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The Lioness Has Landed!

I picked up a thoroughly jet-lagged lioness last night. She was tired from all the flying, driving, and visiting over the past 8 days. When we got home, the first thing she did (after getting undressed) was to cut the

Rarely About Us

The last week has been very difficult for me. My allergies went completely out of control. I haven’t experienced this level of allergies in memory. My libido suffered too. I did ask Mrs. Lion to try edging me three nights

Back in the Cage

Lion is not sure he wants to go on writing the blog. I suggested maybe he could stop writing every day. Perhaps once a week would work out better for now. He doesn’t often have anything to write about and

One Of My Favorite Blogs

I’m an avid reader of other blogs about male chastity, spanking, and lifestyle power exchanges. I’m a big fan of Strict Julie Spanks, a blog that accurately reports BDSM scenes between Julie and her husband. The reason this site deserves