Author: Mrs. Lion

Wounded Lioness

Between carrying wood in for the fire on our last day of no power, and giving Lion an orgasm, my wanking arm got sore. I’m sure it’s from carrying the wood in and not from Lion’s wood. (See what I

No Cum for Me

Lion wanted to try using lube when I play with him. I swear he said he didn’t like it. Then he said he wanted to use it every time. I thought maybe we’d try it now and then like we

It’s Messy

We got power at about 6 pm yesterday. It’s always such a surprise when it comes on before they told us it would. I expect it to be a tease and go right back off again, but it stayed on.

Huddled Together For Warmth

We are in day two of no power. Yesterday we ventured out to get more gas for the generator and our road is a complete mess. Well, actually some neighbors with front loaders managed to clear most of one of