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Mrs. Lion seemed surprised when she read about my decision to order a Cherry Keeper 3D printed chastity device. After all, I do have a large collection of these items. So far, the only one I wear regularly is the

Enforced chastity doesn’t have to be a long-term kink. The famous CB2000, the forerunner of the popular CB6000 chastity device, was invented for weekend chastity play. At the time of its invention (the mid-1990’s) the chastity device market was mostly

I’ve been thinking of something for a while. Actually it’s only when I brush my teeth. That’s when I see the collection of nail polish. About a week or so ago I thought maybe it’s time Lion had pretty toes

When Lion read my post yesterday he responded by saying he didn’t know about an indefinite wait. I never said he’d have an indefinite wait. It’s just an experiment to see 1) if he ever begins to lose interest and