Lion gave an unexpected response when he chose “coconut oil handjob” from the Box O’Fun. He didn’t want to do it.


The horny boy who loves coconut oil hand jobs didn’t want a coconut oil hand job. So I allowed him to choose again. There’s no sense making him do something he doesn’t want to do, especially if it’s a nice thing. His second choice was tiny clothespins.

Oops. Is it too late for a coconut oil hand job?

The last time I used the tiny clothespins on him, I didn’t put them around the head of his penis. I put them on his scrotum. I don’t know why. Part of me probably wanted to give him a break. Another part of me probably wanted to see how much they’d hurt somewhere else. This time around, I put them on the head. I think the record was three at once. I started with two. I’d grabbed five out of the bag. One was pink and the rest were blue. Sometimes I tease him that a girly pink clothespin is causing the powerful Lion so much pain. Last night was the manly, blue clothespins’ turn.

Once I had two on him, I decided he could manage more. I wasn’t going to do all five, but maybe he could handle four. I spaced them all out. Now the record is four tiny, nasty clothespins on the head of his penis. I’m sure Lion thinks the best part of enduring them is that he’s done with tiny clothespins for now. In a few nights, he’s gone through Icy Hot and tiny clothespins. The rest of the way through the Box O’Fun should be easy.

When I was done with the clothespins, I had Lion lay across the bed again. He was pretty horny and I wanted to take advantage of that. I teased him with my tongue and then edged him. I got it in my head that I should keep him on the edge as much as possible. I didn’t want to give him a chance to get soft at all. Unfortunately, this never works out well. I tell myself to be careful. I tell myself that the next time might be too far. I don’t listen.

It’s probably silly to say that we don’t know if it was a ruined orgasm. It seemed like one at first. Then Lion said he didn’t think it was. And then he said he did think it was. [Lion — I’m sure it was. I dripped for ages afterward.] I guess the only way to know for sure is if he isn’t interested tonight. I wish there was a way to stop him in his tracks when I’m stupid and go too far. Maybe I can pinch him somewhere, or slap him. The sudden pain might snap him out of it. Somehow I doubt it. One the mechanism has started, there’s probably no way to stop it.

So, here we are, the beginning of a three day weekend and Lion might not be horny for it. It’s all my fault. If it was a ruined orgasm, I’m hoping we can salvage things by Sunday or Monday.

Lion's box of penalties
Lion’s Box O’Fun.

One of Lion’s favorite things was mixed with one of his least favorites last night. He picked the blindfold card from the Box O’Fun, which requires another choice to go with it. His second choice was Icy Hot.

Oooooh! Too bad.

The thing we discovered last time he chose the blindfold was that he shouldn’t know what the second card is. Duh! It basically nullifies the blindfold. The problem with Icy Hot is that it stinks. I figured he’d know the second I took the cap off. I overlooked the fact that I don’t apply anything else to his balls or perineum so he knew from feeling it long before the smell or burning took place. Oh well. Maybe next time the blindfold is chosen it won’t be so obvious right away. [Lion — It wasn’t obvious immediately. When I felt the cold on my perineum, I guessed what was coming.]

I didn’t put as much on as I did last time because I knew I wanted to give him oral again and I didn’t want Icy Hot all over his balls and then all over my face. I also set a five-minute timer. He’d have to deal with the burning until the timer went off. No running to wash it off right away. I don’t think he had any trouble with it. It burned but nothing he couldn’t stand. [Lion — It wasn’t too bad this time.]

Despite Lion’s objections, my weenie was happy about the Icy Hot. I went to wash my hands, came back and he was standing at attention. I guess Lion was a horny boy. And that trend continued into his blow job. I edged him three times. Three times I got him very, very, very close to the edge. Very close. If I had gone one more stroke I think it would have been too much. He’ll be that much hornier tonight.

As usual, I have no idea how long it’s been since his last orgasm. All I know is that last night wasn’t time. And tonight might not be it either. Always keep him guessing. [Lion — Last night it was 5 days.]

