Lion did feel better yesterday. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that he didn’t eat anything after breakfast. It’s difficult for his stomach to react to something that’s not there.

I think it was around 5 when I asked if he still had his woody feelings. He wasn’t sure so I investigated. I got a little reaction with my hand, but I figured I’d get more of a reaction with my mouth. I did. But it didn’t last all that long. He got hard and then lost it over the next five or ten minutes. He was making all the right noises but we weren’t getting anywhere. He said it felt good so I kept going for a while.

Even though we didn’t get as far as either of us wanted, we were intimate for the first time in about a week. I was hoping this trend would continue, but Lion is in more pain today. I just wish there was something I could do to help him. Lion doesn’t share my view of eating hot sauce-laden food to knock whatever ails him out of him. I think I’d be chugging sriracha by now. He’s going the more traditional drug route. To each his own.

On the plus side, he had an eye doctor appointment and everything seems to be holding steady. Lion feels he’s losing more vision, but the tests don’t seem to agree. I don’t know what to make of it. I guess the tests can say whatever they want. He sees in the real world.

I’m hoping Lion’s tummy feels better. Even if he’s not able to partake in any fun, I don’t like to see him in pain unless it’s pain I cause. Even a punishment spanking would be preferable to what he’s going through now. I’ll keep doing my best to keep him as comfortable as I can.

For some reason I’m more tired today than I was when I got far less sleep. I guess I can blame that on the rain, but it’s been overcast off and on for a while. I just want to snooze.

Yesterday I mowed part of the lawn. I was trying to get ahead of the rain forecast for today. Even with a self-propelled mower, it takes a lot out of me. I was tired and achy last night. However, I made a point to ask Lion if he was up for any action. He hasn’t been feeling well so I didn’t want to assume one way or the other. We had a wonderful thunderstorm roll through and we snuggled together listening to the booming. Lion didn’t think much would come of any attention but he suggested trying. Even though he never got hard, we both had fun while I played with my weenie.

We’ve been trying to figure out why Lion hasn’t been feeling well. Even if you dismiss his sore throat and headache from the other day, his tummy has been acting up a lot. We’ve deduced that it must be stress related. He’s worrying about his job. They say they’ll take him back and he believes them, but he can’t help wondering. There’s still a lot of death and destruction outside the door. I know the probability of us catching the virus might be fairly low, but there’s still a chance. Personally, I’m content living in our little bubble, but I know my work is eventually going to pull the plug on my working from home and I’ll have to go back. All these things can wreak havoc on your mind. The good thing is that he says he feels a little better today. Maybe the edging can continue.

It must be two weeks ago by now that I suggested playing Zapardy! The zapper needed to be charged and then I forgot about it for a few days. Lion was snoozing before Jeopardy! came on so that delayed us. Then he wasn’t feeling well. Maybe tonight, if the stars align, we can finally do it. The Greatest of All Time tournament has been rerunning this week. I don’t think that should matter. The questions may be harder, but I don’t think Lion will specifically remember from seeing them before. And if Zapardy! gets his motor running we can continue the festivities with some edging.

The weird part about working from home is that I’m here, but I’m not here. There’s some flexibility, but I shouldn’t just abandon my desk for a quickie in the afternoon. We didn’t really do that when we both had the time to do it even though Lion wanted us to. I am technically punched in while I work. However, once I punch out at 5 pm, my commute is much shorter now. Instead of nineteen miles, it’s more like nineteen feet. I should use that shorter commute to my advantage — to our advantage. Maybe that five o’clock hour could be the witching hour. Lion likes to play early. Let’s give it a try. I could punch out of one job and right into another. (It’s an analogy. I don’t think Lion is a job.) I’ll give that a shot tonight.

The thought just occurred to me that Lion never liked to initiate sex for fear of rejection, but I don’t seem to have that fear. I offer my “services” and if he can’t use them, I don’t feel slighted. He apologizes if he can’t get hard or loses his erection partway through, but I never feel the need for an apology. He doesn’t get mad at me if I need to stop for any reason. Why should I get mad at him? Sometimes I tease him that I’m not enough for him, but it’s just teasing. I do wonder, though, about his recent aversion to hand jobs, but I’m sure we’ll figure that out. We probably just need an experiment. Good thing I like experiments.

I had a bunch of things to do yesterday and it always seems to snowball. However, I made the decision to play with Lion before I took my shower and finished the laundry. It was still about 8, but it was earlier than we have been playing.

