Chastity hardware

I have been reviewing male chastity devices for more than 20 years. I thought it might be fun to look back through my adventures with these devices. A lot has changed over the years. When I first started reviewing devices, I had a frenum piercing which turned out to be handy. One of my first devices was a tube secured by the frenum piercing. It was built by Lori and her partner. She is still in business and her devices have improved.

The original Lori chastity tube. It was heavy, crudely fashioned stainless steel. You can see the stress it put on my piercing.

This first one was incredibly heavy. That wasn’t helped by the fact that I didn’t understand how to measure correctly. The device was too long and put painful pressure on my piercing. The piercing was the only connection to my penis. This was the first device she made. Fitting instructions were sketchy and my measurement was amazingly wrong in terms of penis length. I asked for a device 4 inches long, when the proper measurement would have been 2 inches or less.

Top view of the device. I’m not sure what the ring was for.

This was one of the first custom-made male chastity devices available. It was expensive; about $500 in 2000. Aside from the obvious stress it put on my penis, it was difficult to put on. Trying to align my piercing with the pin that had to go through the device took a long time.

The Remy plumbing parts male chastity device.

Another device, fairly typical of the time was made by a guy named Remy. He was the original owner of the domain. His device was made using plumbing parts. The tube was a plastic fitting and the base ring a pipe clamp. He dipped both in a rubber compound. No sizes were available. It was surprisingly comfortable to wear.

In the 1990s a fantasy chastity story gained enormous popularity. In fact, devices based on that story are still being made. The story was Kali’s Teeth. The heroine had a partner who like to cheat. To stop him, she created a chastity device that was a tube lined with very sharp points. It was locked over his flaccid penis and was small enough so that he would be cut if he tried to pull it off. When he attempted to get an erection, the pins would pierce him painfully.

The MCD was secured by a nylon tie.

This story caught the imagination of a lot of guys interested in enforced male chastity. It’s still very popular. However, now enough of these devices are actually being made so that people who are interested actually believe this really happened. One device, was cast out of a flexible plastic material. It was called the MCD, which stood for Male Chastity Device. It was cleverly made and secured by a nylon tie.

Little points painfully dug into my penis if I tried to get hard.

I found it fairly comfortable to wear when soft, and miserable if I tried to get an erection. It wasn’t terribly secure. Pullout was a little uncomfortable but certainly possible and even easy. It was inexpensive.

One of the most significant events in male chastity device history came with the creation of the CB 2000. The first version of this device was made by gluing together acrylic rods and rings. What was most significant was that it came with a set of varying sized base rings and spacers to modify the distance from the base ring to the cage. The cage itself was only one, standard length.

The original CB2000. It was made from acrylic rods and rings.

It was nicely priced at about $175 and shipped as soon you ordered it. It’s inventor designed it for use as a weekend chastity play toy. It sold very well and before long the inventor could afford injection molds for a much more polished version. This line of devices is still going strong. It has had many imitators. You can buy exact copies of its current devices from Chinese companies at a small fraction of the US price.

Cages come into their own

The devices I’ve shown so far represent a sort of evolution in the small, mostly ball capture devices. At the same time these were being produced, there was a market for full-scale chastity belts. Most of the manufacturing was done in Europe. Belts are still reasonably popular there. One exception was Access Denied, a Long Island-based company. Access Denied went out of business in the early 2000’s with the sudden death of its owner.

wire becomes King

Thanks largely to the Internet, more and more men learned about male chastity. It was only natural that the supply of chastity devices would meet demand. Devices made from stainless steel wire and narrow strips of stainless steel sheeting became more available.

1 inch-long Jail Bird Male Chastity Device
Final size of my Jail Bird male chastity device.

Initially, only a small number of companies in Europe and the US produced these devices. They were all custom-made. Mature Metal, is one of the largest American metal chastity device makers. The Jail Bird is their most popular device. They’ve been making it for many years. I got mine in 2014. Learning to wear it was an adventure.

The device was always comfortable. The big problem for me and many others was the fact that the urethra would drift to one side or another and when urination was attempted, the spray would hit the bars and make a mess. Many men dealt with this by sitting down when they had to go. I realized that I had a cage that was too long for my flaccid penis. After two downsizings, I ended up with a cage measuring just 1 inch long (see picture, above left)

Meanwhile, industrious metal shops in China discovered this market and began offering a wide variety of chastity devices at bargain prices. In the beginning, most of the devices used hinged base rings. These rings were very uncomfortable to wear because the slight opening where the hinge was located caused irritation.

By 2018, China began making devices using the same basic technology as Jail Bird. They also began offering a larger assortment of cage sizes. They actually offered one for less than $50 that fit me as well as my Jail Bird.

3-d printing enters the scene

As early as 2016, people started developing chastity devices using 3D printing technology. This was facilitated by the fact that there are a number of large companies that will accept an image file and convert it to a 3D object at a reasonable price.

