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Ohhh…. So Close

Lion made it to Saturday night before he spilled food on his shirt. It wasn’t intentional. Once he started he didn’t stop. Actually it was only two spills. I guess he got it out of his system because he was

Thursday Is Punishment Day

(Thursday afternoon) For the first time since we started this blog, I’m at a loss for a topic for this post. The reason is that the two of us haven’t done or discussed anything sexual since my orgasm on Tuesday night.

Travel Discipline

Mrs. Lion and I exchanged text messages. She had written a post commenting on my likelihood of getting carried away and disregarding what she was saying. She figures that while on my turf here, I would want to run the

Mmmmmmm Bacon

The dog woke me up a few times this morning to go out. At one point Lion was awake when I came back to bed. He said he was dreaming about bacon and it made him try to get hard.