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I Come Back For More

After I completed my post yesterday, I asked Mrs. Lion for her comments and reaction. She agreed on my reporting but commented that I made too much of what she felt was a small thing. That thing was her changed

The New Mrs. Lion

Last night we played. Mrs. Lion unlocked me and took out her clothespins. I like clothespin play. She covers my balls with them. They hurt a little and it is exciting when she pulls them. It’s very hot fun. But

Hands Off!

Mrs. Lion often reminds me that I can get carried away. My most recent revelation may be one of those occasions. I realized that the most significant value of a male chastity device is prevention of erection. Most of us

Lion 2.0: The Next Step In Enforced Chastity

IWe both spend a lot of time writing about Mrs. Lion’s next steps in taming me. Lioness 2.0 has been resident for some time now. But what about me? Should there be a Lion 2.0 as well? In one respect,