Chastity device fitting

Sunday turned out to be a very good day. Aside from having the day with Mrs. Lion and enjoying doing things together, Mrs. Lion gave me my first orgasm in two weeks. That may not sound like a big deal but it wasn’t that she made me wait this long, I simply lost interest and was unable to even get close to an orgasm. Magically, on Sunday night after a lot of manual effort, Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm. It was great.

I have to admit that I was worried. Sex was in the background for me. On an intellectual level I knew that I should be very horny and thinking about activities that turn me on. I wasn’t. I’m pretty sure that everyone who told me this was due to the stress of the recent health issues I’ve had as well as moving, were right. These problems are just not going to go away. I’m going to have to learn to compartmentalize them so that I can put them away when it’s time to have fun.

Mrs. Lion said that she’s been thinking about putting me back in a male chastity device. I have mixed feelings about it. I know it will make a lot of day-to-day activities a little more difficult. I’ll miss unrestricted access to my penis. Of course, I don’t get a choice. I’m not sure how wearing the device will impact my physical therapy. I suppose it won’t, though there will be a risk of being discovered.

As I’ve written, I just finished measuring for a new Evotion male chastity device. While doing it, I was reminded how many of us overestimate our penis length. Part of this size error is caused by concern that a cage that is too short will somehow be uncomfortable. Another is interest in leaving some space for “expansion”

Instinct tends to lead us to make a little more space because we reason that too much space is better than a device that won’t fit because it’s too small. I get that logic. Ironically, the opposite is true when it comes to male chastity devices. Too short will actually fit better than too long. The logic is simple: If a male chastity device is too long, even a little too long, the tip of the penis will sit back a bit from the end of the cage. This may not sound important, but if the penis is not firmly pressing against the end, the urethra will wander and urinating will become an adventure.

The best fitting devices have the penis in contact with the sides and front of the male chastity device at all times. This can be a little tricky to measure. Most of the time, the penis will be a bit longer than it is at its shortest length. I found that the easiest way to get a proper measurement is to sit in a straight-backed chair with your back firmly pressed against the chair back. Your penis should look very short, almost the way it does after a cold swim. This is the perfect time to measure.

The people who make the Evotion device say that exact measurements will yield the best results. They ask for two penis length measurements: one is the length of the glans (head). The second is the shaft length, measured along the top, from the back of the glans to the body. Other device makers, like Mature Metal, want a measurement from the very tip to the back on the bottom where the shaft of the penis meets the scrotum. Both measurements should be taken in the sitting straight position. In the case of the standard cage, like the Mature Metal Jail Bird, I subtract about a half-inch from the measured length of my penis. This left me with a cage that would be 1 inch long.

I was pretty nervous when I ordered this very short cage. In fact, it’s the shortest cage that Mature Metal can make. I decided to be brave and order it. It’s a perfect fit! My penis fits inside its little prison like a glove. Everything stays nicely in place. Erections never have a chance to start. The Evotion male chastity device that I am getting (the Orion), comes in three pieces: the base ring, a shaft cover, and a third piece to cover the head of the penis. The device requires two locks to put it all together. I’m not entirely sure how specifying a shorter-than-actual shaft length would affect the device. So, I ordered the device using careful, exact measurements all around. We’ll see how that works out when it’s delivered.

No matter what male chastity device you are having made for you, it’s critical that you keep the shaft length either accurate or shorter than your actual measurement. Six years of experience has taught me this is the golden rule of chastity device measurement.

Evotion Orion chastity device
This is the custom Orion chastity device. This is a sample image from their website. Click the image to go to the page where you can see the device and buy it if you want.

I briefly mentioned in an earlier post that I’m getting a new 3D-printed male chastity device. This one is truly unique. While I love the Cherry Keeper and kind of like the one made by Custom Chastity (has a sandpaper finish that took hours to smooth enough to wear. We don’t recommend that you get one.), this company reminds me of the amazingly beautiful chastity devices made by Steelwerks. Their male chastity devices are individually designed works of art that cost many thousands of dollars. Truly male chastity jewelry.