The big advantage of a 3D-printed male chastity device is that it can be altered to match anyone’s measurements simply by modifying the computer design file. The earliest attempts weren’t too successful. The first 3D-printed device I got wasn’t really well-designed for my anatomy. A couple of years later, things got much better.

custom chastity plastic cage
Custom Chastity device. It was as rough as sandpaper. The company refused to help. Stay away!

I purchased a device from Custom Chastity. It was quite expensive. The device itself fit perfectly. It had a major problem. The finish as it came off of the 3D printer was like sandpaper. It irritated me to the point that I couldn’t wear the device. The company was far from cooperative. Custom Chastity is the only maker of chastity devices I would strongly urge you to avoid. Anyway, I hand sanded the device myself and made it smooth enough to wear.. I didn’t like spending several hundred dollars for a device I had to finish myself.

Evotion produces a unique line of male chastity devices. They started off printing devices for men with penis piercings. The devices are held on by the piercing. More recently, they created a device for those of us without piercings. The measurements they ask for are very different from those other device makers want.

orion side view
Evotion’s Orion male chastity device. Unique in design and a dream to wear.

The device itself is in three parts: the base ring, the shaft sleeve, and the head cover. I imagine this design was spawned from the piercing-required devices. They, of course, would only have two parts that locked together. Mine has three because the base ring needed to be added.

It turns out that this device is very comfortable and keeps my urethra perfectly aligned so that I can use the toilet standing up without any concern. That is amazing! The shaft sleeve has a ring at the end closest to the head. This ring prevents the head from slipping backward even if the shaft shrinks. That makes this device uniquely independent of the current state of the penis.

Most guys who wear chastity devices only have them on part-time. Male chastity is a wonderful sexual game. Those of us who practice it full-time have discovered new depth to our sexual relations. The array of different devices is amazing.

If you would like more information about these devices, search our site. We have reviews for all of the one shown here plus many more. Have fun!

Mrs. Lion thinks I’m crazy. I discovered this when I read something she wrote on social media. She said that she was doing well even though housebound, explaining that she lived with a nice dog and a crazy man. I’m paraphrasing everything except “crazy man”. After I read that I asked her if she really thought I was crazy. She said, “Oh, yes.”

I didn’t pursue the topic further. I’m not sure I’m ready to hear her analysis of why I’m in need of psychological help. I know she believes I have strange sexual interests. They’re not strange to me but I’m willing to admit some other people might find them a bit off-center. I like to think that I’m ahead of my time. After all, I haven’t had pubic hair in 25 years. It’s only been within the last decade that other men have finally realized the value of grooming “down there”.

I’m not sure that male domestic discipline will catch on the same way. I don’t think it’s crazy for me to want it. After all, I think I have good reasons. For one thing, I find thinking about being spanked hot. It gets me aroused imagining myself paddled. It also gets me aroused remembering the last time I was. Maybe I am crazy. It’s no fun at all while it’s going on.

There’s no doubt that she thinks I’m crazy because I want her to make me wait for sexual satisfaction. A sane man wouldn’t want that, would he? Wouldn’t a normal guy get angry if his partner repeatedly brought him to the edge of ejaculation and then stopped? He’d almost certainly take things into his own hands if she did. I’m not allowed to.

Is it really crazy for me to want my partner to lock me in a male chastity device? After all, it is a stylish kind of sexual jewelry. Okay, maybe it isn’t very stylish. It’s just a practical way she can be sure that I can’t ejaculate without her. It was all my idea; is that crazy?

If you consider normal sexual activity to be limited to fucking (either orifice), sucking, and handjobs then I suppose what I like is a little bit outside the box. Okay, way outside the box. The question is whether all that space outside the box is occupied by crazy? Maybe it’s occupied by “different”.

Yes, I can see that a woman who always subscribed to the in-the-box definition of sex might consider my mildly exotic tastes as crazy.

She must be crazy too. After all, it takes two to play the game. She’s the one who locks me in the male chastity device and keeps the key. She’s the one who edges me then smiles and tells me I have to wait if I want to come. She’s also the one who spanks me, not to mention waxes off my pubic and body hair. Does this make her an enabler or is she crazy too?

Since you are reading this, what does that make you?

Mature Metal double locking cock ring

I am locked up again. I’m not in what you might call a chastity device. It’s a locking cock ring. The device is exactly the same as my Jail Bird with the bars removed. Made by the same people to the same size dimensions as my cage. I guess you can say this is the kind of chastity device you get to wear if you are a trustee. It locks on exactly the same way as the Jail Bird. I could probably pull my penis out, though I can’t imagine why I would want to do that. But I could never get my balls out unless it is unlocked.