Before we moved, we had coconut oil. I’m sure we had lots of it. Lion is convinced it feels better than other lube. I don’t think so, but we haven’t really used it all that much. Lion ordered more and it was delivered over the weekend. I transferred some to a smaller squeeze bottle and I heated it for a few seconds before we played.

There were two ideas in play: could Lion get a harder erection and would the coconut oil help? Of course, testing two things at once is not the best practice. If he got harder, is it only because of the coconut oil? Might he have gotten harder without the oil? If he didn’t get harder, does that mean the coconut oil doesn’t work? Obviously we’ll never know.

I figured I shouldn’t try to get him hard before I used the coconut oil. Either it was going to work or it wasn’t. (See above) He was hard in no time. It still took just as long to get him all fired up, but he was harder than last time. I decided I wasn’t going to let him come. It had only been a few days and I thought he should wait. I wasn’t even sure he’d be ready for one.

Once I got him to the edge, after reapplying coconut oil a few times, he started bucking into my hand. For some reason, that made me decide he should have an orgasm. If he could get himself there, he deserved it. He could, and he did. He was surprised I let him. It’s understandable. We were both on the same page about making him wait. Until I did an about face. I won’t say I’ll always let him come when he bucks. I haven’t in the past. I’ve only done it a few times when I think he’s working hard enough to deserve it.

Was the coconut oil the cure? I doubt it. Lion said he was inexplicably horny yesterday morning. We also played earlier in the evening. I’m sure all that combined to make the horny boy into a bucking bronco.

Obvious comment of the day: It’s easier to write a sex blog when you’re horny. Aren’t you glad I’m such an astute observer of myself? For the last couple of days, I couldn’t get it up. Well, I did sorta when Mrs. Lion gave me a blow job. I was apparently at half-mast. That’s the first time in my memory that I did that. The next two days I really couldn’t get it up at all. I had chemical help. On one of those days, I tried generic Viagra (a real prescription from a real drugstore) and the next generic Cialis (also legit). They didn’t help. Then on Sunday morning with no apparent motivation, I got fairly hard. This gives me hope that if Mrs. Lion chooses to play with me reasonably early today, we may have good results.

I wonder if the problem is simply either the hour we played or that my refractory period has gotten dramatically longer. It wouldn’t be too surprising if both are true. Also, on Saturday Mrs. Lion gave me a Brazilian waxing. I didn’t achieve an erection during that even though she tried to give me one, but I do consider losing hair sexy. Maybe that was foreplay for me. It might be. I think it counts.

Even though Mrs. Lion dislikes doing it, I love the results when she waxes me. Skin looks better than hair to me. Every so often some nude photographs show up on Twitter, posted by people who like to take pictures at nude beaches. I definitely find the women with shaved pubes more appealing than bushy ones. Fortunately for me, hairlessness appears to be the current trend in personal grooming. I’ve also noticed that those beach shots that include men show that they too get rid of their pubic hair.

I know that some guys think of losing body hair as a way of being submissive. Some women have commented that hairless men are more boy than man. That prejudice seems to be disappearing. Mrs. Lion is indifferent to the status of my body hair. I’m the one who prefers it missing. For the record, she doesn’t remove her pubic hair. It’s light and looks fine to me.

In her post yesterday, she was musing about giving me a Brazilian every month and removing the other hair every other month. I have no objection to that, of course. The only problem is that what grows back is very fine and scraggly. I think it just looks messy. She doesn’t think it’s worth wasting the money on getting professional waxing. If she can do it why spend money on paying someone else to do it? I think it’s much nicer when she does it anyway. We’ve made the investment in equipment. I just hate to see her doing something she doesn’t like, especially when it involves me.

I’m lucky that hair removal is the only part of lion care that she considers a chore. I would be devastated if she felt that way about edging me. For reasons I will never understand, Mrs. Lion really enjoys the flavor of semen. She’s made it crystal clear that it’s worth all the work it takes to get me to produce some for her pleasure. I like making it for her. It’s a definite win/win. Sadly for me, she’s perfectly happy rationing this treat. She is fine with waiting a week or more between snacks. Of course, I’m perfectly happy to provide it more frequently. That’s not gonna happen.

I’m very happy she likes it so much. She doesn’t want to share it. That’s very good! I don’t share her taste in this particular snack. I don’t like it when she decides to be generous and feed it to me. She says it’s good for me. I think it’s better for her.