Author: Mrs. Lion

Horrible Memory

I really didn’t remember telling Lion he’d gets swats for football points. I swear I said he’d get zapped. That’s why was only going to do one per score. Seven zaps seemed excessive. I had to go back through my

Fixing the Lions

Tomorrow I pick up my CPAP machine. I vacillate between thinking it won’t help at all to thinking it will fix everything. In the afternoon, Lion has an appointment with a eye specialist. I’m also vacillating on that subject. I

Ball Swats

I was going to make Lion pick from the Box O’Fun before I edged him last night but I thought that might detract from his fun with Velcro. I didn’t want anything to come between him and his hatred of

Nap Time

Last night I brought out the Box O’Fun. Lion picked a card. Actually he picked two cards but I took the one I could see and returned the other one. The card proudly announced “Velcro” as the selection. He wasn’t