Author: Caged Lion

Spanking Game: Football Fun

Mrs. Lion is still working out the rules for her NFL game. Currently, she has me zapped for each penalty. She is trying to decide how many swats I get when a team scores. I suggested one per point. She’s

The Fun Begins

We’re working to return excitement to our BDSM play. Mrs. Lion has brought back our Box O’Fun. On Thursday night I drew “Velcro”. Mrs. Lion puts Velcro strips around my penis before it gets  hard. The strips “choke” my penis

New Again

Our energy has been pretty low lately. I’m not sure why, but both Mrs. Lion and I find ourselves sleep-deprived and tired every night. It’s true that neither of us has been sleeping very well. Mrs. Lion is going to

Getting There Is (Way) More Than Half The Fun

Yesterday was uneventful. We had frozen (heated, of course) pizza and vegged out in bed watching TV and playing games on our iPads. Just your average American couple. This is our usual pattern the day after I get an orgasm.