If it’s the weekend it must be raining. That’s been the case here for a while. The nice, sunny days are during the week when I can’t mow the lawn or do other outdoor things. By the weekend it’s raining again. If things follow a normal summer pattern (and what’s normal about this year?), the rain will stop around July 4. We typically have a few showers here and there, but summers are usually dry. When we got our dog, she had no idea what rain was. She was born on July 5 and it didn’t rain until October that year. No wonder she hates being out in the rain.

Inside the house, we seem to have hit a weekend pattern of our own. I may be way off, but it seems like Lion’s tummy bothers him on weekends. We plan to go out to the store and he can’t. He wanted to come with me to drop off the dog for her bath. He couldn’t. He wanted to come with me to pick her up. He couldn’t. He was very apologetic. He didn’t want me to have to do it alone. It’s not a big deal.

On my way to the store, it occurred to me why it’s not a big deal to do it alone. I’d be going anyway. Lion might be with me, but I’d be driving. And even if he was driving, I’d be going with him. I’ve been annoyed from time to time about having to do everything myself. I was talking about chores we used to share doing like cooking, mowing the lawn, the laundry, etc. I don’t always want to cook. I don’t always want to be the one doing the yard work. I don’t want to be the one who cleans the house. We’ve always shared the chores. With Lion unable to do a lot of them, it can get overwhelming, especially if they all need to be done at once.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing that his tummy troubles seem to coincide with weekends and/or plans to go out. I don’t think it’s on purpose. I don’t think he’s so nervous about going out that he gets himself sick. It’s just weird timing. And, if his stomach is off, that means play is usually off. This is weird because, from Lion’s point of view, we should have more time to play on the weekends. This is another reason I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose. He’d never give up play at any time, especially if we had more time to play.

Now, Lion will argue that we have the same amount of time on the weekends as we do on weekdays because we don’t play in the afternoons anyway. This is true. I just find it strange that the weekends are certainly out of play, so to speak if his tummy is acting up. We haven’t talked about going out today so far, and I’m perfectly willing to go alone if necessary, but I know Lion likes to get out of the house.

Ultimately, it’s unimportant when, or even if, we make it out of the house together. I’m worried about his health and I don’t want him to go through the same stomach issues he had about a month ago. We were both really worried about him during that time.

Lion had his shot in the shoulder yesterday. They give an extra boost of anesthesia so he was feeling pretty good last night and slept well for the first time in a long time. I thought I slept well too, but I didn’t feel like it this morning. I’m pretty sure wearing a mask gives me a headache and that’s not helping the general yuck I’m feeling. I don’t think I’m really sick. I just don’t feel well. It’s nothing a nap wouldn’t cure but I’m stuck at work.

Our governor extended an order that allows those over 65 and those with underlying conditions to work remotely or, if there’s no way for them to do that, to continue on unemployment until August 1. My coworkers have pointed out that they need me in the office to answer their questions. I’ve pointed out to them that they have phones and emails and can ask questions that way too. I haven’t been able to talk to the bosses about going back to working from home. I’m hoping we can work out some sort of compromise, maybe two days in the office and three at home.

Lion misses me at home. I miss him too. And I miss not having to get dressed to go to work. And, of course, I miss not wearing a mask. I know it’s a necessary evil and I don’t mean to complain about the short time I need to wear a mask, especially compared to doctors and nurses. I joked about getting a snorkel mask so I could possibly eliminate fogging up my glasses and not have something directly on my mouth and nose. I figured it would be an amusing touch to the mask-wearing regimen.

When Lion chose from the Box O’Fun last night, he selected a do-over. There are two of these cards in the box and he selected one the other day. I guess I should hold the other one out until he uses the first one. His next selection was a blindfold and another choice. The other choice was Velcro. Yes! I’ve been waiting for that. There’s just something about watching his face as the tiny teeth bite into him. It amuses me.

What we discovered is that although the blindfold works very well, knowing what was coming didn’t. From now on, whenever he gets the blindfold and another choice, I’ll be the one choosing it. Then he won’t know what’s coming. That makes much more sense. Live and learn.

Once I was done with the Velcro, Lion was pretty much done. Apparently, my weenie could rise to the occasion while he was being tortured but he had no desire when the fun was over. I guess it makes sense. It’s only been a day or so since his huge orgasm. It takes a little while to recover. We’ll keep trying though. I’m sure my weenie will respond to some extent.

Lion did feel better yesterday. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that he didn’t eat anything after breakfast. It’s difficult for his stomach to react to something that’s not there.

I think it was around 5 when I asked if he still had his woody feelings. He wasn’t sure so I investigated. I got a little reaction with my hand, but I figured I’d get more of a reaction with my mouth. I did. But it didn’t last all that long. He got hard and then lost it over the next five or ten minutes. He was making all the right noises but we weren’t getting anywhere. He said it felt good so I kept going for a while.

Even though we didn’t get as far as either of us wanted, we were intimate for the first time in about a week. I was hoping this trend would continue, but Lion is in more pain today. I just wish there was something I could do to help him. Lion doesn’t share my view of eating hot sauce-laden food to knock whatever ails him out of him. I think I’d be chugging sriracha by now. He’s going the more traditional drug route. To each his own.

On the plus side, he had an eye doctor appointment and everything seems to be holding steady. Lion feels he’s losing more vision, but the tests don’t seem to agree. I don’t know what to make of it. I guess the tests can say whatever they want. He sees in the real world.

I’m hoping Lion’s tummy feels better. Even if he’s not able to partake in any fun, I don’t like to see him in pain unless it’s pain I cause. Even a punishment spanking would be preferable to what he’s going through now. I’ll keep doing my best to keep him as comfortable as I can.

I finished mowing the lawn this morning. It was 72 by 10 am. An hour later, it’s 75. I’m sweating and recovering while I write this. We’re supposed to hit 82 today. I’m glad I got the lawn done early.

Last night, Lion didn’t take his blood pressure medication. We’re experimenting to see if his lack of erection stamina is linked to low blood pressure. He already takes boner pills to counteract his medication but maybe the BP meds are doing too good a job. This morning, Lion reports that he thinks he’s horny. Of course, he said he was horny the other day and it didn’t amount to an erection at all.

Lion also reports that his stomach issues seem to be getting better. I think going to the doctor scared the illness enough to get out of town. We’ll see how he feels later. We’ll see how I feel later too. I’m wiped out from mowing the lawn but I should be okay. It’s nothing some hydration and a shower can’t fix.

I think, just to help matters along, I’ll pull out my handy dandy rope and tie Lion’s balls. That usually gets his motor running. And it should go without saying that I’ll give him some oral attention. He’ll have every advantage toward getting and keeping a woody. I have no idea how long it’s been since his last orgasm. [Lion — 15 days today] We were going pretty good for a few days and I was contemplating giving him an orgasm the first day he waned. Now I wonder if I have to reset the game clock to build up the frustration all over again. I still maintain he can’t be frustrated the entire time he’s not horny. I concede the days still count but they don’t count as horny days.

When Lion can’t get hard, I tease him that I’m not enough for him. I don’t really think that’s true, but after a while I do start to wonder. I know I’m not enough when he’s not feeling well. No one is. My weenie has a hard time overriding the rest of his body then. The rest of the time, he can think with his penis.

I’m really hoping he’s horny enough to make it to the edge tonight. I can’t contemplate whether or not to give him an orgasm if he can’t get that far. Come on, Lion. My weenie, my mouth, what do you say?