Category: Humiliation

Faking It

Lion has been lucky enough to work from home this week. Today he’s going to try to get a head start on tomorrow’s dinner. There are a few things that can be done early to take some of the pressure

Sensory Deprivation

I haven’t looked for the blindfold yet. I know I said I was going to. I have an idea where it is. I just can’t get to it. I used to make fun of my aunt whose spare bed always

I Admit I Need It

I worked from home yesterday. Good thing. Mrs. Lion decided I needed to spend the day in diapers. It’s also a good thing I have overnight pull-ups. She ordered me to pee twice, then change the diaper. That gives me

Saturday Morning In Wenatchee

(Saturday morning) We spent yesterday traveling to our vacation destination. It’s hot, desert here. There are irrigated orchards with pears, apricots, cherries and peaches. Apricots are plentiful now with peaches coming in. I love to go to fruit stands and