For me, this is the same as wearing a cage. I am in no danger of masturbating. Seven years of training have seen to that. Nevertheless, being locked into this device makes it very clear to me and anyone else who happens to see it, that my penis does not belong to me. It belongs to my lioness who holds the key. The keys are securely locked away in her safe. I have absolutely no access to them.

penis in locking cock ring
It’s exactly the same as my Jail Bird (except for the double base ring). Without Mrs. Lion around, my erection is puny as you can see.

Aside from the fact that I’m on the honor system in terms of masturbation, the only other difference between this device and my cage is that I’m free to get erections. This is actually beneficial to my keyholder. Any arousal I experience without the possibility of ejaculation adds to my frustration and makes me more responsive to Mrs. Lion. I realize that some people consider wearing a chastity device a form of sensory deprivation. I’ve thought of it that way as well.

If you want to consider that there’s a possibility that I would have sex with some other female, this device is just as effective as a cage at preventing it. The bar on the top where the device locks would be most uncomfortable during intercourse. It doesn’t get in the way for masturbation. We already covered that.

I do like wearing a cage. I enjoy the confinement and the sure knowledge that I can’t even get hard. The trade-off is that it’s much more difficult for me to urinate in the toilet standing up. Sitting to pee is not an option now. Wearing this “cageless cage” is an excellent compromise.

I think the most significant value of wearing anything locked around a body part is the fact that it is something I can’t remove. It’s a powerful symbol that I am not in control of things; even my own body. Wearing a chastity device is similar to a submissive person wearing a collar. If the collar is locked on and the key taken away, is a powerful symbol of ownership. The chastity device or, for that matter, my locking cock ring, is a more intimate version of a slave collar. It is a very clear symbol of ownership.

Mrs. Lion is fond of the fact that she owns my penis. She calls it her “weenie”. She doesn’t feel it necessary to mark it or lock it away in a chastity device to display her ownership. I’m the one who likes that idea. She goes along with it because it serves her and pleases me.

In practical terms, it’s unlikely anyone other than her will see the device locked on me. We’ve always been careful to remove hardware before a doctor visit. I could probably go to a gym or locker room with the device on. I don’t think I would be able to get through a communal shower without drawing stares. Fortunately, I don’t have to face that.

It feels exactly the same as a cage. The only time I’m aware that it’s not is when I feel myself getting hard. With a cage on, I can feel the pressure of the bars restricting growth. With this device, I can feel a little bit of a squeeze as the penis ring presses in, but my erection can grow unrestrained. Speaking of which, erections without Mrs. Lion, especially when wearing this cock ring, aren’t very substantial. I don’t grow as long or thick. I don’t think that has to do with the ring. It’s just that it’s less exciting without my lioness.

The best way I can describe the experience of wearing this device is that it’s an invisible cage. It’s my Jail Bird minus the bars. It’s a little surprising how small a difference that makes.

I had a leap year orgasm. Mrs. Lion joked that my next one would be on February 29 whenever that occurs next (2024). I got a great blow job. I woke up Sunday morning feeling very horny. That seems odd to me. Generally, after I’ve had an orgasm it takes a couple of days before my interest really returns. All day Sunday I had sexy thoughts. What the hell?

It’s unlikely that Mrs. Lion will give me a chance to ejaculate again on Sunday (I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon). In the past, I have been able to perform the day after. I start to get into trouble when it’s three or more days in a row that I have to perform. In the past, I was okay on the third day though it wasn’t as much fun for me. On the fourth day, I was out of gas completely. It’s been a very long time since we did anything at all sexual the day after I had an orgasm. I think Mrs. Lion considers it a well-earned day off.

I think we’re getting close to waxing time again. Hair is coming back though nowhere near as thick or abundant as last month. Waxing clearly slows down hair production. The more you do it, the less comes back. I did some research into commercial waxing salons. Many offer a 50% discount on their services if you come back after a month. I noticed that the last time Mrs. Lion waxed me it went more quickly. If she doesn’t want to do my legs again, I think there’s a place nearby that does men. I’ll have to see if she wants me to go. Who knows? She may want to outsource all of me.

Have you noticed that I write about hair removal when I’m horny? I have. There’s some part of me that associates the loss of body hair with sex. Maybe it’s the same perverse force that turns me on when I think about spanking. (I wrote about that yesterday in “The Spanking Paradox“.) Being waxed is not a pleasant process for either of us. Well, it does feel nice swhen Mrs. Lion is working around her weenie. But it isn’t a turn on to have hair pulled up by the roots. Still, I’m turned on thinking about it.

Maybe that’s a special gene that I have that also attracts me to cock and ball torture. And, as I’m sure you know, I like to be tied up too. I’m clearly not a vanilla lion. I suppose the same perversion covers being locked in a male chastity device. It turns me on to think about that too. Once locked then it doesn’t matter what I think about, I’m not going to get hard anyway.

The irony doesn’t escape me. It’s just part of who I am.