Caged Lion

Domestic Discipline is fundamentally different from BDSM scenes. The activities may be the same: i.e.: spanking, but the intention behind them is completely different. I think this is one of the most difficult aspects of DD that Mrs. Lion and I had to learn. She spanked me in the BDSM sense for years. For that matter, she still does. Those spankings can be every bit as severe as when she punishes me. Since her punishment spankings have gotten more painful, we do less and less play spanking. I suppose that is natural. I get turned on by the idea of being spanked, but the current reality is something I would rather avoid.

I have been thinking about that last sentence. I definitely want to avoid being punished. I know; it’s a good thing. That’s the point of punishment. I don’t want Mrs. Lion to spank me. My wish not to be spanked is overridden by my need for domestic discipline, so I obediently get into position for my punishment. I hate every second of it.

What if the next day I decide I don’t want to go through that anymore?

I might have grown tired of rules I must obey and the consequences for being thoughtless or rude. Can I tell Mrs. Lion that I no longer want domestic discipline? The most obvious answer is that I can. After all, DD is a consensual activity. Isn’t that right?

According to one of the original people in the Disciplinary Wives Club, many husbands agreed to DD and also agreed that they could not withdraw their consent. Once started, the wife had control, and that control and her dispensing of discipline could not be revoked. That sort of agreement sounds a lot like a spanking fantasy. Why can’t a husband in a healthy marriage opt-out of DD?

A much better question is why would he want to? He might be very unhappy with his spankings and want them to end. That’s probably not the real reason. He only gets punished if he does something he shouldn’t or forgets something he should do. He controls whether he gets spanked. The real reason is that he probably doesn’t want to answer to his wife. He doesn’t want her to have authority over him. If he and his wife had been practicing DD for more than a few months, his reason can’t be that DD doesn’t work for them as a couple. He’s tired of his wife’s authority.

There are plenty of couples who might try DD and find it doesn’t work. That discovery is made fairly early in the practice. Six months of DD is long enough for both partners to settle in and live under a disciplinary relationship. I will assume that these couples agreed to a trial period.

After that trial, she has learned to deliver a serious spanking, and he has a very good understanding of the consequences of misbehaving. At this point, it is perfectly fair for him to agree that he no longer has the ability to withdraw. DD is in place as long as they are together. That’s how it is for us. I can’t ask for DD to end and expect Mrs. Lion to agree.

Part of me worries that she might let me out if I want. She thinks DD is for me and if I’m tired of it, there is no reason to continue. I disagree. The rules and punishments are for me, but the disciplinary dynamic is for her too. I think she knows this. I hope she also knows that I can’t end it. I suppose she can, but I can’t. It would be a big mistake to allow me to stop just because I ask to get out.

This isn’t an abuse of consent. It’s the realization that in a DD relationship if the disciplined husband wants to stop, something else is going on with him. It probably means he needs more control. He may be drifting and needs the reassurance of his disciplinary wife.

Something changed in our marriage after we adopted DD wholeheartedly. I can’t define what it is, but I can feel it. Mrs. Lion has said that she feels it too. Most importantly, we both feel that the change is positive. My surrender of control isn’t conditional. Once I agreed to our disciplinary relationship, I permanently lost the right to say no.

For the record, I have no desire to stop DD even though I absolutely hate having to be punished by my wonderful disciplinary wife.

We are enjoying a quiet Sunday. Mrs. Lion made bacon and eggs for breakfast. It’s our dog’s birthday; she’s 8. She got two new toys. Both are big hits. She’s been running around squeaking one or the other all day.

Mrs. Lion waxes my flip side today. I’m not very hairy in back, so it is much quicker and easier for her. I spend a good part of the time on my knees with my butt in the air. That makes waxing my crack, ass, and perineum easier to access. It’s a vulnerable, sexy position. The rest of the back waxing is done with me on my stomach.

Mrs. Lion offered me the Box O’Fun on Saturday night. I asked to skip it. The hour was late and Mrs. Lion was worn out from her waxing chore. Maybe tonight we can do something. To be clear, I am writing this on Sunday afternoon while the wax finishes melting.

I have been thinking about sex. What a surprise! Oddly, my thoughts have been about vaginal sex. We haven’t done that since March 2018. The time before that was 2016. There’s a good reason for this: Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself.

I’m not lobbying for vaginal sex right now. I would hope some would be in our future. I am just trying to see if there is a way to light Mrs. Lion’s fire without making her feel she is under pressure to feel something that just isn’t there. I’m fine with our status quo, as long as she is happy too.

In her post yesterday, she said that waxing my lower legs is very difficult for her. We talked about it. I’m fine if I am furry there. I like my upper thighs hairless. As long as she tapers the transition to my hairy area, I’m fine eliminating the lower legs.

(Later, waxing all done)

Given the state of the world, all this seems pretty inconsequential. I didn’t plan on being political so soon, but I have to respond to our former reality show host’s latest speech; this time at Mount Rushmore.

