Chastity hardware

Mature Metal double locking cock ring

I am locked up again. I’m not in what you might call a chastity device. It’s a locking cock ring. The device is exactly the same as my Jail Bird with the bars removed. Made by the same people to the same size dimensions as my cage. I guess you can say this is the kind of chastity device you get to wear if you are a trustee. It locks on exactly the same way as the Jail Bird. I could probably pull my penis out, though I can’t imagine why I would want to do that. But I could never get my balls out unless it is unlocked.

For me, this is the same as wearing a cage. I am in no danger of masturbating. Seven years of training have seen to that. Nevertheless, being locked into this device makes it very clear to me and anyone else who happens to see it, that my penis does not belong to me. It belongs to my lioness who holds the key. The keys are securely locked away in her safe. I have absolutely no access to them.

penis in locking cock ring
It’s exactly the same as my Jail Bird (except for the double base ring). Without Mrs. Lion around, my erection is puny as you can see.

Aside from the fact that I’m on the honor system in terms of masturbation, the only other difference between this device and my cage is that I’m free to get erections. This is actually beneficial to my keyholder. Any arousal I experience without the possibility of ejaculation adds to my frustration and makes me more responsive to Mrs. Lion. I realize that some people consider wearing a chastity device a form of sensory deprivation. I’ve thought of it that way as well.

If you want to consider that there’s a possibility that I would have sex with some other female, this device is just as effective as a cage at preventing it. The bar on the top where the device locks would be most uncomfortable during intercourse. It doesn’t get in the way for masturbation. We already covered that.

I do like wearing a cage. I enjoy the confinement and the sure knowledge that I can’t even get hard. The trade-off is that it’s much more difficult for me to urinate in the toilet standing up. Sitting to pee is not an option now. Wearing this “cageless cage” is an excellent compromise.

I think the most significant value of wearing anything locked around a body part is the fact that it is something I can’t remove. It’s a powerful symbol that I am not in control of things; even my own body. Wearing a chastity device is similar to a submissive person wearing a collar. If the collar is locked on and the key taken away, is a powerful symbol of ownership. The chastity device or, for that matter, my locking cock ring, is a more intimate version of a slave collar. It is a very clear symbol of ownership.

Mrs. Lion is fond of the fact that she owns my penis. She calls it her “weenie”. She doesn’t feel it necessary to mark it or lock it away in a chastity device to display her ownership. I’m the one who likes that idea. She goes along with it because it serves her and pleases me.

In practical terms, it’s unlikely anyone other than her will see the device locked on me. We’ve always been careful to remove hardware before a doctor visit. I could probably go to a gym or locker room with the device on. I don’t think I would be able to get through a communal shower without drawing stares. Fortunately, I don’t have to face that.

It feels exactly the same as a cage. The only time I’m aware that it’s not is when I feel myself getting hard. With a cage on, I can feel the pressure of the bars restricting growth. With this device, I can feel a little bit of a squeeze as the penis ring presses in, but my erection can grow unrestrained. Speaking of which, erections without Mrs. Lion, especially when wearing this cock ring, aren’t very substantial. I don’t grow as long or thick. I don’t think that has to do with the ring. It’s just that it’s less exciting without my lioness.

The best way I can describe the experience of wearing this device is that it’s an invisible cage. It’s my Jail Bird minus the bars. It’s a little surprising how small a difference that makes.

I had a leap year orgasm. Mrs. Lion joked that my next one would be on February 29 whenever that occurs next (2024). I got a great blow job. I woke up Sunday morning feeling very horny. That seems odd to me. Generally, after I’ve had an orgasm it takes a couple of days before my interest really returns. All day Sunday I had sexy thoughts. What the hell?

It’s unlikely that Mrs. Lion will give me a chance to ejaculate again on Sunday (I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon). In the past, I have been able to perform the day after. I start to get into trouble when it’s three or more days in a row that I have to perform. In the past, I was okay on the third day though it wasn’t as much fun for me. On the fourth day, I was out of gas completely. It’s been a very long time since we did anything at all sexual the day after I had an orgasm. I think Mrs. Lion considers it a well-earned day off.

