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Two days after his orgasm and Lion was horny. I was surprised. It’s been taking him a while lately to get back into the mood. Two days is more like it was some months ago. Maybe we’re heading in the right direction. On the other hand, maybe he was horny because I swatted his buns as soon as I got home.

Yesterday he asked if I could do the punishment early. He didn’t know I’d already decided to do it super early. I wasn’t going to wait until after dinner. I wanted to do it before I got all snuggled in and comfortable. Some evenings I’m cold so I crawl into bed to get warm before I crawl back out to make dinner. None of that when I owe him a punishment. I want to get it out of the way early so I don’t forget and so I don’t have to worry about Lion snoozing.

new crop on lion's butt
This is my new crop on Lion’s butt. When he spreads wide, I can reach everything.(See image below, left)

When I grabbed the lightweight wooden spoon my hands were freezing. I warmed them a little bit on Lion’s buns before I started. I figured it was a good way to survey the area before I started whacking it. The wooden spoon might be the correct size to get into his crack but it is not heavy enough to do much damage. I’m not saying he didn’t feel it. I got him pretty rosy both inside and out. He’s asked if I want to try a different implement tonight. That’s a sure sign I didn’t do much damage last night.

Lion's tender little anus
Lion spreading himself wide for my crop. His tender anus will feel its sting.

I know Lion wants to give me practice. I also know he likes to be spanked. It may seem like he’s sacrificing his butt for my “craft” but, don’t you worry, he’s getting something out of it too. The trick is to make it less enjoyable for him. He shouldn’t ever equate maintenance or practice swats with pleasure.

Tonight I’ll give a crop a try. It can be eviler than a paddle. I think the head is small enough to get into Lion’s nooks and crannies. Plus it does a good job across his whole butt. Poor Lion.

Because he expressed interest in a good time last night, I gave him some oral attention. He was in heaven. I don’t know how close I got him but he was very unhappy when I stopped. And then he was in heaven when I started again. I started to say I gave him the better part of a blow job, but it’s the end that’s the better part. I guess it depends on your perspective. Lion loves the lead-up. I assume he likes the happy ending best but I may be wrong.

I just like to play with my food. I like the little noises he makes. I like it when he moves around and bucks trying to get me to move in a certain way. I like doing something that’s getting his motor running and then abruptly stopping so he feels just the slightest bit let down before I go back to it again. Yup. Playing with my food.

I was an hour late as well but it doesn’t matter when I remember. The key is that Lion didn’t. He forgot Saturday punishment day again. I was in the beginning stages of jerking him off when I realized he was in trouble. It was too late to switch gears and give him his swats if I still wanted to play with him. And I’m sure if I had taken an impromptu poll of the situation, Lion would have been all for continuing on our current heading. Today is soon enough for a punishment spanking.

So I continued on with Lion’s handjob. I made sure I gave ample attention to his balls. I massaged them. I tickled them. I squeezed them. I hope they had fun. Of course, the main event continued. I changed hands a few times as my arms got tired. The last grip I had on him freed up my hand closest to his balls so I could work on them at the same time.

Lion made it to the edge at least twice before I kept going to another orgasm. He was surprised. Good! He should be. Sometimes I telegraph when I’ll give him an orgasm. He might have expected one on Friday since it was Valentine’s Day but it never even crossed my mind. [Lion — mine either.] Maybe I’m slipping. I was in a weird mood then. Not really a bad mood. Definitely not a good mood. Just weird. I have no idea how many days he waited this time but I’d guess it was less than his most recent seven-day wait.

How long will I make him wait next time? That’s a surprise. Lion fluctuates between wanting to know and not wanting to know when his next orgasm will be. If he can’t decide, I’ll decide for him. He won’t know. I want him to think every time might be the time. I think it’s more fun that way. I like watching his face when he’s getting close and he seems sure he’ll make it all the way only for me to stop. Oh. Too bad.

Tonight, whatever else happens, Lion’s butt will be red and sore. If I do it right he’ll feel it tomorrow as well. If I don’t, well, he’ll give me more opportunities to practice.

I didn’t swat Lion last night. There’s no real need to do it other than keeping us both in practice. I did, however, make sure to unlock him for some fun. His arm still hurt so I wasn’t sure how far we’d get. It’s a good thing I’m persistent.

Lion has finally figured out how to use the adjustable bed to his advantage. I’m not sure if it’s this newfound skill or his arm hurting that makes him harder to reach when I’m trying to jerk him off. I’m leaning toward it being his arm. Previously he has moved over closer to me but the past few nights he’s been further away. But, As I said, I’m persistent.

My foot fell asleep in the process but I got Lion hard and kept right on going. I edged him again and again and again. Just when I thought he was sure he’d get to come, I stopped. I gave him a moment and started up again. I think this is the closest I’ve ever gotten him over and over again without letting him come. And then I let him go just past the point of no return before I stopped. Don’t worry. I didn’t give him a ruined orgasm. I knew exactly what I was doing. I started in again so he could have an orgasm.

We haven’t really been playing because neither of us has been feeling all that well and Lion has been tired. The other night when I said I’d just snuggle in and do drive by’s on my weenie he sighed and said, “It’s okay. It’s only been six days.” Poor Lion. Poor horny Lion.

I wasn’t even going to continue last night because his sore spot is still there. I’m not sure if it went away and the cage exacerbated it again. I think it probably never went away. In either case, I left the cage off so it could heal. It clearly didn’t get in the way of an orgasm. It’s amazing the pain he can suffer through. (I’m kidding)

I felt better last night than the night before. Still not great but able to play with Lion. He was under the covers and snoozing but I convinced him to come out to be unlocked. He was hard as soon as the cage was off. When I commented on it he said it’s been a long time. He meant since his last orgasm. I thought he meant since he’d been unlocked which was only one extra day.

I don’t know how excited he was to have clothespins on his balls but too bad. He was even less excited to have clothespins on his boobies. Sometimes I pinch his nipples as payback for all the nipples he’s pinched over the years – including mine once. Having plain clothespins on his boobies is not too bad. I don’t think they hurt as much as my pinching. [Lion — No they don’t]

There are certain spots that hurt more than others on his balls. I didn’t go for a record number of clothespins but I got quite a few on him. They move around when I jerk him off. They hit each other and I’m sure the skin gets pinched in between. And maybe the spot an individual clothespin is on might not hurt but when it’s hitting into another and being bounced around it starts to hurt. Of course, the clothespins can hurt more coming off than going on. Sometimes I do it easy so it won’t hurt as much. Other times I yank them off. It’s supposed to hurt, right?

Once I got them all off I really started jerking him off. It still took a while to get him anywhere near the edge. I thought we lost it a few times but he soldiered on. I stopped when he wasn’t too near the edge and started right up again. I stopped again when he was very close to the edge. I’m not sure if I did it again or if I just went for the orgasm.

Seventeen days is a long time for Lion to wait. I usually don’t make him wait for more than ten. However, he was already in a wait when the new chastity device arrived. We decided he should be locked up full time and he said he really didn’t want an orgasm yet. I have no idea how long he’s been in the new cage but it’s been at least a week. High time for an orgasm!

After we were done I was off to do the dog’s medicine and ice cream. I completely forgot to have Lion put the base ring back on. I saw it when I went to do his eye drops. I decided he could be wild until tonight. He’s not going to play with himself if he just had an orgasm last night. And I didn’t want to mess with it just before bed. I don’t think he’ll be looking for attention tonight but I’ll make sure he’s locked away safely and securely.