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Enforced Chastity Workshop 1: Expectations

Welcome to our first online workshop. Today we are looking at the most basic issue in enforced chastity: expectations. Men and women are very different. It goes way deeper than sex organs. We don’t think the same way. For example,

Buyer’s Remorse

We’ve been hearing from people who are finding some growing pains getting into enforced chastity. One comment came from Lori: My husband & I are trying the WLM & he is caged. My problem is we’re so new & was

Getting Started As A Keyholder

I’ve been thinking about our enforced chastity and what made it work. I can’t claim that we had a grand plan and by following it, succeeded. There is no grand plan. There never was. Most guys start off in enforced

Keep Your Man An Orgasm Junkie

Are orgasms like potato chips; you just can’t have one? Of course most males have them one at a time with substantial spacing between “bites”. Even without enforced chastity I doubt I would have more than three a week. When