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Playing with Lion While I’m Away

I’m trying to be a little proactive. I have a lot to do, both for Lion and myself, and I don’t want to leave it all till the last minute. I need to clean the house and change the bed

A Work in Progress

Poor, neglected Lion didn’t get any action last night. At bedtime he said he was very horny. I told him I only take a night off every so often. Other than that he’s a very lucky boy. Many men are

Time for Bed

“You seem happier now that the cage is back on,” Lion said as we were settling in for bed. Do I? What am I doing that makes me seem happier? He couldn’t answer that. Then he asked if I thought

May the Best Design Win

I have a feeling this weekend will be a test of wills. I have to build a railing in the garage. I’m not too sure how steady Lion will be on his feet so I don’t know if he can