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Football Injuries

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Mrs. Lion wants to modify our NFL spanking game rules for the big game. In my world, “modify” invariably means more painful. I suggested she double the number of swats per point when the Patriots

All Quiet on the Lion Front

Aside from our punishment experiment, there was little action last night. Lion is back on the medication that makes him snooze at the drop of a hat, but I just decided snuggling was all we needed. I think Lion felt

Playoff Game

Lion has his shock collar charging so we can play our football game today. I’m not sure which game we’ll watch. He really hates the Eagles so I’m sure he’d like to root for the Saints. We both really hate

Make Me

 It”s the day before Christmas. We are enjoying our time together. I’m still recovering from my cold. Mrs. Lion is on the mend too. The locking cock ring came off on Saturday night for some teasing. It felt nice to