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Your Chastity Device Base Ring

Very often, people new to enforced male chastity struggle with sizing the so-called base ring. This is the large ring through which you thread your cock and balls (works best when you put your balls one at a time through

Weebles Wobble

As advertised, I locked Lion into the Jail Bird last night. He seemed surprised. Hadn’t I said in my post that the best Christmas present would be locking him in the Jail Bird? I even said I wondered how long

With This Ring

I intended to give Lion an oral ruined orgasm last night. I figured it would be difficult to know precisely when to stop given that I couldn’t see his face. In the end, what stopped the idea was that my

My Take

I guess it’s my turn to review the locking cock ring. Lion has been wearing it for a little over a day. He says it feels comfortable and it makes him feel like he belongs to me. So what’s my