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Naked As A Lion

Sometimes Lion wonders why I’m also naked around the house. He has to be. I don’t. So what’s up? I don’t even remember why I started it. I guess it was because we were always in bed or doing something

Clothed Lioness, Naked Lion

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a sign for our yard that says “Clothing Optional”. There have been a few UPS guys and at least one mailman who have gotten an impromptu peep show while delivering packages. Lion doesn’t


As I’ve mentioned before, the first rule I was given long before we even lived together, is that I be naked when at home. I’ve faithfully followed this rule any place where we are alone. That also goes for our

Clothing Optional

Yesterday we spent hours fixing the lawn tractor. When we were done, the belt was too loose. Argh! Today we have to take it all apart again. Not looking forward to that at all. Last night, Lion did his computer