Category: Discipline

Controlled Pleasure

I’ve been thinking a lot about what lies at the bottom of enforced male chastity and orgasm control. This also extends to female led relationships as well. I think the actual basis of all this is controlling male pleasure. It’s

Not Jealous

It’s a good thing I’m not really a jealous person. Lion asked me to use the Magic Wand last night. I’m sure it wasn’t because I couldn’t get him hard. I would have eventually. Uncharacteristically, he asked me to stop

A Pinch to Grow an Inch

Last night Lion pointed out that Monday is punishment night. It’s also his birthday. Hmmm. That hardly seems fair. The only swats he should get are birthday swats. So, on the fly, I instituted a new rule: if punishment night

Pegging Resumes

Lion’s shoulder was still hurting last night. He growled a little when I told him to roll over for his punishment. I’d already delayed spanking him one day and he has PT again today so it’s likely he’ll be sore