Anal play

Lion says it’s not necessary for him to want to play for us to play. This seems strange to me. It’s one thing to know we probably won’t get to the edge in the first few days after orgasm. I can see that playing with him then sort of primes the pump, so to speak. But if he has no interest in playing, why would I do it? I mean, why waste our time? Will he enjoy himself at all if he doesn’t want to play?

Think about it this way. If there’s a party you’ve been looking forward to and you really want to go, chances are you’ll have a good time. This is similar to being horny and wanting to play. Obviously, your play may not end with an orgasm but you can still have fun. If it’s a party that you’ve sort of been looking forward to and you really want to go, you may or may not have a good time. This is similar to being horny but maybe not ready for edging. If it’s a party you know you need to go to but you’re really not looking forward to it, you probably won’t have a good time. This is similar to not being horny and not wanting to play. Maybe you have to go to the party. Maybe it’s the in-laws’ anniversary party and you really don’t like your in-laws. But Lion doesn’t have to go to the party. Why should I make him?

[Lion — It’s not the same thing. The thing about BDSM play is that it doesn’t need to be something you do when the bottom is horny. It’s just something to do. I think of it as no different than the punishment spanking. When I do something wrong, Mrs. Lion doesn’t care if I’m in the mood for spanking or not. I’ve earned it, so I get it. This is kind of the same thing. It’s not like having sex or even being jerked off. In fact, where I come from in the East, at play parties sex is never permitted. It’s true that it’s a lot more fun if I’m really turned on, chances are pretty good I will get really turned on well things are in progress. It’s the old “initiating” issue.]

Anyway, I decided to do it even if Lion didn’t want to. He was snoozing around 2. The other day I mentioned setting an alarm for 3 to play then. So I tried to stick to it, but then Lion woke up and went into his office. I guess it was about 3:45, he went back into the bedroom and said he was watching “House” if I wanted to join him. I snuggled in under the covers with him and started playing with my weenie. He liked it although he wasn’t getting hard. And then…I fell asleep. We haven’t been sleeping all that well. Lion was snoozing earlier. I guess I followed suit. I was awake for a little bit, still snuggling. And I fell asleep again. Out cold. So much for playing earlier in the day. It was already time to make dinner so I went off to do so. By the time I got done with the dishes, it was after 8. Lion said he thought we were going to play earlier in the day. Yup. So did I before my unscheduled naps.

In my defense, I had a plan for our early play. I was going to shove a butt plug in and do some Lion milking. There was no reason we couldn’t do that after 8 so I went on with the plan. However, there was a reason we couldn’t do it. I forgot Lion’s shoulder has been hurting. So the milking was a bust, but I then decided to take out the coconut oil and try our luck with that.

My weenie loves coconut oil. He was hard almost the instant it touched him. I still don’t know why coconut oil is preferable to other lubes, but who cares. It’s slippery and makes the same sloppy slurping sounds as other lube. And Lion was hard. I’m not sure how long we were at it, but eventually he said he wasn’t going to get anywhere. I wiped him off and he went to clean up. I forgot he had the butt plug in. That may be part of the reason he didn’t get anywhere. Since he was washing off, I removed the butt plug so he could get himself clean there too.

Even though it was an unsuccessful edging session, I don’t consider it completely unsuccessful. Lion had fun. I had fun massaging him with coconut oil. I don’t think it would have been as much fun if he hadn’t wanted to play. [Lion — Only one way to find out :)]

We seem to have developed a new rhythm. Now, our play in sexual activities begins in the late afternoon. This is fine with me and apparently works for Mrs. Lion as well. Yesterday, as promised, we had anal activity. Since I can’t see what she’s doing. I have to depend on what she tells me when she’s finished in terms of letting you know what happened.

She told me that she began with fingers. She said she got up to three fingers in my ass. I think that’s pretty good considering the lack of anal activity over the last couple of months. She followed that with a butt plug. I only got a little peek at it, but it appears to be one of the larger ones. She didn’t attempt to insert it all the way. Instead, she moved it in and out, a little deeper every few strokes. It never got all the way in. Her fingers were not uncomfortable. I managed them without any real pain. The butt plug was okay up to a point. It started hurting when she inserted it more deeply. Fortunately for me, she decided to stop soon after it got painful. [Mrs. Lion — There was no butt plug. I brought one out, but decided to go with my fingers. Apparently three fingers, when used properly, can feel like a somewhat large butt plug.]

