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2.0 And Hot Turkey Sandwiches

We spent a quiet day yesterday. There was little left to do after Thanksgiving dinner. After Mrs. Lion wrote her post, we had soup for lunch and settled in to watch our favorite team lose, yet again. Something needs to

Mrs. Lion’s Sex Experiments

Something new is happening. It is totally unexpected. It isn’t huge, but for me at least, it’s significant. Mrs. Lion is playing and seems to be having fun. She’s using her orgasm control to do “experiments”. She’s been writing about

We Are At The Next Level

Sorry for being late today. Yesterday, I was very tired and hurting from a long physical therapy session. As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday in her post, I wrote her that I forgot punishment day on Thursday. I spent a very

2.0 Duck Call

Mrs. Lion has referred to Lioness 2.0 as the next stage in her growth as a keyholder and disciplining wife. She occasionally mentions that 2.0 was around for a discipline session. Other times she laments that 2.0 has gone away.