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Simple Enforced Male Chastity

We didn’t write posts yesterday. I had an 8 AM appointment with my ophthalmologist and Mrs. Lion needed to drive me to it. I also had another medical appointment later in the day. We were both exhausted after getting up

Penis Hobbyist

At the most fundamental level, enforced male chastity is about penis display. It’s impossible for me to know how other men think about their cocks. Is the norm that most men don’t really spend much time thinking about them at

Pressure Relieved

I decided I needed some practice in the art of oral stimulation last night. Lion is, of course, very willing to be my guinea pig. He just doesn’t like when I stop before he gets over the top. It is

Weenie Under Cage

I own a hairless Lion. Well, he has hair on his head and arms but he’s bare everywhere else. I’m sure I missed a few hairs here and there. As I told him, he got what he paid for. I’m