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Hand Jobs And Planned Release

In case you wondered, the mysterious sore on my penis seems to be almost healed (Click here to see the healing progress). I still have absolutely no idea how I did it. There aren’t a lot of possibilities. Since I’m

Sexual Epoxy

Friday night, as promised, Mrs. Lion teased me. It took a while, but she got me to the edge. I was very close to ejaculating. She stopped, but then started again and took me over the top. She told me

Mrs. Lion Goes Shopping

If you read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, she’s getting proactive in the toy department. It is the first time she located a toy to be used on me. She suggested the Fleshlight. This toy looks like a large flashlight with

Physical Therapy Equipment

Lion thinks that daily edging, or attempts at edging, is a necessary part of his recovery. I’m game for that. But I have sort of a problem. If I’m not able to get him aroused enough to get to the