Author: Mrs. Lion

Attitude Adjustment

I don’t consider myself a patient person. My coworkers might disagree. They think I have the patience of a saint with everything that has happened to Lion this year. A less patient person would have killed him a long time

It’s Been a Lot

I didn’t really think Lion would be able to make it to the edge, but I owed it to him to try. It was the first night we’ve even snuggled in a while. He’s been so wiped out by the

Torture Book

I packed the big toy box with all the toys that were in the dungeon. There are more upstairs, and even more in the camper. We have a lot of toys. And this is after donating a lot of them

Lethargic Lion

The drug Lion is on to control the pressure in his eyes makes him sleepy. He’s been pretty out of it since the day after he started taking it. I think that’s probably why he wasn’t as responsive on our