Category: edging

Honing My Craft

I have a very horny Lion. I’ve gotten quite good at edging him and leaving him wanting more. Ironically, it was his own doing. He suggested having more ruined orgasms and fewer regular orgasms. I was sure how I felt

Getting Me Impossibly Close Again And Again

Ever since I wrote about adding broken (ruined) orgasms to our lives, there’s been a change in Mrs. Lion’s sexual play. I’m not sure she planned it, but the change is very noticeable to me. Since my broken orgasm last

Just Frustrated

My knee is feeling a lot better. It followed the same recovery period as my neck, which makes sense given it was also a garbage injury. Tonight we’re going to see “Bohemian Rhapsody”. For real, this time. I will drag

Lion Roulette

It was bound to happen sometime. Lion chose the tiny clothespins from the Box O’Fun. I laughed at him. He didn’t think it was so funny. I know those little bastards hurt. I also know, deep down, he likes to