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There Is something new in the lion’s den. Mrs. Lion assigned herself a punishment when she forgot that Thursday was a punishment day. If you missed it, I forgot to tell her on Thursday. She also forgot, something she almost

Lion seems to be fighting a losing battle. At dinner last night he spilled food on his shirt. He’s already on the hook for five days of punishment including some corner time and mouth soaping. What’s he doing? Focus, Lion.

Monday saw our deck finished. It was truly amazing to finally be able to get outdoors. We had planned to celebrate the deck’s grand opening by grilling burgers. Mrs. Lion asked the carpenters if they could carry our gas barbecue

We’re well into our sixth year of blogging. The other day we were interviewed on the “All the Sex” podcast. (Click here to listen). It was a fun experience that both of us enjoyed. If you ever doubted that there