Author: Caged Lion

We Are Changing How We Approach Things

It appears that Mrs. Lion and I are settling into a new pattern. It’s not a radical change. I still get locked in a chastity device and I still must follow rules set by Mrs. Lion; but there is a

Take A Time Out

I’ve been writing a lot lately about what’s going on inside of me. It’s tempting to just write about chastity hardware, sexual frustration FLRD, and spanking. After all, that’s probably why you visit us. I’ve always advocated taking “time outs”


I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that people read all sorts of things I never intended into my posts. Sometimes we get comments that show us how we affect a reader. When Mrs. Lion or I write about our disciplinary

Punishment Is An Expression Of Love

Thursday night I got a spanking. According to Mrs. Lion, I have one more after that to complete my punishment backlog. I realize that as the recipient of a spanking, my interpretation of its severity is highly subjective. For some