll give him one eventually. I just don’t want to drop the ball and let him lapse back into his slump. That’s no fun for either of us.

When I was all done edging him, and I think I got him more times than the night before, he was very frustrated. He said he wanted more. Poor thing. Not to worry. He’ll get more tonight.

One interesting thing about edging him now is that I seem to be out of practice. I used to know what every little movement and sound meant. It’s a little more difficult now. I have to relearn everything. Good thing I’m up for the task. I hope he is too. [Lion — I am!]

For whatever reason Mrs. Lion is now able to edge me again. All that has changed is that I’m now wearing a male chastity device. Maybe, as she suggested, it’s the novelty of being locked up again that’s jumpstarting my libido. Only time will tell. It could be something else. I’m almost afraid to say what it is out loud. It could be that I need the physical restraint to truly feel sexually controlled.

I know that other guys have developed this sort of sexual addiction. If it’s true that I have it as well, I’m not sure it’s the worst thing in the world. It just doesn’t fit with how I think of myself. My self-image has me independent and voluntarily surrendering my ability to ejaculate. That’s probably inaccurate. After more than six years under Mrs. Lion’s control, it has to be for more than voluntary.

When I’m wild, I almost never give myself an erection. Sometimes I think I’d like to and my hand moves down between my legs. Almost every time, I give up long before there is any real sign of life. That’s why I felt that wearing a chastity device is a bit like gilding the lily. It’s cool but has no real functional value for me. Maybe I’m wrong.

Several years ago I wrote a post about the difference between “can’t” and “won’t”. Wearing a chastity device makes it impossible for me to get an erection and ejaculate. When I’m wild and choose not to because I’m committed to being under Mrs. Lion’s control. I would argue that “won’t” is more exciting because it represents me submitting my will to hers. “Can’t” physically removes any choice. My will isn’t involved at all. Being the bondage slut that I am, it’s a much bigger turn-on to be physically restrained.

Why, after all this time when there was apparently no difference in how I respond to being wild or caged, did I suddenly start losing sexual interest when my penis was no longer caged? If it was a simple cause and effect situation, I would’ve expected to see the problem emerge a long time ago. It didn’t. After all, mental bondage is just as hot as physical. Isn’t it?

Mrs. Lion definitely prefers the mental sort of bondage. She isn’t very fond of dealing with locking and unlocking cages. Even though I could do it for her, I think it’s the same problem we both agree exists with allowing me to masturbate under her supervision. Part of her control is the actual physical control of the device and the penis it locks up.

I know she enjoyed getting me to the edge on Saturday night. I enjoyed it too. It was such a novelty that I didn’t feel a bit frustrated when she stopped and told me that she was done. I’d imagine that if the edging continues for another week or so, the old feelings of frustration will return. Meanwhile, we are both enjoying the sexual return of her old lion.

hard lion
It didn’t take long after I removed the
chastity device for Lion to be ready to go.

I guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but I was able to get Lion to the edge last night. Why isn’t that a surprise? He’s been locked in a chastity device for a few days. When he locked it on himself the other day, he said he was hornier that night. I left him in it for a while so he could get used to wearing it. He had no trouble peeing. He had no trouble sleeping. The only effect seems to be a hornier Lion. That’s an excellent side effect.

Since he locked it on, I had no idea how to get it off. It took some gyrations but eventually I got it. I forgot it’s plastic. It looks like a painted car surface. As Lion said, it’s the color of the Ferrari he would get if he could get a Ferrari. The end piece unlocks first and it was light as a feather. It took my brain a minute to comprehend how light it was versus how substantial it looks.

Having said all this, I still dislike Lion wearing a cage. Well, I don’t dislike him actually wearing the cage. What I dislike is fiddling with getting it on and off. I understand why some women make their men deal with the cage. Push this piece this way and hold that skin that way and still pinch him and oh now the lock doesn’t line up. Ugh. This happens with any cage, especially the first few times you use it. The Jail Bird is almost second nature but that’s because he’s worn that the most.

I know I shouldn’t argue too much about the cage. If it makes Lion horny then it’s worth it. Of course, eventually the novelty will wear off and the doldrums could be back. For now, the cage is back and we’ll ride the high while we can. If last night is any indication, I’ll be making Lion wait a while for his next orgasm. It’s too much fun to torture him and make him hornier. Especially because it’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to edge him.

But we all know how weak I am. I’ll need to give him an orgasm sooner rather than later. I doubt it will be before he wants one since he probably wants one right now, but I love giving him orgasms. It’s just a matter of time before I give in.

On Saturday afternoon I crossed 48 hours still locked in the Evotion Orion. male chastity device. I suppose that’s not unusual. Generally, Mrs. Lion unlocks me for inspection and teasing every 24 hours or so. I still have possession of the keys. So if a problem crops up, I can let myself out. So far it’s been fine. I forgot how it feels to have my balls pushed out in front of me by the base ring of a chastity device. This position forces me to be more aware of them since it’s pretty easy to sit on one or otherwise find it in a position that hurts. I can feel little stirrings inside the plastic cage. My penis definitely wants a chance to stretch.

Now that I’ve spent two days and two nights in the device, I’m confident that it is above average in comfort. It felt fine under my clothes even during physical therapy. The wider-than-usual base ring does pinch now and then. A simple adjustment takes care of it.

It has been quite a while since I’ve been caged. Whether or not my penis is locked in a chastity device, I remain under strict orgasm control. I haven’t had a single spontaneous or unsupervised ejaculation in well over six years. The last time I jerked off was December 2013.

Mrs. Lion admitted the chastity device looked a bit odd on me. Part of it was that she isn’t used to seeing me sporting any chastity hardware. A bigger part is that the devices a bright candy apple red. If I had a Ferrari it would be just the same color as my chastity device. I’m generally very conservative when it comes to things I wear. All of my other chastity devices are white or natural stainless steel. I suppose it’s time for me to be sportier.

I’m not sure what’s planned for the balance of the weekend. I imagine that Mrs. Lion will want to spank me at least once more whether I earn it or not. She is in the process of calibrating her disciplinary spanking style. Friday night was the first time she used the hard rubber paddle for a punishment spanking. I think she was a bit taken back by its severity. I doubt this will inspire her to abandon this particular tool or back off in terms of her swats. She may need to do a bit of adjustment with placement.

She does seem to like focusing on the space between my cheeks. She makes a point of spreading them and applying several hard swats to each side. I suspect the large, rubber paddle is a bit ungainly for this close work. She may want to go to our small, blue paddle which is ideal for tight spaces. I can say without question that effort applied in that little area is strongly felt.

Mrs. Lion has yet to remove or put me into the Evotion Orion. I found it fairly easy when I put it on myself. It goes together in a less-than-obvious way, however once I figured it out it was easy to do simply by touch. I imagine that it took quite a bit of work to design the way the parts fit together. They do so very well, and once locked, there is no wobble or rattle. Best of all, my urethra remains nicely centered and I can urinate in the toilet with as much ease as I had when I was wild. This is the first male chastity device I have worn that keeps me firmly and stably in position. No other design I’ve tried comes close.

Even though it’s too early to say definitively, my first impression of the Evotion Orion is very positive. So far it checks all the boxes for a high-quality, custom male chastity device.