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So far, this Friday the 13th  is lucky for us. The junk removal people are here removing our junk. Actually, most of it is good stuff. There’s just too much of it. We’re trying to take as little as humanly

One of the most interesting byproducts of our six years of blogging is our ability to go back and see how we evolved. Mrs. Lion commented that I’ve been reminiscing lately. It’s true, I have. I’m amazed at how many

It’s been a busy weekend. Well, very busy for Mrs. Lion; not so busy for me. I feel terrible that she is stuck with the work preparing for move. Between physical restrictions from my eye surgery and my reduced ability

While I was writing my post yesterday, I was dealing with stomach pain. I thought maybe it was heartburn. I deal with pain on a daily basis, but it’s normally low-grade with some flares. This pain was second only to