Caged Lion (Page 145)

shortened jail bird chastity device
At left, my original 1-1/4 inch Jail Bird. This small cage is already in the microchastity category. At right, the adjusted one that is only 1-inch long. This is the shortest Jail Bird possible.

The concept of enforced male chastity is pretty new. The first practical devices only date back about thirty years. Yes, before that there were devices, but they were generally belts that restricted movement and were wearable only by the most dedicated guys. The CB2000 brought male chastity more mainstream.

Chastity device fitting was the province of the people who made the devices. They had to offer some idea how to measure for proper fit. The thing is that the idea of “proper fit” isn’t as straight-forward as it seems. The general rule device makers follow is that the base ring should be tight enough to prevent slipping off and loose enough to avoid irritation. Fair enough. I have no argument there. Where things get tricky is the cage or tube that contains the penis.

Logically, if the penis container (let’s call it the “cage”) fits the flaccid penis without leaving extra room, it’s a good fit. So, each device maker came up with how to make this measurement. Mature Metal, for example, says to measure the underside of the penis from the place the scrotum attaches along the penis to the tip. Ok. But as we all know, that length varies widely even without considering erections.

In my case, that measurement can vary from barely one inch to 2-1/2 inches.  Which is the correct length for a cage? The point is that most of us have a wide range of flaccid lengths. This variation is one of the main reasons custom cages are sent back for adjustment. There’s nothing wrong with having a cage that sometimes leaves room at the tip. In my experience, that extra room is the main reason that peeing standing up can be an adventure. It also provides some growing space for an attempted erection.

My experience is that a very short cage feels a lot better than you might imagine. In the five years of my experience being locked in a chastity device, I’ve had my Jail Bird shortened twice; first from 1-3/4″ to 1-1/4″ and most recently to just 1″. I guess it is fair to call this level of shortening, microchastity. It’s surprisingly pleasant to wear a device with just a one-inch cage. My urethra is always centered and protrudes a bit from the front opening of the cage. Attempted erections just cause the tissue behind the base ring to expand. There is no discomfort. Nothing shows even under tight clothing.

That doesn’t mean your cage should be just one-inch long. It has to be long enough to contain the head of your penis. The shaft will compress easily. Just think of your cock after a cold swim. It’s tiny. That’s the appropriate length for a microchastity cage. That’s what I’m locked in. I believe it is the future of practical male chastity.

Learning can be fun. TV shows like “Sesame Street” have entertained and educated generations of kids. They love the show and don’t really notice that they are learning to read and do arithmetic. The education is buried in entertainment. My adult, sexual fun of enforced male chastity and our female led relationship with discipline (FLRD) is no different.

I’m not going to pretend either of us imagined that this play would have a serious side. For me it’s an opportunity to surrender control for Mrs. Lion. For her, it’s been a way to make me happy. It turns out that there is a significant side effect: I actually effect serious change as a result of these activities. More surprisingly, to me at least, Mrs. Lion also changes.

For example, the first rule Mrs. Lion set for me was to not spill food on my shirt. She picked this because there was no real chance I could avoid doing that fairly often. I don’t take a bath in my food, but at least once or twice a week I did drip something. She wanted this rule because it assured us that we would have frequent opportunities for punishment. We both needed to learn how to incorporated discipline in our marriage.

Predictably, I spilled at least once a week; more often twice. Mrs. Lion got a lot of practice spanking me. She learned to become an effective disciplinarian. As she learned, the penalty for each offense became more painful. What started out at a sexually arousing spanking, turned into an experience I would try to avoid repeating.  After almost four years of FLRD, spankings have crossed into truly disciplinary territory. I work to avoid them.

Practically unnoticed, I have changed. I almost never get food on my shirt. What started as a twice-weekly issue is now extremely rare. I can go a month or more without a spot. I have learned to eat more neatly. I don’t think Mrs. Lion expected that change. I certainly didn’t.

Changes aren’t limited to spots on my shirt. Another rule was to always wait for Mrs. Lion to eat first. I had to wait until she started or she gave me permission to eat. For quite a while I received at least one spanking a week for forgetting. Now, mistakes are incredibly rare. Perhaps more interesting, Mrs. Lion has been “trained” to be very aware of my behavior. She spots any spills or times I eat first. In fact, her awareness is so acute that when she went across country to visit her kids, she was consciously aware if anyone ate before her.

Our power exchange has changed us. Mrs. Lion has learned to be a consistent and strict disciplinary wife. What started as a playful accommodation of my kinky wishes has become an integrated part of her personality. I’m not saying that she doesn’t feel she is doing all this because I want it. She is. But, as her visit to her kids proved, her role has also become part of who she is.

