Author: Caged Lion

A Sex-Proof Display Case For Your Penis

Sunday night, with the help of the Magic Wand vibrator, Mrs. Lion finally got me off after 11 days of waiting. I’m still not sure why I had difficulty during this time. But, at least for now, the drought is

Sex And Punishment

Saturday night Mrs. Lion made another valiant effort to get me to the edge. She surprised me by using a lot of silicone lube. Her hands used techniques I don’t recall feeling before. Nevertheless, I remain stuck. She could easily

A Long Trip To The Edge

Mrs. Lion and I learned something new Friday night: Soapy water is much more slippery than any lube we’ve tried. Since I mentioned that I love the way it feels when Mrs. Lion washes my penis, she made a point

It’s Time For Me To Be Spanked And Locked

I’m not completely out of the woods in terms of my ability to get close to orgasm. Thursday night was yet another unsuccessful try where I couldn’t get past being moderately aroused. This time, it may be related to the