If she decides to make this a regular part of our activities, I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s getting four fingers up there. She’ll also be able to get that entire plug in without too much trouble. One of the things we learned about anal training, is that moving a butt plug in and out forces my anus to expand and contract. Apparently, this is much better than just inserting something thick and leaving it there. It worked last time Mrs. Lion started training me. To my surprise, I learned to accept a plug all the way in and all the way out over and over. This is considered a great start for fisting.

After she finished with the anal part of the program, she masturbated me. She got me to the edge couple of times and then stopped. She informed me that I had produced some precum. I’m glad I could please her. Today is the 10th day since my last orgasm. Mrs. Lion was a little surprised when I told her. I don’t believe this will encourage her to give me an orgasm today. She likes getting me to the edge. It’s been quite a while since she’s been able to do that. I’m sufficiently horny now. I’m starting to get hard writing about this.

She said that she also wrote that I would be getting a spanking. Last night she told me that I would be getting it today. It would be a “play” spanking. I’m not entirely clear on what makes a spanking recreational. She’s a very experienced spanker and she will have me yelping in no time. I’m not complaining. It really doesn’t matter how she chooses to label the act. We both know that I need fairly regular spankings. I’m not sure, but maybe she’s starting to need to give them too. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Once Mrs. Lion decides to adopt something, she is excellent at following through. I have no doubt that we will be playing at least 6 out of 7 days as she promised, and that I will be meeting with her paddle very regularly, whether or not I need to be punished. As for anal training, the jury is still out. She’s made it quite clear that she hasn’t decided whether or not she wants to do this on a regular basis. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

It’s been over six weeks since I’ve worn anything below the waist for more than a couple of hours. That was only for a single session when we had to go pick up our camper that was being repaired. Other than that, I’ve had nothing on other than a T-shirt. I’m pretty sure this will continue for months. It is very unlikely my job will come back very soon. I’m lucky that my company is continuing to provide benefits during my furlough. I don’t work in an “essential” industry, so I’m likely to go back to work among the last people.

We’ve been home long enough to be sure that we don’t have COVID-19. It turns out that moving to the West Coast was good. Here in the Northwest, the population is much smaller than in New York, which was our home before we left. Hospital admissions are down significantly here in Seattle. It will take a while before it will be safe to gather, but each day the danger lessens.

I hope that you are staying well and having some safe, fun.

Lion’s nipples were sore after I finally removed the cock ring / nipple clamps.

Neither of us has been sleeping well. Yesterday when I tried to play with Lion, he was receptive at first but then lost his erection. A few minutes later he was snoozing. I think we’re sleeping, but not sleeping well. We’re just so tired. I mowed the lawn yesterday, so I was physically tired. I’ve been trying to do things every day to keep myself moving, at least to the extent I ever did while working my desk job. I know our tiredness can be attributed to what’s going on in the world. It’s difficult to turn your mind off when you’re worried about everything.

However, true to my word, I’m trying to maintain early play. Yesterday, Lion wore the cock ring/nipple clamp setup for a few hours. In hindsight, it’s probably not something that should be worn that long, but you live and you learn. Today, assuming Lion can keep his eyes open and he feels like playing, I thought we might try a little anal play. I won’t call it training because I don’t know if I’ll be consistent enough for that, but I’m sure he’ll “like” some anal attention.

It looks like Lion likes it — a little. (Click here for purchase info)

Maybe we both need to take sleeping pills to knock ourselves out. Once we get a good night’s sleep, I’m sure we’ll be more in the mood for play. I don’t know how many days it’s been since his last orgasm, but I’m sure the refractory period should be over by now. I’d like to put an order in for a super-erection. You know, the one that’s so hard it seems like a light breeze could do the trick. Yeah, that one.

By the way, Lion has learned a new trick. Since we’ve been staying up a little later than normal, he’s been reminding me of punishment day just after midnight. I think that’s cheating, but it’s perfectly legal. Oh well. Whatever helps him remember.

