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I keep feeling like I’m getting a cold or the flu. Unfortunately, this will go on for months. I don’t tend to actually get sick, but I feel as if I’m on the verge. It’s not a fun way to live but it happens almost every winter. Last night was particularly bad. I was cold and achy and tired. I felt better after I ate but still not great. I just didn’t feel like doing anything but hunkering down under the blankets.

Poor Lion was trapped in his cage with no fun to be had. He was worried about me and the only time he grumbled was a tiny, “poor Lion” near bedtime. He was kidding, of course. Being locked up for one day is not a big deal. He knows I won’t let him languish in the cage. At the very least, my weenie will come out tonight to stretch his legs, so to speak.

Lion asked me if his being hairless meant anything to me. Honestly, the only time I notice his being hairless is when we snuggle and my nose is not tickled by chest hair. Aside from that, I only notice his hair in passing. If, for example, I’m jerking him off, I might notice a few long hairs but they don’t bother me. As a matter of fact, when I ranted about having to wax him the other day, I was envisioning tons of hair, especially on his legs. I don’t know where I thought this hair was magically going to appear because he didn’t really have much hair anywhere. I guess that shows how much I pay attention. I didn’t even notice the obvious hairs on his balls when I’ve been locking and unlocking him. Duh!

He says he’s impressed with my substantial new rule. It’s something that bothers me a lot like interrupting. It’s not a froufrou rule like eating first or spilling things on his shirt. He did comment that he must be behaving himself because he hasn’t gotten a spanking recently. I told him to wait until Thursday night when we watch “Grey’s Anatomy”. If he can’t behave himself then he’ll get himself in trouble. Of course, the rule does not apply only to “Grey’s Anatomy”. Any show we watch could have the audacity to have a soap opera component. The nerve!

When I unlock the poor Lion tonight, I think I’ll see how many clothespins I can get on my balls. It’s been a while since I loaded them up. It just feels like the right time to do it.

I noticed that people on the Internet are obsessed with the need to create labels and definitions for everything. In its earliest infancy, online newsgroups fretted for months on end to come up with a label that would describe a female dominant person. People felt that the word “Dom” referred to a male. They also rejected dominatrix in the same general sense that people lately reject the word actress. Apparently assigning gender to nouns can denote lesser or greater status. I must be missing something. Is a lioness inferior to a lion? Obviously not!

The origin of “male chastity device” comes from the hardware. Before all the emotional and sexual baggage was loaded onto it, chastity devices were nothing more than objects designed to prevent men from masturbating. I’m sure this derived from the older term “chastity belt” the origins of that are lost in the mists of time. For the record, there were no female chastity belts during the Crusades. The first known chastity devices originated in Victorian times when it was believed that mental illness and feeblemindedness in men were both attributable to male masturbation. Chastity devices were created to keep boys and men from spilling their seed.

Up until quite recently, chastity devices of the male variety, of course, had nothing to do with orgasm denial. Their application was self-imposed. Obviously, wearing a chastity device makes having an orgasm problematic. It’s certainly possible to accomplish with sufficient effort, but it is a lot of work. In all the years I’ve been reading and writing about male chastity, I’ve yet to see anyone claim its use is to prevent a male from having sex with anyone other than his keyholder.

I know that the reason I enjoy wearing a chastity device is that I like the loss of sexual control it provides. It’s a unique form of bondage that turns me on. From the very start, wearing a chastity device didn’t mean that I wouldn’t get opportunities to ejaculate. Mrs. Lion likes making me come. She has no problem unlocking me quite frequently for the express purpose of making me produce semen. I have no problem with it because my love of male chastity is based on the fact that I lose the ability to decide when I get a chance to ejaculate. I don’t interpret frequent opportunities as loss of control for my keyholder. I get to come when she decides she wants me to. The chastity device, while not strictly necessary, helps reinforce her position.