I think we’re getting close to waxing time again. Hair is coming back though nowhere near as thick or abundant as last month. Waxing clearly slows down hair production. The more you do it, the less comes back. I did some research into commercial waxing salons. Many offer a 50% discount on their services if you come back after a month. I noticed that the last time Mrs. Lion waxed me it went more quickly. If she doesn’t want to do my legs again, I think there’s a place nearby that does men. I’ll have to see if she wants me to go. Who knows? She may want to outsource all of me.

Have you noticed that I write about hair removal when I’m horny? I have. There’s some part of me that associates the loss of body hair with sex. Maybe it’s the same perverse force that turns me on when I think about spanking. (I wrote about that yesterday in “The Spanking Paradox“.) Being waxed is not a pleasant process for either of us. Well, it does feel nice swhen Mrs. Lion is working around her weenie. But it isn’t a turn on to have hair pulled up by the roots. Still, I’m turned on thinking about it.

Maybe that’s a special gene that I have that also attracts me to cock and ball torture. And, as I’m sure you know, I like to be tied up too. I’m clearly not a vanilla lion. I suppose the same perversion covers being locked in a male chastity device. It turns me on to think about that too. Once locked then it doesn’t matter what I think about, I’m not going to get hard anyway.

The irony doesn’t escape me. It’s just part of who I am.

Evotion Wearables has been around since 2014. They started out making male chastity devices for men who have Prince Albert or frenum piercings. They’ve been using 3D-printing to produce their devices from the beginning. Many of the piercing-required devices only have a covering for the penis shaft. There is no ball ring. I believe that this can be a defect since the penis can grow longer if not thicker when just restrained by a piercing shaft container.

Evotion recently came out with their Evotion Orion male chastity device. Unlike their other products, this one is designed for men with no penis piercing. It incorporates features that have evolved over the years of making piercing-only devices. As far as I know, it’s absolutely unique.

Every other device I’ve worn comes in two pieces: the base ring and the penis tube or cage. The cage locks onto the base ring providing the required sexual prevention functionality. I’ve had a lot of trouble with almost every device I’ve worn. Even custom devices like my Jail Bird make it difficult to urinate standing up. The Cherry Keeper, another 3D-printed device added a feature called the “headlock”. This is a little shelf that fits just below the head of the penis. It keeps the head in a single position inside the top of the cage. I considered this a major breakthrough. The headlock made sure that my urethra would remain centered and I could safely stand to pee. It turned out that there still was enough motion inside the top of the cage that sprays frequently resulted.

The Evotion Orion is a three-piece device. There is a base ring, a center shaft container, and a headcover. This design conforms to their piercing-only devices. They feature a shaft cover and a separate headcover. The shaft cover locks onto the headcover and the headcover is locked onto the piercing.

In the case of the Orion, there are two locks: one that locks the base ring to the shaft cover, and the second that locks the shaft cover to the headcover. It turns out there is an extremely good reason for this type of construction. More about that later.

The Orion is a custom device. It’s priced similarly to the Jail Bird. Sometimes there are specials that offer a lower price. When I first looked at the device, it cost $369 for the standard nylon version. It’s also available in 3D-printed metal as well. Those versions are much more expensive. This is a pretty high price for 3D-printed cages. However, unlike their competitors, Evotion hand finishes these devices and provides them with a beautiful high-gloss finish. Mine, as you can see from the pictures is a nice candy apple red. If I ever get of Ferrari, the device will match.

Like most custom devices, the Orion needs accurate measurements in order to be made to fit perfectly. Evotion offers very good advice on how to do this measuring. Unlike most two-piece devices, Evotion needs different parts of the penis to be measured. First and foremost, you must be absolutely flaccid. Even the slightest hint of arousal will make a mess of your measurements. Unlike the Jail Bird and other cages, Evotion needs measurement along the top of your penis from your body to the beginning of the glans (the head). Without any stretching or arousal, measure from your body to the point where the head gets wider. Every penis has a “shoulder” where the wider head meets the shaft. The first measurement needs to capture that value.

