Category: Force Cross Dressing

Naked And Hairless In Seattle

Do you think that being naked all the time causes me to think about sex more than I would if dressed? After all, my cock and balls are treated to a wide variety of sensations and temperatures as I go

Sandal Weather

Lion finally got a good night’s rest last night. I might have too. Sometimes I think I’m fine and then I’m face down a few hours later. Fingers crossed. I’m hoping when we snuggle tonight, Mr. Weenie will be looking

Lipstick on a Pig

I’ve been thinking of something for a while. Actually it’s only when I brush my teeth. That’s when I see the collection of nail polish. About a week or so ago I thought maybe it’s time Lion had pretty toes

Adventures In Forced Cross Dressing

Yesterday morning, Mrs. Lion put a purple thong on the bed for me to wear. It was frilly like the one I showed the other day. I dutifully put it on and continued dressing. Actually, I looked at myself in