I suppose it was inevitable that men would associate being locked in a chastity device with orgasm denial. After all, one could reason that if the penis is safely locked in a flaccid state, achieving orgasm ranges from impossible to very difficult. However, there is some faulty logic at work. The assumption is that if the penis is wild the owner can have orgasms anytime he wants. If it’s locked in a chastity device only the person with the key gets to decide when or if he gets to come. I don’t think that the vast majority of people who practice male orgasm denial use chastity devices to enforce it. Mrs. Lion practices orgasm control with me and doesn’t feel any need at all to lock my penis in a chastity device to enforce her control. Over the years, I’ve known lots of people who practice orgasm denial and control. None of them used hardware to enforce it.

In fact, without ever discussing it, I think Mrs. Lion believed she was the sole source of my ejaculations for many years before we even talked about locking me into a chastity device. She was genuinely surprised when she learned that I masturbated on my own when I was horny. She thought that she was the only source of ejaculation I had. That was naïve of her, I suppose. As soon as she learned about my secret masturbation, she put an immediate end to it.

I suppose it’s necessary to start looking at terminology. Let’s start with the easiest term: orgasm denial. It’s commonly believed that this is a practice where one person by force of will or hardware, denies another sexual release. Does that mean someone being denied orgasms can never have one?

In the dubious tradition of Internet terminology creation, let me suggest that there are really two different terms needed to cover what is now “orgasm denial”. I would suggest that if you practice orgasm denial, it means that while you are practicing it one person is denied having any orgasms. If Mrs. Lion practices orgasm denial with me, it means that I never have an opportunity to ejaculate so long as she is practicing it. The second term is “orgasm control”. Mrs. Lion practices orgasm control with me. That means I don’t get to decide when I am permitted to ejaculate. She and she alone determines when I can do that.

I think these two terms are unambiguous and mutually exclusive. Both apply equally well to men who are wearing or not wearing chastity devices. I would suggest that the term “male chastity” be retired. It doesn’t have a clear meaning. Instead, I suggest that we refer to the actual use of a device. For example, I may be locked in a chastity device and Mrs. Lion is practicing orgasm control with me. It’s a little more verbose, but it does correctly describe what we are doing.

I think Tom Allen’s hard work trying to develop a two-dimensional matrix supporting physically locking a penis in a chastity device on one axis and frequency of ejaculation on another, offers some insight as to the “chastity orthodoxy” of any given male. I don’t think it helps resolve any sort of thought about hardware/orgasm control spectrum definitions. Based on my own experience, a chastity device is something I like to wear. It’s completely unnecessary to support Mrs. Lion’s control of my sexuality. I’m trained to only let her bring me to orgasm and ejaculation. It’s not something I can do for myself anymore.

I know that there are men who stay locked in a chastity device full-time. Their keyholders allow them to get themselves off now and then without removing the device. It makes ejaculation a physical challenge as well as a treat.

There’s a third dimension when considering orgasm control and male chastity devices. Some keyholders use orgasm control, enforced by the chastity device as a form of discipline. Orgasms are withheld as a way of correcting behaviors. Chastity fantasies abound with this scenario. I’m not aware of any couples who practice this, but I am sure they are out there. Mrs. Lion has always kept sex separate from discipline. If I need correcting, she will spank me or impose some other non-sexual punishment. On occasions when I have been spanked, it isn’t uncommon for her to give me an orgasm as well in the same evening. The orgasm has nothing to do with my offense or punishment. It’s just a coincidence they occurred on the same night.

The reason I think we should consider disciplinary chastity (How do you like that term?) separately from orgasm denial/ that the chastity device becomes an instrument of disciplinary enforcement. It’s locked on as a way to assure compliance with the sentence of abstinence. This is certainly a valid application of sexual control and wearing a chastity device. I think it’s probably the rarest use of these things.

Because wearing a chastity device also implies surrendering sexual control, we often conflate the two. It’s convenient to think this way. That doesn’t mean it’s correct. We know that every wearable chastity device can be escaped. We also know that it’s possible to ejaculate without an erection and while wearing a device. At best, the device makes cheating more inconvenient. I wear a chastity device because I like feeling that my penis is under physical control. I would never attempt to escape a device. I wouldn’t try to get myself off while wearing one. I like bondage.

