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Wookies on Parade

We got tickets to see the new Star Wars movie. Lion has only seen the first Star Wars movie and I’ve seen the first three. We’re not really Star Wars fans but we have tickets. I warned Lion that there

Forgotten Punishment Night

Lion realized last night that he’d forgotten to remind me Thursday was punishment night. I’d forgotten too. We’d been so busy cooking and cleaning it had completely slipped our minds. I said I wondered if maybe cooking such a wonderful

Don’t Overthink It

Last night I went in search of ideas for a post. As I said, I’m the play-by-play reporter. When we don’t play, there’s little to report. So I did a search for female led relationship images. I thought a picture

The Angry Lioness

One of my fantasies about how our power exchange would work out was that Mrs. Lion would punish me when I made her angry. No, I didn’t expect her to do it while she was massively pissed off. I expected