Since I have been well conditioned to obey my rules, disciplinary opportunities are few and far between. Of course, that’s good news. It’s also an opportunity to make use of our disciplinary relationship to further “improve” me. We have a no-interrupting rule which is almost never enforced. It seems that if I can change as the result of Mrs. Lion’s consistent attention, I can get rid of this bad habit as well.

I don’t expect her to read this and exclaim, “Ah Ha! Now I can make him do anything I want.” That’s silly. She wouldn’t have married me if I were a piece of clay waiting for her to mold me into her submissive dream man. That’s silly. She obviously liked me the way I was before we started FLRD. It’s difficult for her to identify ways I can improve. It’s even more difficult to make and enforce a rule. None of this is easy for either of us.

I think we gain a lot from our FLRD. Aside from modifying my behavior, our intimacy has improved. Also, the ever-more-intense punishments send a valuable lesson to each of us. I’m learning that there are real consequences to carelessness or misbehavior. Mrs. Lion is learning that she can be an effective disciplinarian. While punishing me isn’t fun, it’s helping me change in positive ways.

Even making me wear a chastity device helps us both. It teaches me that I may start something, but I can’t stop it when I get tired of it or don’t like it. It helps Mrs. Lion remember her role as my disciplining wife. The presence of the change is a reminder to us both that we want and need consistency. It’s a symbol of her control over me.

After an eight day wait, Mrs. Lion get me come Friday night. I had been in the plastic cage for a couple of days without unlocking. I was uncomfortable. When I sit at my desk at home, something hurts. The top area where the lock is located gets pushed into my stomach and my scrotum hurt just in front of the base ring. Since I had worn this device in the past, I don’t understand the issue. Maybe it was just one of those things that sometimes happen when locked in a male chastity device. Mrs. Lion left me wild to allow things to calm down.

After unlocking me, she teased me to the edge over and over again. Finally, to my surprise, after an eight day wait, she let me come. It felt amazing! Mrs. Lion has suggested that the confinement of the cage makes the orgasm all that much sweeter. Maybe it does. In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion said that she likes to make me wait longer because, under her old schedule I wouldn’t be horny for two days after my orgasm, then waited only two days before getting another. So, she said, I really don’t get much of a sense of waiting. I suppose she’s right. I didn’t mind that schedule at all; not one little bit. I do get the point.

Right now, all we have is the plastic (nylon) cage. The Jail Bird is at Mature Metal being shortened from 1-1/4 inches long to just one inch. When it gets back, I can wear that. I’m not convinced that the plastic cage is the only issue. There are times when the Jail Bird irritates me too. If my jeans and underwear misalign, the chastity device can pinch and irritate me. I guess we’ll find out when Mrs. Lion locks me up again.

Since I was wild for a long time, I may need to get used to captivity all over again. It’s not that I have to adjust psychologically. My adjustment is strictly physical. We both have to adjust again.

We’ve developed patterns over the years. Generally, Mrs. Lion will give me advance notice of what’s coming, or not coming. I get this information via her blog posts, which publish in the early afternoon (here on the West Coast) or in email we exchange all day. In general, I know what to expect. I can also make wishes. I can write about things I would like to see happen, like panties or diapers, and Mrs. Lion often grants them. One of the reasons that she telegraphs her plans is that it gives her something to write about in her daily post. Another is that she wants me to anticipate what she says will be coming.

For the most part, these exchanges keep things on a steady course. But in a way, these communications can create some issues. One of the most difficult for us happens when Mrs. Lion writes about what she plans to do that night. For a very good reason, not feeling well, life intruding, etc., she doesn’t do what she wrote about. I know it bothers her because she knows I am anticipating the fun. That doesn’t happen much, so it isn’t a big issue.

I’ve gotten used to these coming attractions. I like them. I like it better when Mrs. Lion just does things without any advance warning. It makes me feel her control more acutely. I not only don’t get a vote, I don’t get warning. I’m not saying she should never let me know what’s coming. She should when she wants me anticipating my fate.

I also have to stop asking and commenting on what is or isn’t happening. Thursday night, for example, without saying a word about it, Mrs. Lion left me locked in the chastity device. We snuggled and she rubbed my balls. But the device remained firmly in place. I wanted to ask her if she planned on taking it off. I wanted to tell her how horny I am. That’s what I usually do. I decided not to.

It was very difficult to stay silent. I ached to be released for a while. I wanted to be teased. I wanted her to play with me. I decided that it would be wrong for me to say anything. It even occurred to me that perhaps I should have a rule against asking or whining about what is or isn’t happening. Maybe that’s the next step in my training. Of course, that’s completely up to my lioness.