Mrs. Lion used my voluntary compliance with being locked into a chastity device as a training aid to teach me never to masturbate. I am well-trained and won’t jerk off. I’m not sure if I would be 100% compliant had I not been locked in a chastity device for several years. During those years, my penis was freed only under the direct supervision of Mrs. Lion. Even then, she, and only she could get me off. She has never permitted me to jerk off even under her supervision. She is my only source of sex. We aren’t practicing orgasm denial; she gives me orgasms on a regular basis. We are practicing orgasm control. I never get to have an orgasm that she doesn’t provide. All of this is completely independent of whether or not I’m locked into a chastity device.

It seems reasonable to me that we consider replacing the term “male chastity” with three, more descriptive terms. Orgasm denial and orgasm control refer to the external imposition of sexual power. Orgasm denial means that the male being denied does not get any chance to ejaculate. Orgasm control means that the male is allowed orgasms only with express permission of his partner who is exercising the control. Chastity discipline refers to the use of a chastity device to forcibly prevent ejaculation as a way of punishing an offense.

There is generally no need to refer to some sort of state defined as a male wearing a chastity device. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It’s about as notable as creating a term to define whether or not I’m wearing a bowtie. The male chastity device is sexual hardware. It’s reasonable to talk about but doesn’t need a specific term to refer to a person who wears it.

I’m sure this will spur all sorts of debate. Terminology conversations always do. Isn’t it fun being a kinkster?

I asked for it in my post yesterday. I said that I wanted Mrs. Lion to lock me up in a male chastity device again. Later, in the evening, I mentioned it to her again. She was having a problem with feeling comfortable. She had spent the day working around the house and I think she had done a little too much. Even so, when I reminded her that she planned to lock me up, she said,

“Oh yes, I remember. Which cage do you want?

“How about the Cherry Keeper?”

frong view of cherry keeper cage on lion's penis
The headlock feature keeps the head of my penis firmly in place with my urethra nicely centered.

“Okay I’ll get it out.”

Mrs. Lion struggled a bit getting the head of my penis past the headlock in the Cherry Keeper cage. Eventually, she got it in and locked the cage shut. Once the cage was in place, I started having second thoughts. It’s not that the cage is uncomfortable. The Cherry Keeper is both very light in weight and fits perfectly. I hardly know it’s there. It’s also very good at keeping my urethra nicely centered in the opening meant for it. It’s just that I like being wild. I told that to Mrs. Lion. She smiled and said,

“I know you do.”

“Will you unlock me if I want?”

“We can discuss that in June.”

June? That’s six months away. That’s the problem with asking my lioness to do something for or to me. Once she does, it goes out of my control and usually ends up getting me into trouble. I do like being wild. But I also miss the penis bondage provided by a chastity device. I like the ability to easily use the toilet and occasionally play with it and make it hard. Obviously, I can’t do that anymore.

cherry keeper on lion's penis side view
The Cherry Keeper cage is quite short. It nestles between my balls and is invisible under clothing.

There is very little difference in my sex life whether I am caged or not. Mrs. Lion controls 100% of my sexual pleasure. I get to ejaculate when she decides it’s time. It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m wearing a chastity device. I suppose when I’m wild, there’s that tiny chance I might cheat and get myself off. Mrs. Lion and I both know that I won’t do that. I might have years ago before I got so well-trained. The simple fact is I’m thoroughly conditioned to give ownership of my sexual pleasure to my lioness.

After I started writing this post, I sent Mrs. Lion an email asking her if she was serious about six months minimum in the chastity device. She wrote back that she was kidding. She didn’t say what the joke was. Did she mean that she might unlock me sooner if I wanted? Or, did she mean that June wasn’t when we could discuss it? She might not have any intention of discussing it or unlocking me. It could be that my wild lion days are over.

