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Meh, Bloggers, And Spanks

Valentine’s Day featured our first lubed wank in a very long time. Mrs. Lion gave me a full orgasm. It wasn’t the best. It took a very long time and my sensations weren’t as intense as I had hoped. When

Wanna See My Weenie?

When I wrote my post yesterday, I was going to include a picture of my penis oozing semen as I experienced a broken orgasm. I thought better of it late Sunday night. If you’re curious, here is a link to

The No-Comment Dilemma

It’s ironic that the post I wrote about getting very few comments only received one. It also got just two “likes”. Part of the problem is that in order to Like or comment on a post, you need to be

The Silent Majority

Wednesday night’s pick from the Box O’Fun was a play spanking. It was interesting and exciting. Mrs. Lion used a small, flexible , rubbery paddle that she prefers for close work. After some nice hand spanking, she used this toy