Category: Living with chastity

Does A Chastity Device Make My Penis Smaller?

I got to spend part of yesterday cage free. Mrs. Lion had me remove the chastity device and have a few hours of freedom. After my shower, the cage went back on. Once the cage was off, I checked for

Chastity Device Magic

I think that being locked in a chastity device while apart from Mrs. Lion is indeed helping me feel more connected to her. It seems weird for this inanimate object to connect me to my lioness who is 3,000 miles

Emotional Glue

Mrs. Lion is on her way to visit her East Coast family. I’m back in the Jail Bird. Instead of using the supplied security screw, we are using serial-numbered, plastic seals. Mrs. Lion promised to have me send her pictures

I Hate Flying

No, I’m not afraid to fly. The way I see it, if the plane goes down I may have some time to be scared but it certainly won’t be for long. After that I won’t care anymore. I hate flying