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The toughest thing about enforced male chastity and a disciplinary relationship is getting it started. Lots of people have written about how to ask your partner to take over your orgasms. I’ve written plenty about that too. Essentially, both conversations

Things aren’t always as they seem. Enforced male chastity is an onion of meanings, peeling back one reveals another, deeper reality. That isn’t meant to sound cryptic or ominous, but it’s the best way for me to describe what I

I’ve often heard that women are far less visual than men when it comes to sexual arousal. Popular opinion claims women don’t respond strongly to visual stimulus and we males do. In some interesting studies (” What Do Women Want?”New

Here we are at the start of yet another year. I don’t feel particularly interested in sex. Too bad. A new year should be greeted by sex; or at least the desire for sex. One of our readers asked a