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Swinging For The Bleachers

In times gone by, women had large, sturdy hairbrushes. These tools were perfect for grooming and frequently served double duty as educational aids. Generally with an oval head and a long handle, these brushes were perfect for spanking. They were

It Ends Now!

Last week Lion had enough of my iPad use. It probably was too much. At the time I didn’t counter with his TV use. If he’s awake, the TV is on. Sometimes when he’s asleep the TV is on. But

Have Trouble Sitting?

I think the proliferation of blogs featuring women in sexually controlling roles signals a much larger change. This has been slow in coming, but now it feels like it is becoming more generally acceptable. Male chastity remains a rather small

Mild Punishment

I thought about spanking Lion last night before I took my shower but I decided I always do it afterwards. Then I forgot. It wasn’t until I was edging him that I remembered his punishment. Obviously I couldn’t do it