Evotion is a company that makes a line of incredible 3D-printed male chastity devices. Most of their products are designed for men who are pierced, primarily Prince Albert piercings. They have a new, ball-capture device called the Orion. What makes it unique is the amazing quality these people have gotten from 3D printing. Every other 3D-printed device I’ve seen or tried has a thick, clumsy look. The makers claim that in order for the plastic (medical-grade nylon) to have the needed strength to contain a feisty penis, the material has to be thicker than it would be if the device was made of stainless steel. This makes intuitive sense. Apparently, it’s not completely accurate.

I’m going to be reviewing this male chastity device. I’m getting an Orion in red-dyed nylon. As you can see in the image, the finish is good and the details are amazing. I will probably be getting mine close to New Year’s. There is a very long lag between ordering and actually receiving the device. Speaking of ordering, Evotion has the absolute best measuring and ordering process. Unlike every other custom-chastity device maker, Evotion provides meaningful instructions and gives you reasonable results you can compare to what you measure.

I will be photographing that process and will share it with you in the near future. All I can say is that the clear, detailed instructions make it very difficult to screw up your measurements. The only one that they don’t offer any particularly useful help is for the base ring. Their take on it is that you should order a base ring just big enough to get one ball through. I haven’t tested this but based on my experience it’s not an unreasonable way to figure out what size ring you need.

penis measuring with the caliper
This inexpensive digital caliper makes it easy to do accurate measurements of your penis. The blades are a bit sharp so be careful. Also avoid squeezing. By pressing a button, you can get the measurements in millimeters. This measurement is actually inaccurate. I inadvertently squeezed the soft shaft with the measuring blades. You can purchase a digital caliper for less than $10 on
(Click image to view larger)

Because their male chastity devices are designed to work with pierced penises as well as un-pierced ones, like mine, and because 3D printing permits varying the size of everything, more measurements are needed than you would normally expect to make. They need the length of the glans (head), circumference (or diameter) of the penis shaft, as well as the length of the shaft along the top from the place where the glans joins the shaft to your abdomen. At a later date I will create an illustrated guide to this kind of measuring. I use a digital caliper for most of the measurements. The reason I like it is that I can adjust the caliper until it’s correctly measuring the specific spot, then remove it and look at the numbers on the readout to record the value. It saves a lot of tricky bending and moving to get measurements.

Evotion observed that the length of the glans (head of the penis) is almost exactly the same size as the diameter of the shaft. In circumcised men, the correlation is amazing. I measured my glans length to be 29 mm (1.14 in) and shaft diameter (completely flaccid) of 31 mm (1.22 inches). The difference is less than 2/10 of an inch. This is likely to be a measurement error on my part. The folks at Evotion prefer measurement in millimeters but will accept inches if that is more comfortable for you. The metric length measurement is generally more accurate than fractional inches.

After completing the order, I received a confirmation email. This is expected with e-commerce. What I didn’t expect was a very personal communication reviewing my measurements. Evotion likes to have a relationship with its customers. They want the measurements to be very carefully made so that the device will be a perfect fit. If there is a problem, remanufacturing a part of the device is relatively inexpensive. However, Evotion prefers to get it right the first time.

All this attention and care isn’t cheap. The base Orion costs $369. This is about the same price as a Mature Metal Jail Bird custom device. It’s unlikely that a first-time user will make this investment. In a way that’s good.. It takes a little time to get to know your penis well enough to supply accurate measurement information as well as developing the commitment to actually wear a male chastity device full-time. I’m sure that the Orion will prove to be completely comfortable and easy to wear for long periods.

I’ve always preferred steel. There’s something about the feeling of metal locked around my penis that gives me a strong sense of being controlled. Over the years, my viewpoint has changed a bit. I really like wearing a device that is so light I’m not even aware it’s there most of the time. If I try to get an erection, the lightweight device makes itself known.

Orion chastity device optional filigree
This is the filigree I selected. It’s called “Devotion”.

One interesting feature of Evotion male chastity devices is that the company offers some no-charge customization that I had no idea were available. For example, they offer a good selection of different kinds of filigrees for the device. I selected one which is composed of hearts. In addition, they can add text along the top of the device. I’ll surprise you with what mine says (though I’m pretty sure you can guess).

Another somewhat surprising feature of the Orion male chastity device is that it is in three pieces instead of the usual two. One reason for this is that it can be built to work with the Prince Albert piercing. The top of the device can be fixed in place with a pin and then joined to the rest of the shaft and finally, the base ring. The device has two locks. One secures the shaft to the base ring and the second secures the head (glans) to the shaft. It may make the device easier to put on and take off. I haven’t seen any comments about this. In any case, I’m sure Mrs. Lion won’t have any problem locking me up.

