Author: Mrs. Lion

Back Home With Lion

I’m home! Yay! I’m tired and I’d rather not be at work, but I’m happy to be back with Lion. I wish I could say I slept better in my own bed but I never usually sleep that well anyway.

Heading Home

I wish I could say I’m home with Lion as I write this. I’m still on the east coast. My flight leaves Sunday afternoon, almost evening. It stinks that traveling west takes more time than traveling east. Stupid jet stream!

I’m Ready

After touring my daughter’s campus I’m ready to head home. I’ve walked and I’ve sat and I’ve stood. I’m done. It’s a nice place and I’m sure she’ll have lots of fun here. I’m satisfied I’ll know what she’s talking

Here’s a (n Absolutely Weird) Thought

I was out shopping for dorm room things with my daughter and we were talking about her father and how things worked out (or didn’t work out) between us. I was just about to tell her how upset Lion got