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Part Of The Chastity Game

Here we are at the start of yet another year. I don’t feel particularly interested in sex. Too bad. A new year should be greeted by sex; or at least the desire for sex. One of our readers asked a

Enforced Chastity Workshop 1: Expectations

Welcome to our first online workshop. Today we are looking at the most basic issue in enforced chastity: expectations. Men and women are very different. It goes way deeper than sex organs. We don’t think the same way. For example,

Getting Her To Say Yes

Sometimes it seems that getting started with enforced chastity is so complicated that it is unlikely that any woman (partner) would have to be crazy to agree to becoming a keyholder. One of our goals when we started this blog,

Sexual Leverage

A lever is a simple tool that amplifies the force applied to it. Using a lever, it is possible to lift a weight that you could never lift without it. There are also financial levers where you can vastly increase