Author: Mrs. Lion

Sexy Emails

Lion wasn’t up for play lat night. His arm hurt from PT. He was itchy. And he just hasn’t been in the mood. He has a theory about his allergies so we’re waiting to see if the fix helps. He

Maybe Tonight

Lion was too itchy and I was too achy to do much of anything last night. Tonight is the second weekly sling night. We’ll have to see how we feel later. I don’t really like this time of year. It’s

Not Done Yet

I guess it finally happened. Lion doesn’t care about having an orgasm. He doesn’t even seem to care that I’m trying to get him aroused, although he does get aroused. He’s a little more difficult to edge. I’m wondering if


Today is the day! Well it may not be, but it’s the earliest day Lion can have an orgasm. We might go out to dinner. I have some cleaning to do. The dog needs to be brushed. Yes, Lion will