He claims we are in a cultural war. He made the same claim when he ran in 2016. This time, he says we are left-wing fascists determined to tear down democracy. This is the same sort of stupid rhetoric he uses regularly. The good news is some of his so-called base isn’t responding. Senior citizens and some women are no longer buying into this. His event at Mount Rushmore was largely attended by people sitting very close together and not wearing masks.

Part of me wants to applaud and suggest that he has more similar rallies around the country. That way, his base will erode further as they die from this mythical disease. That is pure Darwinism. Unfortunately, more than his supporters would suffer. These maskless ignoramuses come into contact with some of the rest of us when they go shopping and visit public places. They could merrily spread the disease they don’t think exists.

The good news is that no president facing reelection and winning has ever had the poor numbers Trump is now showing. It’s not safe to write him off. When he entered the 2016 race, he was 18th in the running. He managed to lie his way to the nomination and election.

Enough about that. Mrs. Lion finished waxing me from head to toe. She did a great job. As she works, she gives a running commentary of what she finds. For example, she said that my crack is nearly hairless, but the surrounding area is very hairy. Aren’t you glad to learn this?

This hair won’t die! Ok, it isn’t very thick, but by all rights it should be gone.

In most places, I seem to be having less regrowth. The regrowth I get is thinner, lighter colored hair. That is, with the exception of the aforementioned area. One little area just above my penis absolutely refuses to die. I had professional laser hair removal over my pubic area about 20 years ago. All of the covered area with the exception of that little patch remains bald to this day. When Mrs. Lion used our home version of the laser process, it did some good work, but still, that little patch stubbornly comes back. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s mutant follicles that resist any effort to stop them from producing fur.

I’ll live. Anyway, we are having sous vide New York strip steaks for dinner. It’s our delayed Independence Day meal. Yesterday, waxing ran late so we had pasta. Tonight it’s steak, tater tots, salad, and a nice vegetable. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m sure Mrs. Lion will report on any sexual activity we have tonight. I’m very sure it may be fun, but it won’t include an orgasm for me.

This isn’t my usual sort of post. Spoiler alert: this isn’t about sex. It’s about America and the way I see things happening. William Randolph Hearst and other newspaper publishers learned that the secret of success is to appeal to the emotions of the reader. Talk radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh carry on this seedy tradition. All you have to do is pick issues that trigger emotions. A typical one is “immigration”. Paint a picture of waves of dirty, uneducated, criminal foreigners washing over our shores and stealing our jobs. This image will rile up the bile of people that don’t like to think for themselves.

Traditionally, politicians sort of follow this pattern. They tend to be a little more careful about issues they pick. If they want to be elected, they want to appeal to the most voters. Donald Trump, former reality TV personality, decided to run for president using this yellow journalistic approach. His advisers sensed that a lot of middle-class Americans felt disenfranchised by the intellectual elite. Heaven only knows why people would feel that George W. Bush was an intellectual. Anyway, Trump ran on a platform of knee-jerk issues.

He wouldn’t have been elected if the Democratic Party didn’t foolishly select the one candidate guaranteed to alienate an even bigger swath of voters than Trump appealed to. Maybe it was the high after successfully putting the first African-American president into office. I don’t know. It could have been Hillary cashing in on her husband’s substantial Democratic Party political capital.

She ran on a platform that was both reasonable and humanitarian. It carried on the tradition of Obama and her husband. I believe that any other candidate would have won with that platform. That’s water under the bridge. My point is that Donald Trump managed to actually win the election. He did it by appealing to the Archie Bunker in many white, male, high school-educated voters.

the wall of shame

He wanted to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. Talk about a simple solution to a complex problem. He wanted to end Obama Care because red-blooded Americans don’t want to be forced into having health insurance. He had a bunch of other similar issues. He had some that weren’t so widely publicized. He wanted to lower the capital gains tax and eliminate the death tax. He also promised to reduce income taxes for people earning more than half a million a year. Of course, these people constitute less than 2% of the voters, but they represented a lot of money for his campaign.

He is easily the most venal American president in history. All those campaign promises were bad enough. Working tirelessly to make them come true guaranteed that the American people would be sharply divided. Even the worst of presidents had sufficient moral fiber to recognize that their job was to unite the people and build the country. Not Donald Trump. When asked about how he felt about the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, he said, “They aren’t my voters.”

Nixon visited China, he went to North Korea

He also admires and actively woos Russian president Vladimir Putin. In fact, Putin actively supported his campaign. When confronted with the fact that Russia was paying bounties to Taliban fighters for killing Americans, Trump claimed he never heard about it. US intelligence officials pointed out that it was in his briefing as early as January. He also admires the presidents of North Korea and China. He admires dictators.

