Mrs. Lion

A very long time ago, when we first got together, I said I might get bored with things. I didn’t mean I’d be bored with Lion. I meant I might be bored with doing the same BDSM things every night. I’m not even sure we did BDSM every night when Lion was getting his nightly orgasms. We have added many more things to our repertoire so you’d think I would have a lot of tricks up my sleeve but I might actually be getting bored with it.

Lion has made the comment more than once that I seem to enjoy CBT because that’s all I seem to do. Of all my options, that’s the one that comes to mind most often. I have more ways to torture him that way than any other way. I can spank him but he gets punishment spankings fairly regularly. They are different and maybe a play spanking would help toughen up his cheeks for those punishment swats, but I guess I’ve taken play spanking out of the equation in my mind. I can give him anal attention. He has to be able to stay on his knees for while and that’s not always possible. It also takes a toll on my back and legs, depending on how long we do it. I can make him wear diapers or panties. These are good options because I don’t technically have to do anything other than tell him what the rules are and notice him at different points during the day. And then we’re back to CBT.

I keep going back to the studies that say married couples have sex a few times a week and then that trails off to once a week and then trails off even more with age. Lion wants some sort of sex every night. I’m not saying I don’t want to give him attention. I’m just saying it’s bound to get boring eventually. I’m going to run out of ideas. It’s going to be “just” vanilla more often than not.

Maybe we need to go back to the Box o’Fun. Maybe every few days I need to pick from it to help with the boredom of tying his balls or using clothespins. If I can’t come up with something on my own, I pick from the box and see how it decides I should torture Lion. It’s worth a shot.

I used one of the new rubber paddles to whomp Lion yesterday afternoon. It does pack quite a punch. He was rosy red in no time. It also looked like he would be bruised. Unfortunately, I opened up one spot on each cheek that bled. As long as he doesn’t bleed too much I can continue if I avoid those areas. When I tried yesterday, the blood splattered even though I was over an inch away. I’m sure Lion would have been fine if we continued, but I didn’t want to make a mess. Our detractors will be happy to know that the bleeding stopped when I blotted his buns with a tissue.

Lion reported a minimal amount of soreness a few hours later. It’s been quite a while since I’ve given him a lasting spanking. I’ll have to figure out what paddle I used then. Lion suggested filing the edges of the new rubber paddle so they won’t cut into him. I’ll have to see if we have any files or sandpaper that will handle the job.

A while after his whomping, but still before dinner, I moved over to fondle my weenie and balls. It occurred to me that I could just get him hard, jerk him off a bit and call it good. Nothing in our agreement said I need to try to get him to the edge. A “driveby” should suffice. But I was in a generous mood so I got him hard and then told him I wanted him across the bed.

Zoom! He was in position for oral fun.

When I got between his legs I had a surprise for him. I rubbed some menthol on his perineum. He asked what I was doing down there. I thought he’d smell the menthol. Sometimes it takes a while for the heat to build up. I didn’t want to put too much and set him on fire. I teased my weenie with my tongue while I waited for the menthol to work its magic.

I forgot all about the menthol once I went to work on him. I don’t know if Lion felt the heat at that point either. Over the course of his blow job, he went from being hard to softer to very hard. I edged him a few times and then settled into edging him but keeping my tongue working on him and then sucking him to the edge but keeping my tongue working. I thought he’d have an orgasm just from my tongue but he didn’t. Just as well. I wanted to suck him dry. And I did.

Afterward, I was standing at the foot of the bed and Lion was a crumpled mess trying to catch his breath. Mission accomplished!

Heavy rubber spanking paddles
New rubber spanking paddles. Both are made from nearly 1-inch thick conveyor belt material. They are very heavy. Lion definitely won’t like these. I wonder why he ordered them. (Click here for purchasing information)

Last week we got two new paddles. They’re heavy rubber and smell like tires. I left them on the deck for a few days to out-gas. They weathered a few days of heavy rain. I put them in the main bathroom so they could dry and that’s where they’ve stayed.

