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Spanked, Wanked, And Ruined

I was spanked for interrupting. Mrs. Lion got out the “colonial” paddle. We have two: one is bloodwood and the other bubinga. The bubinga paddle is lighter in weight than the very dense bloodwod. She chose the lighter bubinga. The

Spanked For Interrupting

I’m writing this on Monday. It’s punishment day. Every Monday and Thursdays are designated as punishment days;. I have to remind Mrs. Lion of that. Generally,she doesn’t wait for a punishment day to spank me for breaking a rule. Tonight

Very Bare Sunday

It’s noon on Sunday. I’m naked, of course. That’s my required state at home. Since Mrs. Lion and I live alone, her rule that I be naked at home has very few exceptions. Today, since we have no plans for

Here Comes Lioness 3.0

It started as a little joke. Mrs. Lion started referring to herself as Lioness 1.0. She wrote that she was working toward being 2.0. I would know when 2.0 arrived when she stopped worrying about whether she put clothespins on