Category: edging

Flash Flood

Lion snoozed a lot yesterday into last night. This morning we both slept late so I’m hoping his falling asleep at random times is behind him. We did play, somewhat late, but I guess his power naps helped in that

Playoff Game

Lion has his shock collar charging so we can play our football game today. I’m not sure which game we’ll watch. He really hates the Eagles so I’m sure he’d like to root for the Saints. We both really hate

Red Buns and Waxed Nuts

I waxed the front half of Lion yesterday. Parts of him were very furry. All in all, though, it went surprisingly quickly. There were only a few spots where the hair hung on for dear life. Eventually I won. I

Not Broken, Dammit!

I have to say, it really bugs me when Lion says he’s broken. I don’t think it normally does, but I just wrote in a post the other day that he’s not broken. Any recent issues are most likely because