The second measurement is one that is required for most devices, it’s the circumference or diameter of the flaccid shaft itself. This is a measurement that needs to be taken several times. It’s critical that you get this one right. The third measurement is the circumference or diameter of the head at the widest point just above the “shoulder”. Next, they need the measurement for the length of the head. I used a digital caliper for these measurements. It’s difficult to use this without distorting things since you can push the caliper too hard and it will compress what you’re measuring. But if you are careful, and keep trying several times you will get a consistent, accurate measurement. Last, they need the base ring diameter.

Evotion Wearables prides itself on personal service. After I sent them my measurements, they came back to me with questions. They wanted to be sure that I had accurately measured. When they and I were both satisfied we had them right, they put the device into production. Like many of the other custom devices, expect to wait 4 to 6 weeks after ordering before you will receive your new device. By the way, they will mold into the head anything you would like to put there in the way of a message. Obviously, it can’t be a very long message. Mine says, “LION”. I consider it a sort of name tag so it won’t get mixed up with others (LOL).

It turns out that putting your Orion on isn’t intuitive. Evotion doesn’t provide any instructions on how to actually put on the device. I got it wrong in the beginning. I had to contact them and ask them to offer me some help. Mrs. Lion kindly worked with me to give you the illustrated guide on how to put one on.

evotion base ring on penis
The basering is wider than most devices I’ve worn.

When you receive it, you’ll see that the key for the connection between the base ring in the shaft section goes in behind (toward your body) on the base ring. I wondered about that since most of the devices I’ve worn have the base ring sitting tightly against my abdomen. Also, the fittings that connect the various pieces of this device are more like plugs and sockets, then sliders. The shaft section fits into the base ring by depressing it (squeezing the shaft of your penis) and getting it under its socket and the base ring. Then it essentially clicks into place. Once you work out how to do this without pinching, it’s actually elegant and easy.

I was getting a little aroused when Mrs. Lion
put the middle piece on. Even calm, much
of my penis was sticking out.

When I put it on the first time I pulled my penis through the shaft section until the shaft piece was against the base ring. This left a considerable amount of my penis hanging out of the front of the shaft section (see picture, left). Mrs. Lion then tried to squeeze the headpiece over this skin. Eventually she managed to do it. I had a whole bunch of skin hanging out between the head cage and the shaft piece. That didn’t seem right to me.

Next, pull back the penis behind the basering
until only the head sticks out.

I sent a picture to Evotion and they agreed this was not the right way to wear it. They sent me a link to a very short video that showed a man adjusting his Orion. It turns out that once you lock the shaft piece against the base ring, you then pull the penis back from behind the base ring until just the head peeks out from the front of the shaft section. This seemed really odd to me. It sort of looked like a lot of my penis was behind the base ring.

Alignment is right when just the head pokes out
from the center section. No other skin should show.
Don’t worry about the bunching in back.

Once I did that and only the head was showing, it was easy to lock the headcover on. The folks at Evotion pointed out to me that they actually invented the so-called “headlock” that is part of the Cherry Keeper. At the very front of the shaft piece, there is a molded-in ring that sits in the groove just below the head. It essentially prevents the head from slipping backward. The head of the penis is firmly locked into place.

I’m not sure if this “locking mechanism” prevents pullout. I am sure it doesn’t make it easy. More importantly, it prevents the head from sliding backward. It has to stay firmly in contact with the front of the cage. This, in turn, guarantees that my urethra is centered in the opening designed for it. It became very clear why accurate measurements were necessary. When I had adjusted the device correctly I sent a picture back to Evotion and they told me that the fit was absolutely perfect.

Within an hour or less of putting the device on that excess skin behind the base ring disappeared into the device and it fit very much the same way as any other male chastity device. Just pull the scrotum forward through the base ring and all will tighten up nicely. The base ring is substantially wider than on any other device I own. It lends stability and doesn’t cause me any discomfort.

