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Spare The Paddle, Turn Off The Lion

Mrs. Lion and I are at a point where we realize there are things we should do. We’ve both written about some of them. But we haven’t taken action yet. This is a pattern we’ve followed before. I guess it’s

My Disciplining Wife

I was looking at Julie’s post, a random photo selection on her blog, Strict Julie Spanks. At the top of the post there’s  a picture of a man standing in a corner, hands above his head, with a very red

It’s A Great Trip

We’re very close to our 3,000th post. For no good reason this feels like a watershed moment in our blog’s history. I don’t have any information about other blogs and how we stack up. I’m pretty sure we’re in the

We Started With Sex

This blog is generally limited in terms of what you expect to read. It’s about power and sex; more specifically female power and domination. I’m very lucky that our relationship is rich and Mrs. Lion is so generous in her