Not that I need an occasion to test out a new paddle, but Lion has given me one. I almost said he “thoughtfully” gave me one, but if he had been thinking he wouldn’t be getting punished. I know the days all blend in together when you’re home but he’s been working. He should know what day of the week it is. By afternoon I realized he hadn’t reminded me of punishment day. Of course, I’m not going to say anything because he has till 8:30 pm to do it. Around dinner time I remembered again. Still, he had a few hours. The next time I remembered was 11 as I was putting drops in his eyes.

When I told him of his error, his face went blank. He had an “oh shit” moment and then admitted he forgot entirely. Sometimes he remembers things in the middle of doing something else and forgets to tell me. We both do that. For days I tried to remember to make his scones. (I finally made them. Blueberry yumminess, according to Lion.) But this time he completely forgot. I could see he was trying to figure out how he could have forgotten something that’s been in effect for so long. Saturdays are a much more recent addition to the punishment schedule, but Mondays and Thursdays have been in effect forever.

A little while later, I forgot to set a timer between drops. Lion asked if his remembering the timer negated forgetting about punishment day. Ha ha! Nice try, my pet. No. One of those new paddles will be broken in on your buns this afternoon.

hard lion

When you watch TV shows that center on the husband being a buffoon, which is almost all shows, the wife tends to be a bitch. At some point, someone will say the phrase “happy wife, happy life.” Lion is not a buffoon, I don’t think I’m a bitch and the phrase tends to be “happy husband, happy life.” I know it doesn’t rhyme but bear with me.

Lion was upset the other day, thinking that I was bored with him or that I didn’t like him. He’s a very sensitive guy. If I spend too much time on my iPad or I don’t follow through with plans of sexual attention, he thinks something is wrong. In an effort to dissuade this, I changed our agreement from sexual attention at least every other day to sexual attention six days out of seven. I further promised to make afternoon delight the norm for as long as we’re quarantined and on weekends thereafter. We started yesterday.

At some point in the early afternoon, Lion went into the bedroom. I finished what I was doing and followed him. We watched some TV and snuggled a bit before I put the moves on him. When I finally moved into the handjob position, I grabbed the Magic Wand. Lion sighed. Clearly that wasn’t the attention he was hoping for. I told him I didn’t need to use it, but he told me to continue. He wasn’t very convincing. I proceeded for a few minutes and he did seem to be enjoying himself, but it definitely was not what he wanted. It wasn’t what I wanted either, but I’d decided to do something that was a little more than “just” masturbation. What I really wanted to do was give him a blow job, so I told him to lay across the bed. If you want to see a man move fast, tell him you’re going to give him a blow job.

Since he was already pretty hard from the Magic Wand, it didn’t take much to get him the rest of the way. I didn’t go right for sucking though. I kissed him all over and then teased him with the tip of my tongue. And when I finally started sucking him, I made sure there was a lot of suction involved. I don’t normally do it that way because it can get too intense, but intense was exactly what I was going for. I asked him how many days it had been. He said eight and I made a comment about that being no good. I didn’t say what that meant. It could have been too many or too little. At that point, I wasn’t sure which one.

As I continued making him squirm, I decided that I’d get him as close as I could for as long as I could without pushing him over the edge. If it happened, it happened, but I didn’t really want it to. Eight days is an average wait, but I haven’t really gotten him to the edge much since his last orgasm. He needs to suffer a bit. How can he truly enjoy an orgasm to its fullest if he hasn’t been frustrated enough? What’s enough? It’s not an exact science. Many times I think he’s suffered enough and, after orgasm, he’ll say he didn’t really want one. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy it or really want it. He just wanted to be denied again. That’s when I feel like I can’t win.

I don’t know how long I’ll make him wait. Maybe he’ll get lucky today. Maybe it won’t be till Thursday. Maybe, since days are meaningless right now, I won’t have any idea what day it is. But eventually, he’ll have the orgasm he so dearly wants.