Author: Caged Lion

Post Grad Enforced Chastity

I’ve been in enforced male chastity for five years. At this point, the chastity device is more an inconvenience than a useful control device. At some point, I became conditioned not to masturbate under any circumstances. My chastity device became

A Nice Christmas Stocking Lion Stuffer

We’re both recovering slowly. I’ve been getting holiday ads from various adult suppliers. It’s always difficult to maintain the holiday spirit when one’s butt is in the air. The Stockroom offered just the item for Mrs. Lion Santa to use

Path From FLR Fantasy To Reality

This is that post where some fondly held beliefs may be shattered. I think it is important because success in starting male chastity or a female led relationship depends on getting this right. No matter how I look at it,

Report From My Bed

Both Mrs. Lion and I have been under the weather. I’ve been in bed continuously since Friday at 10 AM. Mrs. Lion has been sick too but more mobile. I’m grateful she kept you updated. I’ve noticed that she appears