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I Finally Got Over The Top

At last! I finally got over the top and ejaculated. Mrs. Lion had to work very hard to get me there. Last night, she gave me oral sex and I found myself climbing closer and closer to the peak. Unlike

Hairy Balls

I’m locked up again in the locking cock ring (See image below left). Mrs. Lion decided that I’m not yet ready for a full-on chastity device. Of course, I’m well-trained and won’t masturbate even though the locking cock ring gives

A Bare Lion, Oh My

I had some fun this weekend. Sunday night, I got a nice long oral teasing session. Yes, it left me massively frustrated, but it was a lot of fun and felt very good. Mrs. Lion finished her hair removal chores

Waxing Time Again

Last night we had very vanilla sex. Well, Lion did. And vanilla in the sense that we used no implements or BDSM. I didn’t make Lion choose from the Box O’Fun so he didn’t have anything to look forward to.