When we began enforced male chastity, the rule was that I stay locked in a chastity device except when she wanted to tease me or when I had some good reason to be wild, such as a doctor’s appointment when I would have to remove my pants, or business trip. In other words, my usual state was to be locked into a chastity device.

After about three years of this, I needed surgery which required me to be wild not only for the operation but for my recovery as well. It was for a torn rotator cuff. The recuperation lasted three months. I ended up being wild considerably longer. I got used to being able to deal with my penis as I wished so long as I didn’t give myself an orgasm. I could test toys to see if they made me very aroused. I could do limited play with my penis. I suppose being wild gives me a sense of ownership of my penis.

That’s exactly how I feel when I’m allowed to be wild without Mrs. Lion being present. That feeling disappears very quickly when my penis is caged. Mrs. Lion keeps the key in a safe. It’s a real safe with a digital combination lock. I don’t know the combination. She is the only one who can free my penis. I know that it’s really not mine. It’s her weenie to do with as she wishes. That’s different than letting her control my penis’ pleasure. In the first case, she takes what she wants and it has nothing to do with me. She locks it up, she unlocks it and plays with it or does nasty things to it as she wishes. Then she puts it away in its cage until she wants to play again.

When I’m wild, I let her give me pleasure if she wishes, tease me, or do nasty CBT. There’s actually no difference in the physical activities. The difference is in my head. It’s absolutely impossible for me to claim ownership of my penis when it is in a chastity device. I can’t touch it, play with it, or do anything else with it other than urinate. And I do that through an opening in the bars. I get sexual attention at the pleasure of Mrs. Lion. I can’t fill in with any sexual pleasure of my own.

bleeding areas on lion's butt

We are both puzzled about why I would bleed during a spanking. I’ve heard from one other man who is in a domestic discipline relationship that in the beginning, he would bleed during spankings. It isn’t that Mrs. Lion is hitting so hard that the edge of the paddle would break my skin. The edges are safely rounded and the entire paddle is finished in a smooth lacquer

One theory that I have is that the skin might crack in places and allow blood to escape. The areas that bleed tend to be swollen with a leathery feel. That’s normal in a spanking. I’ve always gotten those when Mrs. Lion whomps me hard. I didn’t necessarily bleed.

It occurred to me that maybe my skin is too dry. So, I have been putting moisturizer on my behind. If my theory is correct, there should be much less bleeding. Another argument in favor of the dry skin theory is that I still bleed when Mrs. Lion puts me in panties before spanking me. The panties would definitely protect me from any sharp edges. However, there is no change in the blood appearing. It doesn’t seem to come from large areas. It seems that the cut opens here and there. Usually, by the end of the spanking, there is no trace of the bleeding continuing.

It’s obviously not dangerous since there are no open sores. The toys, as well as the underwear Mrs. Lion is now making me wear, have never been used with anyone else. When Mrs. Lion gets blood on her paddle, she cleans it thoroughly. She’s decided, and I completely agree, that the bleeding is not an issue and shouldn’t have any effect on her spanking.

I would love to know why this is happening. I’m very glad that it isn’t scaring Mrs. Lion away. For the record, her spankings are pretty severe but not so brutal that she bruises me very often. In fact, the last two spankings did not result in any bruises at all. The paddle she uses, the Hanson ferrule, stings like crazy and often hurts for a long time, but rarely leaves much in the way of bruising. Some bruising is desirable since it is what gives me painful reminders for a day or two after the punishment. Some spankers I’ve known, use a second instrument for the bruising. Mrs. Lion may have to go to that strategy.

Very few disciplined males write about their actual punishments. That’s because when you do, the people who want jerk off fodder will read the posts as BDSM porn. None of us want that. On the other hand, non-porn conversations about effective spanking would benefit those of us who have been trying to find our own way. So far, my discussions of the subject have elicited a combination of personal porn comments, which I delete, and obscene criticism claiming that Mrs. Lion is an abuser. Conspicuously absent are comments from other couples in a similar lifestyle. I’m not sure how we can promote this but I’m hoping that if you share a domestic discipline relationship, you can provide input as to how you handle punishment.