After pulling the scrotum forward, the device fits
correctly and comfortably.

The device is essentially invisible under clothing. It’s nicely centered between my balls and creates a discrete bulge that doesn’t reveal what’s going on. Once I got it on correctly, the Orion turned out to be the most comfortable male chastity device I’ve ever worn. I only had a little bit of slight pinching from the base ring once or twice and that was easily fixed with a slight, subtle adjustment.

Most exciting for me, was the fact that I can confidently urinate standing up without even bothering to check if my urethra is in the right position. The unique design of the Orion held my penis in the correct position over multiple days of wear. This is now the device I wear every day.

The Orion has a “head trap” inside the middle section.
When you pull your penis back, the “trap” sits just under the head, effectively locking it in place.

The Evotion Orion isn’t perfect. The manufacturers claim that the filigree pattern (you have your choice of several, I picked hearts) provides adequate ventilation. I found that I could keep myself pretty clean by showering, but hours after bathing, when Mrs. Lion removed the device, my penis was still damp. After two days and two showers, there was a distinct unpleasant smell in the loose skin below the head of my penis.

This odor was not detectable until after the cage was off and Mrs. Lion was playing with me. I suppose my standards are a bit high because I’ve always worn open cage designs. Those men who have been wearing tubes, are used to this issue. Even though there are some open areas in the device, I would classify this as a tube-type male chastity device. That means that the device has to be removed and the penis washed and dried every few days to prevent potential problems. This is not an issue for us. Mrs. Lion unlocks me almost every day. It does mean that she needs to unlock me earlier some of the time to allow me to take a shower while wild.

Wearing a chastity device always involves some compromise. Our penises were not designed to be locked up. However, with a little care, the Evotion Orion can definitely become your standard male chastity device for long-term wear. Its glossy finish looks pretty durable. However, when I cleaned it in my ultrasonic cleaner, the water did have a slight pink tinge. The finish will probably wear out over time.

If you ever have a problem with fit or if something breaks, Evotion can make you new parts. A new base ring, for example, costs $150. Obviously it pays to measure correctly the first time!

You can find the Evotion Orion on the Evotion website. Please let them know you heard about them from us. They might offer you a special price. No guarantees.

I am extremely happy with my Evotion Orion. Mrs. Lion likes the way it works and after some practice, is able to get it on-and-off me without too much pinching or aggravation. It’s much more fun being a caged lion if I am in a nice shiny red cage with my name on it.

After all these years you’d think that being locked into a chastity device is absolutely routine for me. In most ways it is. Nevertheless for about a week or so after I am locked up after being wild, the device feels a little uncomfortable and quite alien. In a way, I like that. It’s a very strong reminder that I am being controlled. After that first couple of weeks, the device is simply part of me. I don’t think about it. I only notice it when my balls get caught on something or I need a slight adjustment. The Evotion Orion that I am currently wearing keeps my urethra beautifully centered in the opening provided for it. That means I don’t even have to think about it when I’m standing up to urinate. I plan to write a detailed review of this device in the next week or so.

Hair is beginning to grow back so I suppose I’ll have to ask Mrs. Lion to get out the wax and remove the unwanted fur. It’s a chore that she doesn’t enjoy. I’m grateful she’s willing to do it for me. Based on what she said after my last waxing, I may need to find a professional to take care of my legs. For right now, I’m most interested in the Lionzilian. We don’t need stray hair in the pictures of the Orion.

Remy chastity device
Remy male chastity device. That’s
hairy me in 1995.

It fascinates me that the male chastity device industry is affected by progress the same way other, much-larger manufacturing is being forced to change. At the very beginning of the male chastity device business, most of the devices were put together using electrical and plumbing parts. The device I am modeling (image, right) was made by a guy who called himself Remy. He made it using some plastic conduit and a cable clamp. He dipped both in tooldip. It was not terrible and for the time, it did a good job.

lori chastity device
Lori’s first male chastity device. The heavy device hung from
my frenum piercing.

