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We Started With Sex

This blog is generally limited in terms of what you expect to read. It’s about power and sex; more specifically female power and domination. I’m very lucky that our relationship is rich and Mrs. Lion is so generous in her

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. Mrs. Lion and I exchanged gifts last week. Neither of us is very good at holding on to a gift we want to give. Our gifts weren’t big. I gave Mrs. Lion a dog mug, a


We’re in the fifth year of our power exchange. I had been wild for the last nine months. That ended on Tuesday night. My chastity device came off before my shoulder surgery at the end of April 2017. My recovery

Hula Man

I always tease Lion about getting him one of those hula girl statues for his car. He grumbles every time. The other day we had our company Christmas lunch. We exchanged white elephant gifts and I wound up with a