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Happy Four Days Together

I’m leaving work today at noonish so I can take Lion to a doctor appointment and then we’ll have a four day weekend. In his email this morning, Lion said he thinks he needs to be spanked. He hasn’t done

Snuggling Sweet Spot

I didn’t think Lion would be particularly horny last night since he had an orgasm Sunday night. However, I didn’t think he’d snooze most of the evening away. Normally when he snoozes, he seems almost belligerent when I don’t want

I Dropped the Balls, So to Speak

Yesterday, Lion wrote that he hasn’t been thinking about sex much since he’s been dealing with getting better from one surgery while getting ready for the next. I thought that meant he wasn’t interested in sex. Wrong! When I moved

My Real Need

I’m far from the first guy to point out the ironies in male chastity. We find it sexually arousing to wear a device that prevents sexual arousal. I wear a device locked on my penis that prevents me from achieving