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Male Chastity Has Nothing To Do With The Hardware

Most people involved with male chastity think of it primarily in terms of locking a chastity device on a man’s penis. They think of orgasm control/denial as a BDSM activity. I don’t think male chastity, even enforced male chastity, is

Fake Kink

Monday saw our deck finished. It was truly amazing to finally be able to get outdoors. We had planned to celebrate the deck’s grand opening by grilling burgers. Mrs. Lion asked the carpenters if they could carry our gas barbecue

Review: Heart-On Full Coverage Chastity Device

There are very few surprises left in the male chastity device world. I have to admit the Heart-On is new one to me. As you can see in the picture (Right), it’s a chastity device that covers the full set


Lion has a theory that the sores on my weenie were caused by the cage. He thinks he may be getting pinched or nicked when it goes on or off. I’m trying to remember if he had sores when we