Author: Mrs. Lion

Locked Up Lion

As per his request, Lion is locked away again. It’s only in the locking cock ring so it’s almost like he’s wild, but he’s not. Really. All he has to do is touch himself to remember he’s got the cock

Magic Wand For the Win

I don’t know why but I decided to use the Magic Wand on Lion last night. He usually suggests it when he thinks he’s taking too long and needs more help. I guess I just eliminated his suggestion. I’m sure

A Thin Line

I know Lion doesn’t mean to annoy me. It’s not like he’s doing it on purpose. He certainly wouldn’t annoy me on purpose just to get punished. But that’s exactly where we’re headed. He’s said he thinks a spanking and

Fall Back and Regroup

After talking about it every day for just over a week, we finally made it out to dinner. Each night up till then, Lion was either too tired or too wobbly, or the weather was yucky. Yesterday, we had a