shock collar under lion's balls
This is one of the shock collars we use. You can see that the electrodes don’t necessarily make good contact to the loose skin of my scrotum.
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Mrs. Lion brought up an interesting subject the other night. She wrote about it in our post yesterday. After we got home from our evening at the casino, apropos of nothing she announced that on days that I’m not horny it shouldn’t count against how long I wait between orgasms. I protested saying that it didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t go on but I was thinking that since I don’t know how long I’m supposed to wait anyway, whether she counter doesn’t count today is irrelevant since I have no idea what she uses for system.

I started thinking about it as I drifted off to sleep. It occurred to me that there is a way to know if I am horny or not; simply try to edge me. If I can be edged there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with a horny lion. If not, you’re not. We then thought a little bit more about this and decided that maybe there could be a threshold for when I would be eligible to have an orgasm. My thought was that I had to be edged a certain number of days and after that Mrs. Lion could give me an orgasm at anytime she wanted. I know she likes to surprise me so I figured the edge count would simply set my eligibility without giving away when I actually would get a chance to ejaculate.

This has a sort of game feel to it and I like that. Speaking of games, I reminded Mrs. Lion that we have an NFL game we haven’t tried yet this season. She replied that our team, the New York Giants, when doing so depressingly bad that the game didn’t seem to make sense to her. I said that I missed it. She has made a reminder of the rules. The game is played with a paddle or two. Every time either side scores, I get swatted twice the number of points made by either team. The touchdown gets me 14 swats. Mrs. Lion tended to hit harder, a lot harder, when the team playing against the Giants scored. I was also swatted two times for every turnover the opposition made against the Giants. Given the current crappy season, perhaps it should be for or maybe even eight times for each time our quarterback is sacked where the ball is fumbled and turned over.

In terms of watching the game, playing our NFL game poses no problem. There are lots of commercials after each touchdown and we almost always record the game and watch it later. We can pause it and start it again after my swats. Some games have proven extremely painful for me. I suppose a variation on this game that would be closer to how Mrs. Lion feels about our team would be that I get swats for every time the opposition scores. Maybe it should be more per point. That way, points scored by our team would be rewarded by an absence of painful paddle strikes. Just a thought. Another possibility would be to replace the spanking with clothespins applied to my balls and penis. They would remain in place until the game was over. Perhaps one clothespin for each point scored in the game.

Another game we used to play was Zapardy. During this game I would where the shock collar around my balls and I would answer questions during the Jeopardy program. If I got the answer wrong, Mrs. Lion would send a shock into my balls. She always liked that game. I don’t think the shock collar has turned up yet. It may still be in a box of our stuff that hasn’t been unpacked. When it is, I’ll be sure to remind her about the game.

We’ve never worked out any games around sex. It seems to me that would be a very good possibility. I’m not sure how it would work, but maybe someone will have a creative idea. Meanwhile, when the Giants play tonight perhaps we will too.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Mrs. Lion wants to modify our NFL spanking game rules for the big game. In my world, “modify” invariably means more painful. I suggested she double the number of swats per point when the Patriots score. That means, I get two swats when the Rams score for each point and four swats per point when the Patriots score.

According to the TV news this morning, the patriots are predicted to win by four points. So the Lion point spread is 16 swats. Of course, this is just my proposal. Mrs. lion may have something completely different in mind. I imagine I’ll still get a zap from the shock collar for each foul. The NFL game really keeps me jumping.

We are going about things normally again. I know that the upcoming surgery is just below the surface in both of our minds, but there’s absolutely no point dwelling on it. I spent some time yesterday studying the MRI results. The radiology department was kind enough to mark the spot that poses the biggest problem. I’m both amazed and a little depressed when I look at those images. I’m amazed that I can look inside my body and see my spinal column and spinal cord. Unlike an x-ray, which doesn’t really show soft tissue, this high resolution MRI provides a very detailed view of my insides.

Of course, I understand what I’m looking at and it doesn’t make me happy to see the damage in my neck. It’s my nature to dig into things until I get enough information to be satisfied. I’ve done that about my problem and I understand that repair is a fairly safe procedure. Yes, there are risks. Most are very unlikely to occur. One risk is partial paralysis of an arm that lasts several months. This happens in about one third of the surgeries. Just something else to worry about.

Meanwhile, back to things we can control, I’m excited about our Super Bowl play. It should be big fun. Assuming I don’t get to ejaculate sooner, Sunday will be my fifth day. I know, that’s not very long and I’m not claiming that Mrs. Lion has indicated an orgasm is scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday.

