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The Best Way To Get Her To Start Male Chastity

I spent some time reading items I found after a Google search on male chastity. The vast majority of what came up are posts that are clearly written by people still in the pink haze of sexual fantasy. The thing

Advice About Creating A Long-Term Power Exchange

I believe that the vast majority of failed enforced chastity and domestic discipline attempts are due to an obvious-but-deadly mistake. I think it is safe to say that all of us have strong expectations when we ask our partners to

Free Advice

As someone once said, “Free advice is worth every cent you pay for it.” Yup, completely true. What caused me to mention this is that I have been cruising the chastity and FLR web sites. I am astounded by the

What’s So Hard About Enforced Chastity?

It’s no secret that the vast majority of couples who try enforced chastity give it up a short time after starting. I suspect that a large number of those who quit are guys who find the inconvenience and discomfort a