When I got my Cherry Keeper, I had a long, interesting dialogue with its maker that helped get the device designed explicitly for me. It’s absolutely perfect in terms of fitting me. I like wearing it and it keeps my urethra properly centered at all times. That’s very important to me. I really need to pee standing up. Getting up and down from a toilet seat is difficult for me since my spinal surgery. I know Mrs. Lion has been hesitant to lock me up again because she is concerned it will make using the bathroom that much more difficult for me.

Mrs. Lion informed me that by the time you read this post I’ll be securely locked into a chastity device. If she gives me a choice, I’m going ask for the Cherry Keeper. It’s a little more trouble for her to put on. She has to lubricate the head of my penis in order to slip it over the headlock* feature of the Cherry Keeper.

new custom cherry keeper chastity device
Notice the sharp taper. Also notice the wide headlock that will keep the head of my penis “locked” inside the cage.

*The headlock is a “shelf” that fits under the glans (the notch just under the head before the shaft of the penis). It’s narrower than the head so that once pushed up and over that shelf, the head of the penis is not going to move back without the device being unlocked and pulled off. The maker believes this is an effective anti-pullout feature. I don’t believe it really is. However, it does a great job of making sure the head of my penis is firmly pressing against the end of the cage. That assures that my urethra remains centered in the hole provided for it.

Cherry Keeper chastity device headlock
This is the first custom version of the Cherry Keeper. The “shelf” is the headlock. The opening is just slightly larger than the diameter of Lion’s penis shaft. The head has to be worked through this smaller hole. Once inside, the shelf formed by the headlock prevents the head from moving backward. This keeps his urethra nicely centered.

Lion has a theory that the sores on my weenie were caused by the cage. He thinks he may be getting pinched or nicked when it goes on or off. I’m trying to remember if he had sores when we were using the Jail Bird. I think he did. When he got pinched with that, I don’t think it was in the same area. My theory, if the sores are from the newer cage, is that there’s a rough spot on the headlock that doesn’t exist on the newest incarnation even though we’ve been very careful recently. I still need to examine the other cages to see if my theory is correct.

The thing I’ve thought about with each version of the Cherry Keeper, is if the requirement that Lion has to ask me for each new purchase applies only to new, new purchases or if it applies to any purchase. I can see the argument for it being just different variations of the same purchase. I can also see the argument for it being more stuff accumulating on his nightstand and that is clearly a new purchase each time.

my penis in the new custom cage
Lion’s penis in the custom Cherry Keeper. The headlock keeps the head against the top of the cage, nicely centered.(Click image to view larger)

Ultimately I want him to have a good fit. However, I dislike the headlock idea. Maybe I just dislike the last two or three versions with the extreme headlock. I know my weenie is pliable but jamming the head into a small hole is just asking for more sores. And whomping his butt is one thing, jamming my weenie into anything is not something I want to be a part of. If he wants to continue wearing the Cherry Keeper with the narrow headlock then maybe he needs to deal with the cage by himself. How many times has Lion said that if you need lube to make the cage comfortable, it’s the wrong size? I know that was in relation to the actual wearing of the cage, but to me it’s the same thing.

[Lion — I don’t think a little lube on the head of my penis to make it easier to fit through the headlock is the same thing. The headlock has been very successful keeping my urethra centered in the opening provided for it. I’ve been able to pee standing up with no mess or spray. I’m hoping Mrs. Lion will let me continue using this feature.]

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am not particularly concerned with chastity device security. My reasoning is that I’m wearing the device because I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. Why would I want to defeat something I requested in the first place? I assume that this is true of every other guy as well. It’s a good thing.

Let’s assume that someone makes an inescapable device. This magical device keeps the penis safely tucked into a tube or a cage making it inaccessible to exploring fingers. The reason the penis has been locked away is to prevent unauthorized orgasm and ejaculation. Here’s the thing: As many men have discovered, contact with the penis is not absolutely necessary to achieve orgasm and ejaculation.

