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Duelling CPAP Machines

Some months ago my doctor recommended I see a sleep specialist. I pushed it off, as I do most recommendations involving specialists. Since then my doctor retired and yesterday I saw a new doctor. She explained why a sleep specialist

Still Allergic

Lion thinks he’s broken again. He was horny yesterday. And then he wasn’t. He’s still all stuffy and coughing from this latest round of allergies. It’s no wonder he can’t respond to me. I don’t see it as a big

Pollen Attack

Lion was in such rough shape by the time I got home last night I delayed punishing him. He was so stuffy he was working hard not to become a mouth breather. I vacuumed more extensively and he decided the

Sleeping and Eating

I wish I could say Lion slept better last night but that wasn’t the case. And when Lion doesn’t sleep well, I usually don’t either. We were both up and down all night. This morning Lion made breakfast. He probably