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Wookies on Parade

We got tickets to see the new Star Wars movie. Lion has only seen the first Star Wars movie and I’ve seen the first three. We’re not really Star Wars fans but we have tickets. I warned Lion that there

On Notice

I didn’t get any cleaning done this weekend like I should have. Now I have to do it between tonight and whatever time we schedule dinner on Thursday. The house doesn’t look as bad as it has in the past,

No Cheese

I think that Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday is quite revealing about both of us. It also explains why it’s taken us a long time to get where we are now. She discussed my focused taste in burgers and my picky

Getting To Be A Habit

I find it interesting that, from what I read, people approach a FLR from many directions. There are those, like ours, who appear vanilla to the outside word. You would have to know what to look for in order to