Category: Humiliation

Nod Knowingly

This weekend we’ll be scrambling to get our camper ready for our first trip of the season. There isn’t a ton of things to do. We have to change some batteries, get all the bathroom and kitchen things back in

Everyone Knows Lions Don’t Have Pubic Hair

Mrs. Lion has drawn a line in the sand. My toenails are to be painted (yuck!). She also informed me that I owe her a “fee” for delaying the nail-painting and panty-wearing. In its own perverted way, this new system

Hula Man

I always tease Lion about getting him one of those hula girl statues for his car. He grumbles every time. The other day we had our company Christmas lunch. We exchanged white elephant gifts and I wound up with a

Faking It

Lion has been lucky enough to work from home this week. Today he’s going to try to get a head start on tomorrow’s dinner. There are a few things that can be done early to take some of the pressure