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An Enforced Male Chastity Trustee

I am back in the Mature Metal locking cock ring. The best way to describe this device is that it’s a chastity device without the penis cage. I know that sounds odd, but in reality that’s what it is. The

My Left Hand

In my post  the other day,I asked if I had permission to do a little penis fondling so long as I didn’t put myself in any danger of an unauthorized orgasm. I suggested that Mrs. Lion has three options: allow

Steel Foreplay

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I believe a keyholder feels about her partner being locked in a chastity device. My post yesterday talked about extending the male’s perspective beyond the hardware. I was attempting to discuss

Keeping Things Interesting

One important advantage of wearing a chastity device is that it provides a 24/7 reminder of the sexual power exchange. As long as that device is locked on your penis, there is no mistaking the fact that orgasm, even erection