Author: Caged Lion

Hand Job Magic

Believe it or not, it’s still snowing here! For People that don’t live in the Seattle area a statement like that is greeted with a yawn. Four days of snow here is like a blizzard in Miami. It takes a

FLRD Works For Us

It’s Sunday afternoon. More snow is expected tonight. It looks like we will be hunkered down in our den into next week. Mrs. Lion gave me my punishment spanking early Sunday afternoon. I think this is the first time she’s

Wet Diapers And Frilly Panties

As Mrs. Lion wrote, we’re snowed in. This is an amazing event. Most years we don’t get any snow at all, and when we do it’s two or 3 inches. In the more-than-10 years we’ve been living here I can

Boner Shy

You hear an awful lot about how guys obsess over their penis size. Speaking strictly for myself, I never gave it a great deal of thought. That’s not to say I’m not curious about it, but not for the reason