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Review: Cherry Keeper: Custom Cage I

The custom Cherry Keeper chastity device arrived. At first glance, Mrs. Lion thought it was smaller than the stock, short cage. Actually, it’s narrower but longer. It also has a much wider “headlock”. The actual dimensions of this cage corresponds

Cherry Keeper Update

Yesterday was my first day returning to work. Fortunately, I can work from home. My custom Cherry Keeper is due here on Saturday. I’ll be interested to see if the custom design is a better fit than the stock cage.

My Custom Cherry Keeper Chastity Device Is In Production

Josie Lynn, inventor of the Cherry Keeper chastity device completed my custom design. I ordered one made for me by Shapeways and it should be in my hands by the 15th of this month. I’m excited. Over the years, there

Sore Buns And A Custom Lion Cage

Thursday is one of our punishment days. Mrs. Lion rarely uses them by reserving punishments until Monday, Thursday, or Saturday. Nowadays she’s much more likely to punish the same day I break a rule. Thursday night I was spanked for