Lion’s Journal

Have you noticed that the vast majority of dominant women’s attention is centered on the male rear end? It came to mind when I was looking for a dominant woman image for Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday. The vast majority of the images showed dominant women providing attention to male and female butts.

Lion ass in the air in milking position
Mrs. Lion likes me in the milking position. Everything is accessible. Most of the pictures of me on the site, like this one, show my bare ass. Humiliating! (Yes, I like it)

I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising. Mrs. Lion spends a lot of time looking at my rear end. Last year I did a quick Twitter survey about what part of naked men women prefer to see. A little more than half preferred naked rears. I kind of expected that penises would win by a large margin. I assumed that since the two primary sources of female sexual fun are penises and tongues, the penis would win out over the derrière. Nope.

There are some distinct advantages to paying attention to a rear end. For one thing, there is a wide variety of activities that can be performed without the risk of giving the guy an orgasm. Most of us are inherently embarrassed when we have to expose our asses for whatever attention a fully dressed woman cares to give them. Spanking, probably the most popular activity, has the dual benefit of humiliation and safe administration of pain. It’s no secret that Mrs. Lion spanks me when I need punishment.

In addition to convenience and safety, the ass is defenseless. Spanking is easily accomplished without risk of reprisal. The anus has no teeth and can be safely penetrated with or without the permission of its owner. Put another way, the derrière is a sensation receiver. It has no real ability to transmit sensations to the person attending to it. This is in distinct opposition to the penis, which is also a sensitive receiver of sensation. The difference is that the penis is capable of administering sensation too. It can provide pleasure through intercourse. It can also be messy.

In addition to the other benefits of that rear-facing part of a man’s anatomy, it also puts him in a position that makes it difficult-to-impossible for him to see what you’re doing. That provides an element of surprise. It also means that he is limited in how much verbal feedback he can give you. If he’s in the kind of position I usually assume, he’s up on his knees with his face in the covers of the bed. It takes quite a bit of effort to rise up and make a comment. If Mrs. Lion doesn’t like the comment, she can use her paddle to provide immediate feedback to me.

ginger root on its way up lion's ass
Carved ginger root is on its way up my butt. No lube, of course, that would block the burn. It went up surprisingly easily anyway.

I’ve noticed that many women enjoy penetrating a man’s anus. I’m not sure what the root of this is, but there seems to be some particular pleasure in sticking something up a guy’s ass. Mrs. Lion has a large array of anal implements I’ve purchased for her. She’s also bought some of her own. I’ve never found anal penetration stimulating, or for that matter, even comfortable. I do get a sense of accomplishment when Mrs. Lion is able to penetrate me with something larger than I thought I could handle. Over the years, she has trained my rear end to accept up to four of her fingers and plugs almost 2 inches in diameter.

There is something inherently submissive about presenting a naked rear end to a partner. When Mrs. Lion tells me to get into the milking position, she has access to my cock and balls as well as my butt and anus. It’s all there for her to see and enjoy. I am acutely aware of my vulnerability. If she has me lie on my back with my legs apart, I don’t feel particularly vulnerable. I feel excited that something interesting and sexual will happen. This is true even when I know that she plans some painful play. Very often I remain aroused and erect while she covers my balls with clothespins or Icy Hot. I almost never sport an erection when I’m getting rear attention.

I like this feeling of vulnerability. It’s exciting in its own way. Sex feels better after a session of anal stimulation. What can I say? I love that milking position.

For the record, I completely forgot to put the coffee pot together on Thursday. I definitely earned a spanking. Mrs. Lion wrote about this in her post yesterday. I couldn’t get a reading about how she feels when I break a rule. I suppose it isn’t important just so long as she diligently enforces transgressions. Part of me wishes she would feel more. Maybe that’s silly of me. After all, this is a simple transaction. I forget a chore and I pay the price.

The price is memorable enough so that I won’t forget again, at least for a while. That’s the part I always hope that I will hear about. One of the characteristics many women who punish their partners discuss is that invariably the male will forget and require punishment again. I hate to say it, but this is a characteristic I share. It also seems that it should be a source of amusement for Mrs. Lion.

This is what I was thinking about yesterday when I wrote in my post that we don’t seem to laugh at things that involve us. I can see the humor in my inability to remember a simple chore for more than a few weeks. Yes, our situation changed and that contributed to my forgetfulness. However, given the very painful consequences, you’d think that I would keep the few chores I have to do top of mind. I don’t. I’m sure that my spanking will correct me for a while, but sooner or later my bare butt will be paddled again because I forgot.

Lioness 4.0 is merciless when she spanks me. Even blood won’t stop her. I’m not sure why I seem to bleed during a spanking. No real sores are produced. In fact, I don’t show any bruises either. I figured it was due to the fact that my skin might be dry. I’ve been moisturizing my rear end almost every day. It has reduced the production of blood, but it hasn’t stopped it. No, it isn’t because I’m being spanked too hard or too much. It just seems to happen. Mrs. Lion has learned to consider it a normal side effect of my disciplinary education. The point is that she is going to complete her spanking regardless of my reaction.

I think that’s the most fearsome element to me. Punishment is inevitable and completely out of my control. Of course, that is how it should be.

