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The Erection Of Consent

What would happen if the male side of a Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD) lost interest in sex? Let’s say several years into an established FLRD relationship the male partner’s libido disappears. I think it’s pretty obvious that most

I’m A Very Lucky Lion

My eye surgery is scheduled for the beginning of next week. As you might imagine, I’m getting very tired of all this medical stuff. While I don’t want it to bother me more than necessary, I’m sure it has a

Relighting The Fire

Yesterday was my seventh day of waiting between orgasms. As I’ve been writing, I haven’t had much interest in sex until a full week has passed. Almost magically on the seventh day, my interest returns. I hesitate to think that

A Thin Line

I know Lion doesn’t mean to annoy me. It’s not like he’s doing it on purpose. He certainly wouldn’t annoy me on purpose just to get punished. But that’s exactly where we’re headed. He’s said he thinks a spanking and