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Banished From the Box

Last night Lion suggested that if he selects the blindfold plus another choice from the Box O’Fun, I shouldn’t tell him what that second choice is. He will, after all, be blindfolded. He shouldn’t know what’s coming. I sort of


Apparently I need to be more closely supervised. I can’t be trusted with chemicals. Anything stronger than lube is no good in my hands. I assumed all Icy Hot was created equal. Why wouldn’t it be? Gel, roll on, whatever

Maybe Not Such an Idle Threat

Yesterday after I wrote my post I mowed the lawn. An hour of back and forth, up and down, punctuated by a few stops while I decided whether I should stop or if I could actually finish. What drove me

Braised Balls

Last night didn’t start out very well. Our power went out a little after 4. Lion called me to come home and help with the generator. Unfortunately, several traffic lights were out and I realized this was more of a