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Erection Killer

I proved last night that I can arouse Lion the night after a ruined orgasm. To be fair, he was horny all by himself despite the fact that he knew the tiny clothespins were coming. And I guess I also

More Practice

I knew when I soaped Lion’s mouth the other night, that I hadn’t gone as far as I should have. In the past he’s told me I need to use my fingers to “really get in there” with the soap.

Every Night

Last night, we were watching TV and didn’t start playing until almost 10 pm. Traditionally that’s too late for Lion, although recently we have had some success at that hour. Not last night. I suppose I could have used the

No Reason

I brought out the Magic Wand last night. I didn’t really want to do anything painful. Actually I didn’t really feel like doing much of anything. We had a big dinner and, for a while, even snuggling seemed impossible. Lion