Category: Living with chastity

Out Of Ideas For Now

I’ve settled into my cage. It’s comfortably in place. I’m not particularly interested in sex right now. Last night, Mrs. Lion removed the cage and we snuggled. It was wonderful but I wasn’t horny. This isn’t anything to worry about.

Trapped Lion

I forgot to lock Lion up last night. His sore spot is gone and I wanted to put the cage back on. My plan was to unlock him every day to make sure that same spot didn’t get sore again.

The Waiting Room

After an eight day wait, Mrs. Lion get me come Friday night. I had been in the plastic cage for a couple of days without unlocking. I was uncomfortable. When I sit at my desk at home, something hurts. The

Mrs. Lion’s Chastity Device Magic

When I asked to be locked in my chastity device again, I wondered if this change for me would also affect Mrs. Lion. I posited that the change would cause Mrs. Lion to increase my wait times. She was doubtful.