Category: Punishment

In Sickness And …

Life is getting back to normal. I’m back to work and while my energy is still lower than usual, I can feel myself gaining speed. Mrs. Lion is similarly recovering and I expect things to get back to normal in

A Lasting Impression

As Mrs. Lion wrote, our weekend was interrupted by 13 hours of power outage. It’s been a while since we had an electrical interruption. Since our house is 100% electric, losing power is a big deal. We have a generator

A New Lesson Learned

Thursday night’s spanking marks a significant change in our marriage. Yes, for well over two years, Mrs. Lion has spanked me for punishment. The punishments were almost exclusively for behavioral rules she made for me. Rules like not spilling food

It Ends Now!

Last week Lion had enough of my iPad use. It probably was too much. At the time I didn’t counter with his TV use. If he’s awake, the TV is on. Sometimes when he’s asleep the TV is on. But