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Diapers Everywhere

When I told Lion he had a little more than an hour of freedom left he wasn’t too happy. Two big boxes of diapers arrived and are staring him down. What can I say? He probably shouldn’t have asked me

Diapers Are Coming

I think it’s funny that Lion doesn’t like much of what we do while we’re doing it but he would be miserable if we didn’t do it. In the past he’s told me we can stop playing. He insists it’s

Because I Was Curious

Apparently, my vacation from diaper play is about to end. In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion referred to a recent diaper acquisition I made. Actually, the diapers were offered to me for free. I asked Mrs. Lion if she had

Diaper Duty

Last week Lion found a good deal on diapers. He ordered them and they will be arriving on Friday – just in time for the weekend. Lucky Lion! Now he keeps reminding me of all the diapers we have around