Men have always known that women are capable of reaching orgasm by stimulating areas of their bodies other than their vaginas and clitoris (clitorae?). I’ve had at least one partner who could achieve anal orgasm. Another actually came by being spanked. This isn’t strictly a female quality. After all, orgasms are triggered in the brain. Almost every male has experienced at least one wet dream when he’s ejaculated in his sleep without any physical stimulation.

The principal value of a chastity device is to make orgasm inconvenient. Many men describe masturbation as a habit. Some women think it’s a bad habit. Mrs. Lion belongs to this group. She is not interested in allowing me to masturbate. I think she is also the first woman I’ve known who has expressed a position on whether or not I should masturbate. I always assumed that as long as I didn’t sexually neglect my partner, masturbation was a bodily function of no special consequence.

I never found it enormously satisfying. Most of the time, it felt a little bit like scratching an itch. On rare occasions it was spectacular. I also never imagined there would be a time when I wouldn’t, at least occasionally, jerk off. It was something I learned to do when I was 11 years old and until Mrs. Lion locked me in a chastity device, I continued on a more or less regular basis.

I bring this up again now because in my mind, at least, the major benefit of wearing a chastity device is to make me pause and remember I’m not supposed to play with myself. I think a lot of men almost unconsciously reach down and masturbate when alone and bored.

Recently, Mrs. Lion has been writing about the fact that I get “stuck” before I reach the edge of orgasm. I do. I can’t explain why it happens. It’s happened to me in the past. During the days when I masturbated, there were plenty of times I gave up because I just couldn’t get myself past a certain point. This has also happened during partner sex. On those occasions, I just kept going until my partner was satisfied and then I stopped.

I don’t think this is a pathological issue. It may happen because I’m tired or not getting enough sleep or not eating the right food; who knows? I don’t find it distressing, just frustrating. I’m not aware if this happens with other men. I imagine it does; I’m not that unique.

While that’s a frustrating male issue, I never get alarmed or worried when it happens. The male problem that would immediately worry me is the inability to get hard. That has also happened to me, fortunately infrequently. I’ve also had times when I could get hard and then lose the erection in the middle of being stimulated. I have type II diabetes and even though it is well-controlled, it’s been known to interfere with getting and maintaining strong erections. Since they’ve become so inexpensive and have no adverse side effects, I’ve been taking boner pills on a regular basis just in case.

I started with generic Viagra. It was the first of this class of drugs to become available at a low price. It was never my favorite because its effect only lasts three or four hours. I’ve always liked Cialis. It has just come off patent and is now extremely inexpensive. This drug has a 36 hour effective span. You can also take a low dose (2.5 mg or 5 mg) every day and enjoy the effect continuously. It only costs about $16 a month to do this.

I haven’t had a problem getting hard when Mrs. Lion stimulates me without any pharmaceutical help. However, I find erections are much firmer, longer lasting, and feel better to me when I take boner pills. A lot of guys misunderstand how this class of drug works. It does not turn you on or make you hard just because you take it. All it does is facilitate the mechanical process of getting an erection. It has no effect at all on arousal. I’ve read people write about how it would be torture to take Viagra while locked in a chastity device. It wouldn’t affect you at all. It would just be a waste of money.

Many years ago, my first BDSM partner got very aroused when she used bondage she knew I couldn’t escape. We had heavy duty locking wrist and ankle restraints. She used serious padlocks to keep them closed. There was no way I could get myself free. Of course, she didn’t leave me alone when I was restrained. However, some time ago I read a Stephen King story about a couple who used similar restraints. I believe the woman restrained the man spread-eagle to the bed and then had a heart attack. It may have been the man restraining the woman; I can’t remember. The story was about how terrifying it was to be trapped this way.

Fortunately for me, at the time I never considered that possibility. I really should have. I think the same is true about any bondage equipment, even chastity device. It’s fortunate that even the most secure are ultimately escapable. Even the ones secured by piercings can be defeated. Many guys carry an emergency key. I did for a long time. I didn’t like it. It was too easy to use. Since all of the devices we own can be removed one way or another without a key, I felt reasonably safe no longer possessing my emergency key.

That doesn’t mean enforced male chastity is purely symbolic. It isn’t. Maybe all the hardware can be defeated. Maybe even the strong conditioning I’ve received not to masturbate could be overcome. But knowing how important it is to Mrs. Lion that she and only she can make me ejaculate turns out to be truly inescapable security.