Another early player was a woman named Lori. Her partner manufactured devices out of stainless steel. He hammered sheets into cylinders and then formed bars, base ring, etc. She is still in business. When Remy gave up his business, she picked up his URL. Because of the relatively crude manufacturing technique, the Lori devices tend to be very heavy. Her original devices required a piercing, specifically a frenum piercing to attach the device to the penis. My problem with this was that the weight of the device painfully irritated my pierced skin. Here I am in one of her very early devices (image, left). It was way too long for me and so heavy I could wear it for less than a day before the pain was unbearable. I’m happy to say that in the years since then — over 20 years ago — her manufacturing has improved dramatically and she has many happy customers.

1 inch-long Jail Bird Male Chastity Device
This is my Mature Metal Jail Bird.

When Mature Metal started up their business, they used much more sophisticated techniques to forge stainless steel devices. Their Jail Bird is one of the most popular custom-made devices on the market today. That’s the one I wore for over three years (image, right). There are lots of physical limitations involved in manufacturing a device designed to fit over a penis. Most of the people that make these devices do the best they can but can’t really create lightweight, perfect devices. The one exception is a Canadian company that uses sophisticated machine tools to produce exquisite devices made up of stainless steel, titanium, gold, and other exotic metals. Their cheapest custom-made device is more than $2500. A Jail Bird sells for about $400.

About 10 years ago 3D printing came into its own. Several companies set themselves up as public 3D printers. You could submit a digital design to them and they would print it as a full-sized three-dimensional rendering. There are almost no limitations as to shape or size. Early on one or two people manufactured and tried to sell 3D-printed chastity devices. I bought one. It was not a good fit, even though I supplied my measurements. My penis was in the wrong position to urinate without making a terrible mess. It was reasonably comfortable, but it was large and definitely not ready for prime time.

Now, there are a few people making these devices using 3D printing. Custom Chastity was the first I discovered. I ordered one of their custom devices. It’s a great design. It takes advantage of 3D printing by subtle shape adjustments that exactly match the shape of my penis. It’s pretty and weighs nearly nothing. The problem is that the manufacturer, a couple living in Australia, uses Shapeways, the largest public 3D printer, to manufacture the device. I believe they also make most of the other chastity devices that are 3D-printed. They don’t charge a lot and they do excellent work.

custom chastity male chastity device
Custom Chastity device. Great design but
ruined by rough finish.

The problem is that they use a technique called sintering to produce the devices. Sintering works by laying a thin layer of tiny plastic particles on a level table. A laser scans the shape of the device fusing the tiny particles. Think of the scan as a slice of the physical device. After it makes the scan, another layer of plastic bead is put down and the laser fuses that for the next slice. The slices are very very thin and the result is a perfect rendering of the digital design. The problem for chastity device wearers is that those tiny particles remain on the outside surface of the device. It’s like sandpaper. I found the Custom Chastity device so rough my skin was rubbed raw after wearing it for a few hours. When I asked Custom Chastity about this problem, at first they claimed no one else had trouble with the device.

Later, they admitted that this was an issue and they were trying to fix it. Shapeways offers a “premium” finish. This is an extra step after the 3D printing. They tumble the products with mildly abrasive ball bearings. This tumbling makes the surface much smoother. The Custom Chastity people claimed it didn’t work. That’s the reason I don’t recommend their device. It’s a really nice design but until they can produce it so that it doesn’t take your skin off, it isn’t worth much.

All you need to become a male chastity device manufacturer is the ability to use 3D digital design software. Of course, you also need to understand the anatomy of thepenis and have some idea about how you want to build a cage for it. One guy started a little company of his own. Apparently, he spent quite a while working out a design for a chastity device he could wear. By the time he decided to sell it, he had a really nice concept. He calls this model the Cherry Keeper. You can search here to read my review of the Cherry Keeper. I wore mine for quite a while. He designed a feature that he thought would make it more difficult for people to pull out of the cage. Pullout is the most common form of cheating for people wearing chastity devices.

cherry keeper on lion's penis side view
The Cherry Keeper cage is quite short.
It nestles between my balls, and is invisible under clothing.

