Category: Living with chastity

Blasé About Locking My Cock

After a while, you can get used to almost anything. Wearing a male chastity device, particularly a very comfortable one like my Cherry Keeper, disappears from my conscious mind almost as soon as Mrs. Lion locks it on. I only

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Woodshed

In the past, I’ve been guilty of making wild assumptions based on small actions by Mrs. Lion. I’ve tried to infer that she’s changed over and over again. Some time ago, I resolved not to jump to these conclusions any

Living Locked And Spanked

It’s difficult to sort out the real “history” of enforced chastity and marital spanking. You may wonder why I use both in the same sentence. The fact is, both represent surrender of specific powers from one partner to the other.

Should I Put My Base Ring On?

After all these years (six so far), things have gotten much more casual around the lion’s den. Lately, I’ve been allowed to run around wild most of the time. It seems that I need to remind Mrs. Lion to cage