Category: Living with chastity

Missing The Zing

I think we’ve fallen into a routine. I suppose it’s inevitable. We’re a very vanilla couple right  now. We’ve let our day-to-day activities bury our kink. It may be that the chastity device has an important use beyond preventing me


So much of what Mrs. Lion and I do break taboos. Surrendering physical control of my penis, even going so far as to ask my partner to lock it up, breaks societal norms. It’s a fairly extreme form of sexual submission.

All Or Nothing

We’re both tired today. We got to bed late and then at 3am, the dog woke us up. She was having a seizure. We got that under control and then struggled to get back to sleep. Mrs. Lion could barely

Look Ma, No Hardware

More than a third of our marriage has been spent with me in male chastity. We’re close to completing our fifth year doing this. As the kink world goes, this is a remarkable achievement. Of course, there are others who