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May the Best Design Win

I have a feeling this weekend will be a test of wills. I have to build a railing in the garage. I’m not too sure how steady Lion will be on his feet so I don’t know if he can

Reality Check

One of the trickiest areas I’ve faced is separating my fetish/BDSM interests from the FLR with discipline that we practice. I would argue that FLR is a special branch of BDSM. I know that many consider it a lifestyle. That’s

Happier Ever After

We’re home again and back to our version of normal. I’m worn out from our vacation. We walked endlessly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We checked out of the hotel on Monday and then spent five hours in the airport.

Home At Last

We fly home today. I’m ready! We’ve done more walking than I usually do in a month, or more. We had a great time. I wish we could do it every month. I’m sure my legs would get stronger over