Author: Caged Lion

Unmistakable Signs Of Her Control

Friday was a diaper day. I wasn’t having much fun with it. We do have a very large supply of them. I used four by the time Mrs. Lion released. me. Part of the time she let me change it

The Punishment Fit The Crime

If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that when Mrs. Lion makes a BDSM fantasy of mine come true, it rarely feels the way I imagined. That’s not entirely true. It starts out feeling exactly the way I expected.

The Wind Is From The East — Change Is Coming

Yesterday was punishment day in the lions’ den. I sent Mrs. Lion an email reminding her of the day. I also suggested that since I had so much trouble holding still for my punishment on Monday, that a maintenance spanking

Separation Of Sex And Date

Yesterday was our anniversary. We had a nice dinner for two and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Mrs. Lion will tell you about what actually happened. I want to talk about a change that I believe is important. Mrs.