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My Real Need

I’m far from the first guy to point out the ironies in male chastity. We find it sexually arousing to wear a device that prevents sexual arousal. I wear a device locked on my penis that prevents me from achieving

Abbot and Costello

Why don’t I feel like I’m in charge sometimes? Consider this morning. The dog woke me up from a sound sleep at 7-something. Of course I’m the one she wakes up. I’m the one who wakes up. I manage to

Nice End to 2017

We started off the morning with a blueberry walnut pancake and bacon breakfast. Then we watched our football team with the horrible record actually win the last regular season game. That’s huge! And it made us both very happy. Today

No Billboard

Lion said he was horny yesterday. When we finally got to snuggling I couldn’t get him excited. He asked if we could try again later. I’ve taken this to be code for “not tonight dear”. Sometimes he feels he’s let