Category: Erections

Hard But No Cigar

Lion thought he was horny last night. Turns out it was a case of the body being willing but the mind, not so much. I can’t blame the fact that it was late. He’s been sleeping a lot other times.

Show And Tell

Wednesday night was a bit of a surprise for me. Mrs. Lion came over and we had our usual snuggle. She rubbed my tummy and then gradually moved her hand until she was stimulating my cock and balls. Of course,

Playoff Game

Lion has his shock collar charging so we can play our football game today. I’m not sure which game we’ll watch. He really hates the Eagles so I’m sure he’d like to root for the Saints. We both really hate

Locked Away Again – Sort Of

Today is our annual Christmas party. It’s one of the few remaining perks to working here although they do try to “cute” things up a bit too much for the party. Still, you can’t argue with free lunch. We got