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Refurbished Lion

If we truly have a female led relationship with discipline, shouldn’t I be able to order Lion to stop needing surgeries and the ensuing help? Isn’t it something that I should be able to punish out of him? If you

One-Eyed Lion

We assume Lion’s surgery went well yesterday. The surgeon never spoke to me and Lion was a bit loopy from anesthesia to tell what the doctor said to him. He just kept repeating that he was hungry. He has a

Chief Cook and Bottle-washer

Lion is still sleeping a lot and not eating much. I think it’s a vicious cycle but I figured he was doing what he could to get better. This afternoon, he told me he needs my help. Not only does

More Sleep; Less Pain

Lion has his days and nights confused. He’s been sleeping a lot during the day and then can’t sleep at night. We haven’t had anywhere to be so it’s okay, but tomorrow he has an appointment with a nurse at