Have you noticed that we’ve updated our website? The theme that we had been using for over six years was overhauled by its creator. The new version completely messed up our page. That forced me to find a new theme. It took a little while, but we finally got our site where we want it. I like it better than the one we had before. This one flows more easily and is more modern. I hope you like it.

I think that something is wrong. Mrs. Lion has been writing about how she would use some of her free time to play during the day. She also talked about taking care of some things here at the house. After Wednesday’s diaper assignment and handjob (Not to orgasm, of course.), nothing sexual has happened. When it was too late last night, I asked her if something was going on. She said she just didn’t feel like it. I can understand that on one level, but on another more significant level, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

For years sexual attention to me has been absolutely one-sided. Mrs. Lion just isn’t interested in sex for herself. I suppose I am her favorite charity. She’s been extremely kind and has been a wonderful partner. She’s done this through all sorts of difficulties. I’m deeply appreciative.

Now, when there’s no real pressure, I feel a distance. Last night, about 9 o’clock she snuggled with me in a platonic kind of way. I like that. It was odd only because when she does this she normally lets me know why she’s avoiding sex.

Something has changed. I’m not sure what it is, but definitely the wind has changed direction. Even though we spend our days less than 20 feet apart, I recognized yesterday that I initiate all the contact. It could be that she’s finally had enough of me.

Another idea is that the real fun in her life comes while she’s at work. Now that she has no job, for now, she buried herself in various video games. I think I see less of her now than I did when she was at the office all day.

She’s never been particularly articulate about telling me how she feels. She always liked to tell me about what happened at work. She always makes a point about how she laughs with her officemates. I’m starting to realize that all her real sharing goes on there. Needless to say, this is very sad for me. I’ve always suspected that our sexual interaction has been a kind of chore for her. I hoped it was one she enjoyed. Now, I’m not so sure. I’m also not so sure that she’s particularly fond of my company.

I know she loves me. She knows I love her. That’s never been in question. We’ll do anything for each other. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s very fond of my company. I can’t think of the last time I’ve made her laugh. Even when she makes me do silly things, she doesn’t show any real joy.

Yes, we are very comfortable with each other. We could spend years alone together in this house without any real stress. That doesn’t mean that we will be having fun. We’ll be comfortable and Mrs. Lion will indulge some of my sexual needs. You won’t hear the sound of us laughing.

I might not have recognized this if we weren’t forced to be home. Generally, when we have time off, we either take care of chores or go on a trip in our trailer. This is very different. It could be a lot of fun. Maybe we just don’t have that much in common. Maybe over the years, we’ve learned how to work around that. I don’t think it’s working now.

[Mrs. Lion — I do seem to be floundering a bit. I keep thinking I have things to do but I’m off for a month. Do I really need to do things right now? But I also know that month will be gone before I know it. As far as Lion is concerned, I don’t see what he’s talking about. I’ve always been flaky about playing with him. From my point of view, things are normal. He’s working so I leave him to it. He’s the one who has structure right now. If he wants me to interrupt him by waving a butt plug in his face, I can do that. I’ll just have to make sure it’s not during one of his videoconferences.]

I spent yesterday wearing a diaper. I really don’t like that. Mrs. Lion knows it and that’s why she makes me wear one every so often. It’s just another way she lets me know who’s in charge. She let me be wild again after my shower yesterday afternoon. She also played with me (sexually) after my shower. This was our first afternoon session in a long time. It felt great but I was unable to get to the edge. This seems to be the pattern recently. If history is the predictor, starting today I should be able to reach the edge.

So far, we’ve been having a good time. We like each other’s company and having this opportunity to be together 24 hours a day is a lot of fun. I am working from home and so is everyone else from my company. Thanks to very good technology, we have video meetings when we need to talk. I’ll tell you a little secret: they can’t see it, but I’m wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Yesterday, it was a T-shirt and a diaper.

We got a few surly comments complaining that with COVID-19 it was wrong for us to talk about sex. I deleted those ridiculous remarks. Lest anyone forget, this is a sex blog. We are supposed to write about sex; at least our version of it.

Other bloggers are more active. Being home gives them more opportunities to write. Also, I believe we share a responsibility to provide more reading material to entertain our shelter-in-place readers. I’m used to this sort of isolation. Mrs. Lion has always preferred it. I do understand that most everybody else has to compensate for this radical change in human contact. This is one time that being solitary critters is a distinct advantage.

I wonder why it is still so difficult to buy toilet paper or paper towels. By this time, you’d think everybody had more than enough. Distilleries have started making hand sanitizer. I guess that’s a good thing. Nobody has said whether or not using the sanitizers actually kills the coronavirus. Apparently, the consensus is that it’s a good idea to use these products. They are made out of glycerin and grain alcohol. Alcohol is not the best antimicrobial agent. I suppose it’s better than nothing. We use Provon soap for handwashing. This is the stuff that our Hospital and medical center use. Hopefully, that will keep us safer.

I suspect that Mrs. Lion has more fun and games planned for me. She is able to structure her days and take naps if she wants them. Perhaps she will have more energy for fun. She is bound to tell you before she tells me. If you’ve noticed, my morning post is coming in much later. We are on Pacific daylight time and I have been writing my post at about 9 AM. Usually, I write it the day before.

I’m sure I will have more interesting stuff to write about tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know how we’re doing. As of now, we’re both healthy and very happy to be home together. I’m still collecting my paycheck which makes things a lot simpler. See you tomorrow.