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I’m Not Telling

Mrs. Lion is visiting with her kids. They are spread out a bit on the East Coast, so yesterday she had a very long drive to see her oldest. She spent the night there and then drives all the way


Mrs. Lion is with her kids now. Her daughter is graduating high school and she will be there to cheer for her. I was put in the Jail Bird Saturday night after getting a handjob. Mrs. Lion locked the device

Problem Solved! (So Far)

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I’ve been looking for plastic seals to replace the security screw on the Jail Bird and the padlock on my plastic cage. The Jail Bird is the most challenging. The threaded hole

Caveat Emptor

Some people buy inexpensive (Chinese) male chastity devices and then modify them to overcome issues in the original product. This can be an entertaining hobby and a potential way to save money. There are, however, serious limitations in this approach.