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Real Growth In Our Female Led Relationship With Discipline (FLRD)

Mrs. Lion told me that she is generally more annoyed at things. Those things include me. I wouldn’t say that my transgressions rise to a very high level, but they pissed her off. There have been two this week. She’s

On The Way To Docile

We’re at the state park. I’m writing this on July 4th as I sit naked, looking out at trees, grass, and lots of other campers. We arrived yesterday afternoon. It took us a very short time (under 15 minutes) to

Enduring Power Exchanges

Twenty years ago, it was difficult to find women who admitted that they liked being sexually dominant. BDSM organization meetings were largely sausage parties, filled with self-defined submissive guys. Dominant women were few and far between. They were out there,

2.0 Is Here To Stay

Mrs. Lion has evolved into Lioness 2.0. All the things she said 2.0 would do, describe her current state perfectly. Our play has a decidely painful tone. Clothespins applied to my balls are intentionally placed where she knows it will