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Hand Job Magic

Believe it or not, it’s still snowing here! For People that don’t live in the Seattle area a statement like that is greeted with a yawn. Four days of snow here is like a blizzard in Miami. It takes a

Masturbated, Not Masturbating

I never really spent a lot of time thinking about how my masturbation might affect others. I was genuinely surprised that Mrs. Lion had no idea that I jerked off. I barely gave it a thought. It was just something

Hands Off!

In reaction to Mrs. Lion’s post In or Out, Julie had this comment about me masturbating: “I say keep him free and have some fun with his masturbation. Make him do it in front of you while you watch and

But The Other Guys Do It

Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday announced that she has decided she will masturbate in front of me. It was a big surprise. She’s been uninterested in sex for years.  She’s doing it as a way of jump starting her libido. Great