Meanwhile Mrs. Lion and I will go on doing the best we can. I’m very proud of Mrs. Lion’s ability to give me an effective punishment spanking. She can actually spank me enough that I will work very hard to avoid another spanking. That was the goal. She’s done an amazing job as my disciplinary wife. I’m eternally grateful to her.

If you are statistically minded, this is our 3,999th post. Mrs. Lion’s post later today will be number 4,000. By any count that is a lot of blog posts. Mrs. Lion and I have posted nearly every day since we started this blog. That must be a record. The first issue of the Journal published in February 2014. Mrs. Lion and I started practicing male chastity in December 2013.

spiral chastity device on penis
This device made by Lori in her early days went through my frenum piercing. (Click here to view larger)

Many years before 2013, I reviewed sex toys. I came across chastity devices and contacted the manufacturers for samples to review. At that time, I had no idea what size to request. The devices were custom-made. One device, (see image, right) worked with my frenum piercing. The device threaded through the piercing and then locked securely shut to the base ring. There is no question that it was the most secure device I ever tried. It was also the most uncomfortable and clearly too long for my penis. Like almost every other device I tried, it became too painful to wear after only a few hours. I liked this design, though I suspect it is so open that cheating would be fairly easy. You can see how the oversized spiral stretched my piercing and my penis painfully.

2nd cage I tried
This Chinese cage was way too long for me.

In December 2013, I was idly searching through Just for the fun of it I typed “male chastity” into the search box. To my surprise, a fairly large number of male chastity devices were shown.

I couldn’t resist. I picked a few likely candidates and ordered them. They were all very inexpensive; none priced more than $50. Two of the candidates had urethral tubes. These tubes channel urine and make wearing the device neater. I was concerned about having a tube inside my urethra continuously. It seemed to me it could cause an infection. The others were pretty standard cages. One of them seemed to fit quite well.

This device felt fairly comfortable. I wore it for the afternoon and took it off before Mrs. Lion came home from work. After dinner, I brought it out and showed it to her. She took it in her hands and looked at it with a puzzled expression on her face. I explained that she could lock it on my penis. Wearing it obviously would prevent me from masturbating. She seemed a little surprised. She asked me if I masturbated. I told her that I did once or twice a week. She was very surprised. She told me that she had no idea I did that. She also said that she didn’t want me to do itt again.

It was my turn to be surprised. I was sure she knew that men masturbated. I never considered it a big deal. She does. She agreed to lock me in the device. I explained that she would decide how often to unlock me and how often she would allow me to have an orgasm. Before locking me up that first time, she told me she wanted to see how I masturbated. So, I jerked off while she watched. Later she told me that she wanted to see because it would teach her how I did it and she could then learn how to better jerk me off.

first male chastity cage on penis
Mrs. Lion locked me in this device that fateful night in 2013. It was one I found online. It was obviously too long for my penis. (Click here to view larger)

I should say that for some time Mrs. Lion had no real interest in sex for herself. That was the reason I masturbated. Once a month or so, she would either jerk me off or on rare occasions give me a blowjob. That was the only sex I got. One reason I wanted to try enforced male chastity was to see if it didn’t improve the amount of sexual attention I got from my lioness.

Mrs. Lion locked me inho the device. I suggested that we have a contract that spelled out how we would manage male chastity and agree on the minimum amount of time we would continue before we could decide if we wanted to continue or quit. Mrs. Lion agreed to unlock me and tease me, at the least, every other day. We agreed we would continue with my penis locked in chastity for six months. At the end of that time, we would decide if we wanted to continue.

The device was pretty comfortable. It had one major problem: the base ring was hinged so that it opened up to allow easy trapping of the balls and penis. Unfortunately, the space allowed for the hinge, would pinch the underside of my balls. I would feel it is a sharp pain and over a day or so, it would show up as a red mark. The device came with a piece of rubber tubing designed to go over the hinge and protect the balls. We tried it, but it would migrate away from the place it was needed. As a result, I had to go uncaged for a couple of days every now and then to allow me to heal. When I was uncaged, Mrs. Lion said that I was wild. Of course, the same rules applied. I wasn’t ever free to masturbate.

