Category: Female led relationship with discipline

What FLR Means To Us

Generally, I avoid debates over terminology. But there is one term that confuses me, FLR or Female Led Relationship. That may seem odd since Mrs. Lion and I are in one. Let me explain. A FLR is most broadly a

The Next Step

A Female Led Relationship (FLR) is a popular idea with men who want to be sexually submissive. It’s popular in our house, of course. We’ve been practicing it for years. The reality of it for me is quite different from

Just Assume The Position

In some respects, Mrs. Lion and I write about the wrong stuff. I tend to discuss how things should (or do) work in our FLRD and Mrs. Lion reports the “news”. Years ago I was the “expert” having had long

Graduate School

Before knowing me, Mrs. Lion never spanked her partner nor did other painful things to him. It wasn’t in her sexual vocabulary. I taught her all about such things. I showed her my collection of BDSM toys. I offered lessons