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Suspending Disbelief

Guys who wear chastity devices, do so because they want them. There is a widely-held fiction that the devices are locked on and the keyholder has irrevocable control of her male’s penis. This is necessary to enhance the feeling of

Controlled Pleasure

I’ve been thinking a lot about what lies at the bottom of enforced male chastity and orgasm control. This also extends to female led relationships as well. I think the actual basis of all this is controlling male pleasure. It’s

Free Advice

As someone once said, “Free advice is worth every cent you pay for it.” Yup, completely true. What caused me to mention this is that I have been cruising the chastity and FLR web sites. I am astounded by the

Male Chastity: From Hobby To Lifestyle

There seems to be two routes into male chastity: Hardware and BDSM play. A lot of guys discover enforced male chastity when they find male chastity devices online. It’s a tiny jump to discover endless male chastity fantasies on various