Like most newly-caged males, I read everything I could find on the web about male chastity. I read about custom chastity devices. The consensus at the time was that devices by Mature Metal were the very best. I read every word on their website. Various blogs and male chastity forums suggested that the Jail Bird model was the most comfortable.

Long jail bird
I was too generous in measuring my penis length for my first Jail Bird. The tip of my cock didn’t touch the end of the cage.

I religiously followed the measuring instructions on the Mature Metal website, and sent an email ordering a Jail Bird. I was told the device would arrive in about six weeks. This long delay is one of the reasons that many newly-caged males don’t order custom devices. However, after a month or two of wearing an off-the-shelf device, the value of a custom-made chastity cage becomes apparent.

The Jail Bird arrived in due time. It was beautiful. It fit very well and we were both happy with it. The open cage-like design made it easy for me to keep clean. It didn’t allow enough room for an erection. It did the job and was very comfortable to wear.

I had a problem, however. Because the tip of my penis was not touching the end of the cage, when I went to urinate, frequently the spray would go all over. Some guys deal with this by peeing sitting down. When they do that, they don’t get the bathroom floor all wet, but they do give their balls a shower. I wrote to Mature Metal, and asked if there was something that could be done. It turned out that for a relatively small charge, they could shorten the cage. Mrs. Lion took a tape measure to the cage while my penis was in it, and determined that it was 1/2 an inch too long. I ordered that the cage be shortened by three-quarters of an inch. This would allow a little compression to assure the head of my penis stayed in place.

1 inch-long Jail Bird Male Chastity Device
This is the shortest Jail Bird. The cage is just one inch long. It fits me perfectly. (Click here to view larger)

When the shortened cage arrived, it appeared to solve the problem. The cage was only 1 1/4 inches long. It didn’t take long to discover that head of my penis could still pull back enough to go off-center and spray through the bars. I went back to Mature Metal and asked them if they could shortly cage to just 1 inch. They said they could, but warned me that they couldn’t go any shorter. I sent them back my cage and within a couple of weeks, I got back the new, 1-inch cage.

This device was perfect. My urethra poked out of the bars just a little bit, and for the most part, stayed in position so that I could use the toilet standing up with no problem. Occasionally, even with this very short cage, I could go out of alignment a little. A small amount of pressure with a finger or a Q-tip got me back into position. This is my current go-to cage.

Lion's penis in Cherrykeeper chastity device
The 3D printed Cherry Keeper is an example of excellent devices at reasonable cost.

Over the years, I have tried other custom-made chastity devices. If you want to read about them, do a site search on “Reviews”. They have ranged from cages to a device that completely encases my cock and balls. Most have been 3D-printed. 3D printing has lowered the cost of a custom device as well as made delivery much faster. It’s now possible to get a custom-made device for less than $200 delivered in less than three weeks. Of course, that doesn’t mean people have stopped buying handmade stainless steel devices. There is something about wearing steel that is very exciting. to many men

lion's butt paddled with paddle tramp
This little paddle was bought as a joke and spent years hanging from our refrigerator. It’s no joke on my bottom.

The other side of the lion
Over the years before we began male chastity, Mrs. Lion and I enjoyed some BDSM play. She would spank me (not very hard), put dildos and butt plugs up my ass, and play with my cock and balls. We didn’t do this very frequently but it was a lot of fun when we did. Mrs. Lion always topped me.

When we started male chastity, it was a sort of continuation of our BDSM play. Mrs. Lion is in charge and has full control over my ability to enjoy sex. Since the chastity device prevents erections, she also controls when I can get hard. This control is 24/7. In a way, it’s an extreme form of BDSM.

It was natural that sooner or later I would want to extend this. Feeling her control over my ability to have sexual pleasure is very exciting. I reasoned that if that control were extended it would even be more fun. I asked Mrs. Lion if she could take charge of more. She agreed.

