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Report From My Bed

Both Mrs. Lion and I have been under the weather. I’ve been in bed continuously since Friday at 10 AM. Mrs. Lion has been sick too but more mobile. I’m grateful she kept you updated. I’ve noticed that she appears

My First Punishment Spanking In Months

Wednesday night I was punished for upsetting Mrs. Lion. She was angry that I was unhappy with our power exchange. I realize that’s a bit of circular logic on her part, but it’s valid that she was upset. She emailed

My Apology. Maybe The End Of The Game

We’re heading into the coldest time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. December is historically our coldest month. Mrs. Lion put our heated hummingbird feeder out last night. We’ve been snuggling under the covers watching TV. I’m happy

If You Don’t Have Selfies, Were You Really There?

Do sex bloggers have more sex? Do we at least think about sex more than other people? Does the act of articulating our deep involvement with genitalia add significance to what we do, at least in our own minds? Think