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Orgasm While Locked In A Chastity Device

A number of people on the chastity forum have been writing about ejaculating while locked in a chastity device. It’s been a while since I’ve heard people talk about this. In the 90’s, when I was reviewing chastity devices, the

A Sex-Proof Display Case For Your Penis

Sunday night, with the help of the Magic Wand vibrator, Mrs. Lion finally got me off after 11 days of waiting. I’m still not sure why I had difficulty during this time. But, at least for now, the drought is

Almost As Effective For Me

Mrs. Lion’s enthusiastic NFL swats did the trick. Later Sunday night, she managed to edge me within an inch  of my life. Whew! As shown in  yesterday’s post, she really marked my butt. The new, heavier tenderizer is a mean

Busy Lions

Today’s the big day. Graduation. After four long years of studying, my daughter (the honors student) will receive her diploma. And two days later we go for orientation for the next four long years of studying. This time she’ll have