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My Disciplining Wife

I was looking at Julie’s post, a random photo selection on her blog, Strict Julie Spanks. At the top of the post there’s  a picture of a man standing in a corner, hands above his head, with a very red

Double Punishment

Lion got his butt whomped twice yesterday. It’s funny, I don’t even remember what I punished him for the first time. It was probably spilling food. But the second time was for forgetting to thank me for punishing him. [Lion


Being the helpful soul I am, I’ve been offering suggestions on making spanking more effective. As the recipient of many punishments, I’ve become something of an expert at receiving. Mrs. Lion has become more and more effective. It turns out

Making The Pain Last

I’m writing today’s post early. Sunday night’s  we got to play. I wasn’t sure we would get to do anything on this trip. The high altitude (just under 3,000 feet) reduces the amount of pollen in the air. That raises