His solution was something he called the “headlock”. This is a “shelf” inside the top of the cage. The idea is that when you put the cage on, you force the head of your penis past this shelf. It rides comfortably just below the head. Removing the device requires forcing the head back over the shelf. I discovered that this shelf has a much more useful purpose. It prevents the head of the penis from withdrawing away from the top of the cage. That means it helps keep the urethra flush against the top of the cage and, hopefully, centered.

To my delight, it actually works. Of course, to get the right fit you need a custom device. Fortunately, that is not an expensive proposition. He offers several off-the-shelf sizes of Cherry Keeper. Essentially you order a base ring of the correct dimension and you order the front of the cage. He has that available in several lengths and also offers several standard headlock sizes. For the complete off-the-shelf device expect to pay about $75. For a flat $75 fee, he will custom design a cage for you. He can change the sizes of the parts and also the shape of them. I had him make me a custom cage with more taper at the end of the front. The idea was this would force my urethra to stay in place.

Cherry Keeper chastity device headlock
Headlock “shelf”
holds the head
tightly to the top.

He uses Shapeways to make the devices. In fact, you order the devices directly from Shapeways. If you order his standard device, which is available dyed in lots of colors, you will get the sandpaper-like finish that I hate. However, if you order it in white (natural), and ask for the premium finish which costs a little more, the product comes to you much smoother and very nice to wear. Including the design fee and the premium finish, it cost me about $150 for this custom device. Not bad!

Aesthetically the Cherry Keeper is a bit clunky. However, it works and it works well. I spent a lot of time locked into mine. Mrs. Lion hated getting me into it. She had to lube the head of my penis and work hard to push it past the headlock. After a while, she got good at doing it but was never very happy with the trouble it takes to put on. I had very little trouble peeing. It wasn’t foolproof. About 1/4 of the time my urethra had wandered enough to the left or right to make a messy spray. In comparison, my Jail Bird was off-center at least 75% of the time.

orion side view
Evotion Orion

I am currently wearing the Evotion Orion.(image, right) This is a new device, for me at least, that is also 3D-printed. It is expensive. The custom version is a little over $300. It’s about the same price as a Jail Bird. I don’t want to spoil the full review which is coming soon, so I won’t go into too much detail. This device is significantly different than any other I’ve worn. Evotion got in business to build devices for men with piercings. That may have something to do with their design philosophy. In any case, this is a three-piece device that requires two internal locks. Measuring for it is completely different than for any other device I’ve ever worn. I’ll go into detail in my review.

Evotion hand finishes these devices by painting them. They don’t talk about the sort of paint they use, but it feels like a high-quality automotive-grade finish. In any case, it does a good job of sealing up the rough 3D printed exterior. The result is a completely smooth, somewhat grippy device. As you might guess, I like wearing it.

By the way, Shapeways offers printing in metal. They can print in stainless steel, gold, silver, and other metals. The printing process is exactly the same as it is for the nylon (plastic) devices. The laser just has to work at a higher temperature. A powder of the metal is deposited on the baseplate and the laser fuses the powder where the device will be. Obviously, the resulting product is considerably heavier. The cost is very very high.

Male chastity devices have certainly evolved. They’ve evolved in construction with more advanced technology allowing imaginative designs that fit better and feel better to wear. Most device manufacturers forgo high security in favor of building comfortable devices that can be permanently worn. I’m very sure that the majority of guys buying chastity devices will move to the machine printed versions. They’re just too good to resist. My beloved Jail Bird feels heavy and a little uncomfortable when I compare it to my Evotion Orion.

As it was said in the movie “Goodbye Columbus”, “Plastic is the future, young man.” It sure is especially with devices you wear between your legs.