In the beginning, things were very simple. Mrs. Lion made a couple of simple rules. One was that I was not allowed to spill food on my shirt. She figured I would break this rule a lot. She was right.

The second rule was that I had to wait to eat until she had started. Again, she figured I’d break this one too on a regular basis. She was right about this too. When I broke one of the rules, she would spank me. We have a pretty large collection of spanking paddles. I acquired most of them in the years before I met Mrs. Lion. During those years, I was the one doing the spanking. Now, they were coming in handy for her to use on me.

Since Mrs. Lion’s spankings have become so severe, lesser offenses are now punished with more childish punishments like this: standing in the corner.

She had never spanked before and it took her a very long time to get to the point that her spankings were painful enough to act as a deterrent. I’m getting ahead of myself.

During those early days of spilling and spanking, it occurred to me that if Mrs. Lion could punish me for spilling on my shirt, she could also punish me for doing things that upset her.

Mrs. Lion has always been rather introverted. She doesn’t like to express her feelings. When I’ve said things that hurt, she just stays quiet about them. At some point, she stays a little too quiet. After some prodding by me, she will tell me what upset her. It occurred to me that if instead of keeping quiet and stewing, she could growl at me and then punish me, we would both be much better off.

I wrote about this in the blog and Mrs. Lion tentatively agreed. That was over three years ago. During the last three years, her spanking skills have improved substantially. Now, at the end of 2019, she delivers bruising spankings that I will feel for a day or two afterward. Her spankings have become so severe that we decided she wouldn’t use them to punish me for breaking those “training wheels” rules. Instead, for them, she would inflict more childish punishments like soaping my mouth or making me stand in the corner.

So far, this has worked out very well. The sole exception is when these milder funishments don’t cause me to correct my behavior. The best example of this is that I consistently forget to remind Mrs. Lion that Saturday is punishment day. I’m required to remind Mrs. Lion every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday that it is punishment day. When we first started with our disciplinary relationship, Mrs. Lion would often put off punishments to the point that she totally forgot them. To help correct this, we established punishment days. On those days if there were any punishments as yet un-administered, after dinner I would be punished. This never worked out very well, but she still wants me to remind her. Sadly, I can’t seem to remember to remind her on Saturdays. I’ve done this so many times, that now when I forget she gives me a full-scale spanking.

For some reason, the red color of my butt doesn’t come out in our photo. Mrs. Lion’s spankings leave marks and hurt for a day or two after she administers them.

Mrs. Lion still has trouble punishing me for saying things that upset her. I’m hoping that this will become easier for her as time goes on. In the meantime, I try to point out situations when she seems to be annoyed. Sometimes, I even point these out in my posts. It’s not that I want a spanking. I want Mrs. Lion to be more aware of what upsets her and to feel she has the opportunity to take action to correct me when I am the cause.

We’ve come a long way
A lot has happened in the last six years. I’ve had health problems that have left me much more dependent than I’ve ever been before in my life. Mrs. Lion has stepped up and takes wonderful care of me. We’ve gone from a tentative step into male chastity all the way to a butt-bruising, full-scale, Female Led Relationship with Discipline.

Now that we have been doing this for years, it’s part of our marriage. There is no way we can go back. We learned this a few months ago. I had to undergo some surgery that required a relatively long recuperation. During that time, Mrs. Lion suspended all rules. One day, I happened to mention to her that I missed our FLRD. I even missed the spankings. She agreed. We both felt that something was missing from our marriage. We were very happy when we could get back to normal.

From time to time we get comments from people who wonder how we can possibly do what we do. They suggest that Mrs. Lion is excessively cruel. This is untrue. When it comes to domestic discipline, Mrs. Lion has been very careful not to do too much. The simple fact is that the level of spanking I get is the minimum required to get my attention. She’s learning how to become a better disciplining wife. She’s already mastered how to be a brilliant keyholder. I’m very lucky she’s in my life.