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Male Chastity Evolution

Blogs like ours often provide the first information people interested in enforced chastity discover. I can’t help but notice that my take on this is very different than it was five years ago. I wonder if the change is me

Ninja Nub

Lion wanted to try the smaller ring with the Nub. I agreed. We were watching a TV show that he’d lost interest in and I was trying to understand while looking online for info. I swear no more than a

Further Nubby Thoughts

While my short test of the Nub isn’t going to yield much detailed information, I am very impressed by how comfortable it is to wear. It’s feather-light and doesn’t put pressure on any part of me. Since the tube isolates

HT Nub: First Look At a Plastic,1-Inch Chastity Device

Holy Trainer has been making plastic chastity devices for several years. Their devices have evolved to include shorter and shorter cages. Most recently, they launched their V3 Nub. This device features a one-inch-long penis tube. I’ve read a review or