When I was little I had a book called Bill the Brave. It was a story about a dog with a bad toothache. He had a bandage tied around his head like the one shown in the picture. I admit, until this morning, I had no idea what the purpose of the bandage was.

About a week ago Lion broke a tooth. It was not something his regular dentist felt comfortable pulling so he was referred to an oral surgeon. When he was all done, he had a nifty bandage around his head that held ice against his cheek. Ice! Duh. The bandage held ice. All these years of not knowing.

Since Lion knew he wouldn’t be in any shape for sexual activity tonight, he courageously told me not to feel compelled to give him an orgasm last night. He was sure he could make it another few days. Look out, Bill the Brave. You’ve been unseated by Lion the Brave. Such sacrifice!

I found it humorous that Lion would tell me not to feel it necessary to give him an orgasm…as if he could determine when he has one. I hadn’t really considered giving him one. Or not giving him one, for that matter. I know I’ve given him orgasms prior to other surgeries when I know there will be long recoveries. Having a tooth pulled does not normally have a long recovery.

Actually, I was feeling fairly yucky last night. I’m not sure I considered playing with him until he asked. It was clear from the outset that he wasn’t going to enjoy a hand job. I told him he was spoiled as I moved between his legs. I decided the penalty was to tease him mercilesly.

I still hadn’t decided to give him an orgasm. I was just having fun making him squirm. I got him so close so many times I’m not sure how he held out as long as he did. Then I decided, in honor of his telling me not to feel obligated, that I’d give him an orgasm. That’ll show him!

Right now, Lion is snoozing. He’s on a soft food diet for a few days. He’s already had some ice cream. I know it wasn’t his tonsils that came out, but ice cream has some decent nutrients in it. This is per a doctor after Lion had an infection in his knee and could only manage chocolate shakes. If it’s good for a knee infection, it’s good for a tooth extraction. Yet another sacrifice by Lion the Brave.

We were considering dinner out last night but neither of us were very hungry. By the time we decided to eat something in, it was pretty late. As a result, play time was late.

I tied Lion’s balls to see if that would help with his slump. I’m sorry to say it did not. Tight, stretched out balls were not the answer. Of course, it was late. But Lion is more convinced than ever that he’s broken. He’s afraid he’s permanently broken. I’m not so sure. He’s still horny. I’m wondering if it has something to do with medications. He’s making a doctor appointment to check things out.

This morning, Lion isn’t feeling well. He’s not sure if it’s kidney stones again or what. He’s in a lot of pain and I’m not sure how to help him. I’m in the helpless position of waiting for him to tell me if he needs to go to the hospital. Health issues are not the way we wanted to start 2020. I’m hoping he has whatever I had the other day. It wasn’t fun but it didn’t last too long.

With him in a lot of pain, I’m not really thinking about causing him more pain. However, I know he probably needs pain to get over his slump. Barring any organic issues, it must be a play problem. He isn’t getting what he needs to fully turn him on. It’s possible that a change of venue would help. We spend all our time in the bedroom and I’ve argued in the past that there should be some separation. Aside from my moving over to snuggle, there’s no real signal that sex is beginning. You know, in the movies and on TV someone usually says “let’s take this to the bedroom” or words to that effect. I don’t know for a fact that that would work. I just know something has to change.

I guess I could start putting clothespins or Icy Hot on the bed to foreshadow the night’s happenings. But I sort of like surprising Lion. It’s fun to get him all riled up and then bring out those evil tiny clothespins and watch his face contort. Even if I don’t use them. Even if I just bring one out and run it over the tip of his cock like I might use it. I have no idea if that would break his slump. I don’t know what will or I would have done it by now. I’m grasping at straws here.

Lion feels bad that he can’t get hard for me like he’s wasting my time. I feel bad that I can’t get him hard like I’m wasting his time. Maybe I really did do a number on him when I stopped when I was tired. Maybe that sent a message that I won’t go the extra yard to get him to the edge. I have. And I will. We’ll figure this out. Maybe we just need to stop dwelling on it. Thinking is the enemy of an erection, after all.

Wheelbarrow spanking position

Lion has a badly bruised butt. I didn’t do it. Honest! He got it when he fell the other day.

I started to swat him last night. I didn’t see the bruise until he started yelping more than usual. Since I need to avoid that spot, I stopped everything. I think it’ll be a while before it’s safe to spank him again. Maybe I’ll have to come up with another idea to take the place of the punishment he’s due.

There was a comment on one of my recent posts suggesting the wheelbarrow position for spanking. Neither Lion nor I knew what that was. I Googled it and it looks like it would be uncomfortable for both of us. We are by no means in shape. And I’m not sure it would give me the correct angle to hit where I want to hit Lion. If I wanted to hit up near his back, it would be fine. I’m aiming for his sit spot. I’ll look at the pictures again when I’m home and not trying to hide my phone from others’ view. I may be missing something.

We had another misfire in the edging department last night. The weenie is willing…until it isn’t. We were at it for about a half hour before he fizzled out. These slumps happen from time to time and, while I don’t put any major importance on them, I know Lion is concerned. What if he never gets his mojo back? He will. A few days after he’s convinced himself he’s broken, everything is fine again. In the meantime, we keep trying.

Lion had the waxing station all set up when I got home. It still needed a little more time to melt so we had dinner first. I dragged the waxing table out and got everything set up. Lion took his place and I waxed his balls, around his penis and a little bit of his tummy and upper thighs. Then, Lion got on his hands and knees so I could wax his crack. I’m always nervous when he’s on his hands and knees on the table. Apparently I was prescient.

As Lion dismounted, he moved his leg awkwardly and went sailing through the air onto his butt. Hard. I immediately thought he broke something. My mother had a hard fall, basically it was a hard sit, and broke her back. It was a crush injury, which I’ve heard are worse than “normal” breaks. Anyway, I waited for Lion to process what happened and register any pain. It seemed he hadn’t broken anything. He did have pain on his right side and muscle spasms.

Needless to say, I wasn’t going to spank him. He could barely move. I wasn’t going to have him face down on the bed so I could inflict more pain. He insisted he was available for anything. I decided he wasn’t. Well, he might have been but I wasn’t going to attempt anything. He needed to rest. I filled him full of pain drugs and took care of him. He had a heating pad under him for a while and we slept off and on. This morning, he still needed help so I’m home with him. The good news is that he seems to be in less pain this afternoon and the spasms seem to be lessening. He’s up and about, moving slowly, but moving which is a step in the right direction.

I know you’ll shake your head and tell me I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’ll spank him tonight either. The worst thing I could do is go back to business as usual too quickly. Why push it? Is there any harm in letting him heal for another night? It’s not because I’m forgetting. It’s not because I’m letting him off the hook. There is a legitimate reason for delaying the punishment.

Tonight will be for resting and snuggling. Tomorrow is another day.