The most incredible thing to me is that he can’t help but lie. He lies about big things and very little things as well. His most recent lie was that under Pres. Obama the American lobster industry was floundering (yeah, I know, couldn’t resist). He tweeted that thanks to him, the industry is booming. It’s been booming for years and has nothing whatsoever to do with him. He also lied about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. He claimed it was hundreds of thousands larger than it actually was. This is particularly dumb since the event was televised and everyone could see how many people were there.

Trump isn’t the first venal and corrupt president. Richard Nixon famously had his men break into the Watergate Hotel to raid the Democratic Party headquarters there. He then proceeded to lie about it. He got caught and eventually resigned. History isn’t going to think that Nixon was such a bad president, after all. He may have been venal and corrupt, but he also worked very hard to advance America. He opened up China for Americans and ended the Vietnam War. In fact, his foreign policy is considered excellent.

Missing Richard Nixon

Nixon cared about America. Trump doesn’t. He only cares about himself. He’s been counting 2020 votes since he was elected in 2016. It’s been his top priority. Endless articles have been published in the New York Times, the New Yorker, and other publications about the frighteningly bad job he’s doing. More and more Americans are noticing. At the end of June, the number of Americans believing he is doing a good job fell below 40%. No president in recent history has been elected who’s fallen below 40% in June of an election year. Polls show him behind in every swing state he won in 2016.

I know that a lot of people believe that unless he’s reelected the Democrats will erase what they perceive as his gains. Trump spends a lot of his time vilifying Democrats. The truth is that only the most right-wing Republicans can stomach his perspective. The others have fallen into line because his team has threatened them and their ability to be reelected. With his current falling popularity, these more moderate Republicans will be free to move away from him.

The reason I decided to write this post is that it’s important to separate the man from the issues. For example, I am pretty conservative when it comes to immigration. I think we have to tighten up our borders and be more restrictive about who we let in. I also think we have to find a way to assimilate the illegal aliens that have been with us for years and years. I don’t know the answer, but I’m very sure it isn’t building a wall. By the way, the wall hasn’t done any good at all. More people are coming across our borders illegally from the south than ever before. Obama was just as conservative when it came to illegal aliens as the current administration. You don’t need Trump to be hard on illegal immigration.

The world’s view of the United States is embarrassing. The blustering, ignorant, lying leader has embarrassed himself and our country throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. He has insulted NATO. He has pulled out of some of the most important treaties other presidents fought to pass. He has worked to legitimize North Korea. That’s purely insane. During the Vietnam War, when the world’s view of America was dim because of our unjustified involvement there, a lot of American youth traveling to Europe would tell people they were from Canada. It was too embarrassing to admit to being a citizen of a country acting so insanely. If I were to travel abroad, assuming Europe would let us in again, I would also tell people I’m from Canada. Well, maybe not Canada, its government isn’t all that wonderful right now. Maybe I’ll just stay home.

I’m writing this post on July 4. I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject for some time. All of the positions that the Republicans have taken aren’t horrible. Some make a lot of sense. Similarly, the Democrats sometimes go overboard and other times come up with good stuff. The upcoming election is not about issues. Issues are largely worked out in Congress. That’s the place where party affiliation has the most value. The President of the United States is responsible for keeping the country moving on an even keel. Every single citizen should feel he is their advocate. I don’t have an advocate in the White House. I’m not one of his voters.

Happy Independence Day!

Thursday night Mrs. Lion went a bit too far with her oral teasing and I had a ruined orgasm. I can’t complain. My last one was in June 2019. Not bad. Neither of us enjoys them, but they are a natural consequence of edging.

Before the sexual portion of the program, I picked from the Box O’Fun. I got “coconut oil handjob”. I asked Mrs. Lion if I could pick a different card. It’s not that I don’t like the feeling of that viscous oil lubing my penis while Mrs. Lion expertly jerks me off, I just wasn’t in the mood.

If she refused to let me pick again, that would have been fine. However, she generously agreed to let me try again. I should have stayed with the coconut oil. My second pick was the dreaded dollhouse clothespins. She laughed. I didn’t.

Mrs. Lion got them out. She teased me until I was fully erect, then she began putting them on the head of my cock. She put on four: one at twelve-o’clock, three-o’clock, six-o’clock, and nine-o’clock. (Picture of the four little clothespins on the head of my penis).

This is the most uncomfortable activity in the Box O’Fun. My previous record was two on the head. I don’t know why but the four on Thursday night weren’t as painful as I remember. I suppose that means Mrs. Lion can put more on next time. At one time we discussed seeing if I could learn to handle a ring of them all the way around the head of my cock.

One of the particularly unpleasant aspects of this particular play is that while it is painful to feel them digging into me, it hurts a lot more when they come off. It’s the sort of diabolical BDSM activity that Mrs. Lion likes.

She enjoys arguing that if I really didn’t like those little clothespins on the head of my penis, I wouldn’t stay hard while they were on. She generally “forgets” to mention that she is busy masturbating me the entire time they are riding on me. I suppose that if I really hated the experience, she couldn’t keep me erect.

Once more my penis betrays me.