I’ve already decided that Lion will get a nice play spanking tomorrow. He hasn’t earned a punishment spanking in a while and I don’t want his buns to think I’ve forgotten about them. I may be partial to my weenie, but his tushy is still one of my favorite parts of him. Look at me, planning ahead. Maybe I can be taught.

Well, I asked for it. I wanted daytime play. Yeah, what a good idea. Mrs. Lion and I had lunch yesterday at about 12:30 PM. After lunch, Mrs. Lion said she wanted to put me in my prickly jockstrap. This would be the first time I really got to wear it. I just tried it on when it first arrived. I had a bunch of work to do after lunch, but that didn’t stop Mrs. Lion. She strapped me into it. I could feel the little points bite into the tip of my penis. It’s not a very pleasant feeling. Once I sat down at my desk I could feel them digging into the side of my balls as well. Every time I moved, new spots exposed themselves to the sharp, little points. I’m sitting at my desk now and because I’m leaning forward, the entire top of the penis head is being prickled. Ouch.

jockstrap with pins
This is the inside of the pouch of the leather jockstrap. Those little points are very sharp and dig into my most tender flesh.

The jockstrap is built so that I can’t reach in and make any adjustments. I just have to sit here and suffer. This prickly jockstrap has lockable buckles. We do have locks for them but Mrs. Lion doesn’t feel that’s necessary. It’s because she is sitting only a few feet away from me. This is definitely a painful toy. Speaking of toys, the latest male masturbator arrived today. It’s called Automilker.

This device is made by the same people who bring us the Autoblow masturbator. The Automilker is a vibrator. According to its maker, it’s designed to be like the powerful medical devices used to help paralyzed men ejaculate. If you been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’ve had no real luck with vibrators. However, maybe this is different. I’ll be reviewing it in the near future.

Njoy butt plug
The NJoy butt plug that Mrs. Lion planted inside me while she gave me some nice oral attention.

On Sunday night. Mrs. Lion brought out the Njoy butt plug. This one is moderately-sized and quite comfortable after it’s been inserted. She left it in for about an hour and then told me to get into position for oral sex. I’ve been stimulated before while wearing a plug. It’s a little more difficult for me to focus on the arousal, but I’ve been able to go all the way through to ejaculation. Mrs. Lion put in a noble effort to get me to the edge. I just couldn’t quite get there. It wasn’t because of the butt plug. I just wasn’t ready. It still felt really good and made me wish she would keep going. There’s something about a suddenly interrupted blow job that is frustrating and a little disappointing.

I’m not complaining. Mrs. Lion is definitely getting back to her old, scary self. She mused about having me wear the prickly jockstrap under clothing when we go out. That’s a scary thought. It’s something lioness 4.0 would do. My bottom remains pristine. I’ve managed to follow my rules, including reminding Mrs. Lion of punishment days. One of our readers quipped that I haven’t learned by now, I’ll never learn.

The red doesn’t come out well in our photos. My butt was red and sore after forgetting to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment day.

One of the reasons that domestic discipline works so well in terms of modifying my behavior, is that if I forget something I should do, a spanking is sure to refresh my memory. Over the years I’ve read many blog posts written by disciplining women that claim men tend to “forget” to do things they are supposed to after a while. A couple of them claim that we males forget after about a month. A strong spanking improves our memories for at least another month. When it comes to remembering punishment days, I have to admit that I fit that model.

In a vanilla relationship, forgetting to do a chore would result in nagging. Nothing good ever comes of that. The man being nagged is very likely to deliberately stop doing whatever it is he was nagged about. On the other hand, it would be very unusual for me to forget something again after receiving a bottom-blistering spanking from Mrs. Lion. If I do forget again, the next spanking will be substantially more memorable.

I suppose it isn’t remarkable that even an old lion like me can learn new tricks with the help of a paddle. What truly amazes both of us is that we feel that our disciplinary relationship has added a very happy dimension to our lives. Even though Mrs. Lion isn’t particularly fond of spanking me and I definitely don’t like being spanked, we really missed it when we had to stop when I was sick. I am happier when regularly paddled. I don’t think that surprised anyone. The big surprise is Mrs. Lion discovering she missed her role as a spanker. Fortunately, neither of us have to do without.