Author: Caged Lion

Incredible Relationship Gravy (Spicy!)

It’s always surprising to me when people tell me that my role as the submissive partner in our marriage is to cheerfully obey my lioness. As long as I am obedient, I am doing my part. Of course, that’s a

Can You Hear Me Now?

Every marriage develops little things that one partner does that annoys the other. One of my pet peeves is that very often Mrs. Lion doesn’t acknowledge that she heard something I said. Case in point: On the way home this

Peeling The Chastity Onion

Over the years, I’ve expressed a lot of thoughts about male chastity. It’s not a simple subject. There is the obvious external manifestation: a chastity device locked on the penis. There’s a great deal more to it than that. First

Review: Cherry Keeper: Custom Cage I

The custom Cherry Keeper chastity device arrived. At first glance, Mrs. Lion thought it was smaller than the stock, short cage. Actually, it’s narrower but longer. It also has a much wider “headlock”. The actual dimensions of this cage corresponds