Category: Corner Time

The List Could Go On and On

We wound up not going to see Star Wars this morning. After hearing about the throngs of people who’ve been mobbing theaters for the past few days, we decided we didn’t really want to get up early on a Saturday

Please Ma’am, May I Have Some More?

Lion always seems to want more. He can’t help it. He gets excited. He wants harder spankings. He wants harder pegging. At least he does until those things are imminent. Then he’s not so sure. And during, he wonders what

Have a Seat

Lion spilled food on his shirt on Friday night. It was late and we were heading to bed when I saw it. I wasn’t going to spank him then. He had plenty of opportunities to amass more infractions yesterday although

Welcome to Your Sore Buns, Lion

I’m waiting for yet another repair/delivery person. I haven’t been sitting around twiddling my thumbs though. I’ve been marking and cutting the welcome mat for the punishment stool. We were wondering what we’d need to get through the rubber and