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Maybe I Should Just Flip A Coin

There hasn’t been much sexual activity around here. I’m taking a powerful drug that makes me sleepy and for all I know less interested in sex. Mrs. Lion is tired because she’s not sleeping well. We’re both worried about my

Bumping Into The Furniture

This certainly counts as one of those times when the going is rough. I’m scheduled for two surgeries to try to save my vision. We are in the process of moving to a different house. The good news is that

New Found Toys

Mrs. Lion has been packing away our toy collection. It’s large. Under a pile of insertables, she found a hairbrush. It’s heavier than the one I gave her for our anniversary. It’s also narrower and has deep grooves in the

Every Lioness Needs A Sturdy Hairbrush

It was great being with Mrs. Lion on our anniversary. Sex didn’t work out. I got her a small gift: a square paddle hairbrush, the traditional size and shape used for old-fashioned spankings. The wood is light weight. I wondered