As you may have guessed, my sex drive is coming back. It was hiding because I was genuinely afraid I would have to spend time in an immobilizing neck brace. According to the surgeon, there is no scenario where I will need to wear a brace. That takes an enormous load off my mind and allows my thoughts to drift south to Mrs. Lion’s weenie. She hasn’t locked me up since the MRI. Of course, I’m writing this on Friday afternoon and later tonight, I may find myself locked in one of the devices.

It’s entirely too easy to dwell on my upcoming surgery. I can’t claim that I’ve been very good about putting it out of my mind. I got very little sleep Thursday night and ended up watching TV until after 3 AM. I hope that it will be different going forward.

I’d like to thank our friends for the kind comments sent my way. They mean a lot to me.

Lion's butt after 200 swats
Just 200 swats applied in bursts to a single area. I managed to hold still.
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Aside from our punishment experiment, there was little action last night. Lion is back on the medication that makes him snooze at the drop of a hat, but I just decided snuggling was all we needed. I think Lion felt otherwise because he said he was horny. I’d just given him an orgasm the other night. That used to buy me a few days. (I’m kidding. I don’t give Lion orgasms so he’ll leave me alone.)

When I gave Lion the experimental swats, he said he wasn’t sure he could take many. Fair enough. I was prepared for as many or as few as he could take. I did decided to try his suggestion of hitting one cheek at a time. I think the problem is that the paddle I’ve been using is too wide to concentrate only in his sit spot. I seemed to create the same bruising pattern as before. Next time I’ll either use the bloodwood paddle with the rounded head or a weird stick-like paddle I haven’t tried yet.

spanked lion butt
This is the new long paddle. It’s only 1-3/4 inches wide, 20 inches long and and 3/4 inch thick. The marks on my butt came from this paddle, plus a few from the tenderizer.
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I think the stick paddle is too long but I’m willing to give it a go. I’ll have to adjust my swing a bit. I wonder if there’s a way to keep Lion’s crack open while I’m whomping him. I don’t really want him to have to hold it open. It would be awkward and I’m afraid I’ll catch his fingers. I don’t want to hold it open for the same reasons. Is there a kink shop that sells crack openers? It might be worth a look in the old Interwebs.

Hanson Ferrule paddle
This is the Hanson Ferrule paddle in bloodwood.
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Today we ran a few errands and we have some chores to do around the house. I think we’ll play our football zapping game during the AFC game tomorrow. Perhaps Lion will get harder hits when the stupid Patriots score than when the Chiefs score. He doesn’t care about the NFC game so much, (Go Rams!) but we both hate the Patriots.

Regardless of chores and any other activities, Lion will definitely be getting some attention tonight. I’m thinking something along the line of tied up balls or clothespins – regular, not tiny, or the dreaded Velcro. I don’t think he’d be interested in a play spanking. He’s had too much attention in that area lately.

Lion has his shock collar charging so we can play our football game today. I’m not sure which game we’ll watch. He really hates the Eagles so I’m sure he’d like to root for the Saints. We both really hate the Patriots so we’ll both be rooting for the Chargers. Of course, we can watch both games. It’s just a matter of which one we’ll play our game for. I haven’t decided.

No matter which game we choose, I’ll take a before and after picture of Lion’s buns. Last night he was still showing signs of Thursday night’s spanking practice. I’m not sure how different he’ll look with swats only administered with scores which tend to happen fairly infrequently. In the past he’s received well over one hundred swats but that pales in comparison to the three hundred swats he gets in our experiment. Not to worry. It’s just a fun little game we play. And I think he’s more worried about the zaps for penalties than the swats, anyway.

We went to the movies last night. When we got home, the horny boy wanted attention even though it was late. [Lion — We got home at 10PM] Good thing I wanted to give him some. Somewhere toward the end, I stopped with my hand still on my weenie and Lion tried to hump my hand. I just let it go up and down with his thrusts. Poor Lion. It wasn’t much different from humping air. I did continue to give him hope a few more times before I left him hanging.

I told him he’d have to wait at least another day before I give him an orgasm. Maybe more. He has been very horny and very hard. I love when he’s really hard. I know it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s any hornier than any other time, but it seems that way. There’s just something yummy about a hard cock with the skin stretched taut across it. It just seems like it’s straining to burst. Of course, there are plenty of times Lion tells me he’s super horny and Mr. Weenie does not appear to support this claim. I don’t think the ejaculation changes either way. No more or less semen.

It’s basically a crap shoot whether he gives me enough to share or not. I don’t like to share but I know he hates when I do. So I do. The face he makes is worth it. And I know he’ll be glad to have another orgasm so I can have more of a taste.