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I Come Back For More

After I completed my post yesterday, I asked Mrs. Lion for her comments and reaction. She agreed on my reporting but commented that I made too much of what she felt was a small thing. That thing was her changed

Lioness 2.0 Lives Here

Wednesday night was the inaugural drawing from Mrs. Lion’s Box O’ Fun. As she wrote yesterday, I cut some index cards into quarters and then she wrote various “play” activities on each piece. We had tried this a couple of

Pick Your Poison

My recent sex life has been exceptionally active. Mrs. Lion has been edging me almost every day. I’ve gotten frequent orgasms. I really like it. I’m not one of the guys who consider long waits to be a sign of

2.0 And Hot Turkey Sandwiches

We spent a quiet day yesterday. There was little left to do after Thanksgiving dinner. After Mrs. Lion wrote her post, we had soup for lunch and settled in to watch our favorite team lose, yet again. Something needs to