Lion’s choice from the Box O’Fun was actually a card for Lioness choice. That means I can do anything I want to him. I could decide to do something on a card or I could make something else up. I’m sure Lion thought I’d head straight for the Velcro or tiny clothespins. Nope. We did Velcro recently, and there are plenty of opportunities in the box for clothespins of all sorts. I did something nice for him.

I grabbed the rope and tied his balls up. I didn’t get him hard first. I probably should have. I wasn’t really thinking about it. Since he likes being tied up, I figured my weenie would get in on the action in no time. It took a little bit of persuasion, but he got on board.

I had him lay across the bed for oral again. Once we figured out how to give me more room, that’s been my go-to position. I’ve always liked giving him oral sex and, now that I’m not hanging off the bed and uncomfortable, I can do it more often.

Ordinarily when I have him tied up, I pull on his balls to make things a little tighter. Last night I decided to tickled his tied up balls. I think he liked it. I got him pretty close. And with very little time in between tries, I got him closer and closer. And then he was done. Just done. That happens sometimes. We can be going gangbusters and then we’re done.

It’s not a problem. We both had fun and that’s all that matters. I wasn’t going for another orgasm so close to the last one. I could have, but why push it? It’s fun to play with my food. Lion will make another choice from the Box O’Fun tonight and we’ll start all over again. Of course, I’m not telling him if he’ll just get to the edge or if he’ll make it all the way. That’s classified information.

Yesterday, Lion asked me if he would be choosing from the Box O’Fun. He was horny and needed some action. I should point out that when I reloaded the Box O’Fun the other day, I put in some new cards. Lioness choice means I get to choose what to do to him. Maybe it will be ball bondage. Maybe it will be Velcro. It’s up to me. There’s also a Freebie card. This one is just for sex. He doesn’t have to endure any pain. He just goes right to the good stuff. Of course, there is a card for coconut oil hand job which is the good stuff anyway. And Lion is still holding a do over card. I think he’s a pretty lucky guy.

Lion chose plastic clothespins last night. These are more aggressive than their wooden counterparts, however, I only have seven or eight in my bag of tricks near the bed. There are more somewhere, but so far seven or eight seems like a good number. I think there are five pink ones and the rest are white or green. I used the five pink ones in a stripe on his scrotum and perineum, making sure to hit the (at least) two ouchiest spots. There’s just something about using pink clothespins on a man with a full erection. The juxtaposition of masculinity and “frilly” pink is fun. (Click here to see)

I jerked him off for a while and yanked on the clothespins. Putting them on and taking them off hurt, but so does flicking them or pulling on them, especially the ones on the special spots. He asked me to take a picture of them. I guess he wants to show off his pain and suffering. Poor guy.

When I was tired of the clothespins, I pulled them off by stretching it out and releasing. Ouch! He winced every time. And then I told him to lay across the bed. You can tell how horny he is by how fast he gets in position for oral sex.

I try to vary things from one blow job to the next. I don’t want Lion to get bored. Heck, I don’t even know if he notices. He’s just focused on being sucked. Anyway, I decided to suck him at the speed he normally bucks into my hand. I usually go a little faster. I also vary how much suction I use. Last night was full speed vacuum. Obviously, Lion was a happy boy.

He wasn’t making much noise but I knew I was getting him close. I half-expected him to start humping in rhythm with me. I guess he didn’t need to. I got him so close, so many times I don’t know how he survived it. I did get some pre cum a few times. And then I left him hanging. Oh, I’m so mean. I just stopped and sat up. End of story.

Sometimes I think Lion is as spent when I edge him as he is when I actually let him come. He’s definitely more frustrated. I haven’t heard the Lion weather report today, but I’m sure it’s tropical. [Lion — Yup, been horny all day.] He wants another shot at that orgasm he missed out on last night. Maybe tonight, my pet. Maybe not.