Category: Body Waxing

Naked And Hairless In Seattle

Do you think that being naked all the time causes me to think about sex more than I would if dressed? After all, my cock and balls are treated to a wide variety of sensations and temperatures as I go

Red Buns and Waxed Nuts

I waxed the front half of Lion yesterday. Parts of him were very furry. All in all, though, it went surprisingly quickly. There were only a few spots where the hair hung on for dear life. Eventually I won. I

Aborted Mission

I unlocked Lion last night for some fun. He got hard almost immediately. He seemed ready for fun. Until he wasn’t. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t started out with any clothespins or spanking. I’m not sure that

Nice Long Weekend

I am not motivated today. It’s a half day for me. All I need to do (I hate that phrase) is make it to 12:30 and then I’m off for five days. Five days! Five whole days with Lion. Yay!