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A Somewhat Well-Behaved Lion

(Written Tuesday night) My wait to see Lion was much longer than anticipated. The doctor encountered a potential problem during surgery but didn’t know the extent until Lion woke up. He has weakness on his right side. The doctor grudgingly

Another Hour to Go

Lion has been in surgery for a little over an hour now. It’s amazing how long it takes to get him ready for the OR and prep him for surgery before they actually start the surgery. Once it’s done, the

Au Naturel

Lion is in the process of preparing his overnight(s) bag for the hospital. I’m not sure which his finds more distasteful: the surgery or the hospital stay. Lion does not do well in captivity. He doesn’t mind being in the


I’ve been training someone to do my job while I’m taking care of Lion. It’s impossible to train her for every aspect of my job in two weeks but I’ve done what I can. Besides, if she screws it up