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Male Chastity Has Nothing To Do With The Hardware

Most people involved with male chastity think of it primarily in terms of locking a chastity device on a man’s penis. They think of orgasm control/denial as a BDSM activity. I don’t think male chastity, even enforced male chastity, is

You Can’t Surprise Your Husband With A Male Chastity Device

Every so often I wring my hands in despair as I read various male chastity blogs. They make everything so black-and-white and difficult. Most disturbing to me are accounts written by “female” bloggers who claim that they lock their husbands

3.0 May Need A Little Help

Lioness 3.0 is here! You might think a more vigilant, strict wife would painfully complicate my life. That’s not entirely true. 3.0 has a much easier-to-understand approach to me. For example, wearing a chastity device has been a bit hit

I Have A Babysitter

There Is something new in the lion’s den. Mrs. Lion assigned herself a punishment when she forgot that Thursday was a punishment day. If you missed it, I forgot to tell her on Thursday. She also forgot, something she almost