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My Disciplining Wife

I was looking at Julie’s post, a random photo selection on her blog, Strict Julie Spanks. At the top of the post there’s  a picture of a man standing in a corner, hands above his head, with a very red

Still Allergic

Lion thinks he’s broken again. He was horny yesterday. And then he wasn’t. He’s still all stuffy and coughing from this latest round of allergies. It’s no wonder he can’t respond to me. I don’t see it as a big

Punishment Delayed

I am happy to report that Lion is horny this morning. The past few nights he’s been hit hard by allergies. He was horny the other night and I gave him an orgasm with the Magic Wand, but it’s been


Lion surprised me last night by being horny. He usually isn’t the day after an orgasm. He may be entering another hyper-horny phase. I didn’t blindfold him but I did use the Magic Wand on him. It still amazes me