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Heading in the Right Direction

I’m still really tired today but I got a lot done yesterday. The thing that I thought would be the worst chore turned out to be nothing. And the chore that I didn’t even realize I had to do turned

Late to Bed; Early to Rise

I’m up early, yet again, because of the dog. She needed to go out and there was an Amazon Fresh order waiting for me at the door. Lion was still sleeping and I expected him to stay asleep for at

Dusty Paddles And A Jar Of Soap Scraps

As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday, I had a ruined orgasm on Saturday night. It was a bit of a surprise for both of us. It felt quite good even though I didn’t get the entire orgasm experience. I’m glad Mrs.

“You Know That You Love To Be Teased”

Friday night Mrs. Lion was feeling better and we had a really nice teasing session. She began orally and worked very hard to get me off. After a while she tired and moved over next to me and continued with