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He Never Knows

I “cured” Lion last night. I got him to the edge. Again and again. He was so close he was almost sweating. I don’t know if he thought he was going to have an orgasm or not. I’ve tried to

Stuck Lion

We tried the weird Flesh Light last night. I still say it’s weird but Lion is in love. I told him he has a new girlfriend. She might need more lube but she’ll never get tired. I was debating whether

Bell Curve

Lion was looking forward to being less needy. He didn’t want to bother me for help to the bathroom or getting medication or getting food. I never saw it as a problem, except for when he’d ask for something and

Two Intense Flavors Of Edging

Saturday night I asked Mrs. Lion if we could snuggle. She agreed and after we snuggled a while her hands found their way between my legs. Without too much effort on her part, I was fully erect. It feels so