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Genie In The Chastity Bottle

Mrs. Lion had promised that if, after all of the birthday weekend teasing, I am a “horny boy”, she said I would have an orgasm Monday. Yesterday was Monday and she kept her promise. I’m sure she’ll tell you about

It’s Not Easy Being A Keyholder

Mrs. Lion didn’t get into enforced chastity and FLM with an instruction manual on how to be dominant. Of course there are tons of web sites just chock full of what a keyholder should do. Very little of that information

Cheating Male Adaptability

We are still in the woods and Internet/cell phone free. I am writing this on Monday morning so we can run to town (15 miles) to upload our posts. You will see this on Tuesday. Monday was my scheduled orgasm

Maintenance Required

For the record, I am not broken. We are still high on a mountain, far from Internet and cell phone service. This post is being written on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s cloudy with generous patches of blue showing. Saturday