Menthol and other rubs

Last night Lion suggested that if he selects the blindfold plus another choice from the Box O’Fun, I shouldn’t tell him what that second choice is. He will, after all, be blindfolded. He shouldn’t know what’s coming. I sort of like his knowing what’s coming. But I do understand his logic. It makes sense. From now on, we’ll do it that way when he picks the blindfold.

The next idea, however, is all mine. I’m going to remove Icy Hot and and menthol rub cards from the box. They never seem to work out well. The Icy Hot that did nothing for my knee almost made Lion want to chop his balls off. Last night’s blue menthol “fun” didn’t end well. I tried to menthol his cock. He couldn’t feel it there. When I put it on his balls it was too much and he had to wash it off.

Things didn’t go very well at all last night. Even his ruined orgasm was almost ruined. How do you ruin a ruined orgasm? It almost turned into a full orgasm. He was too horny and I was overzealous. Ironically, I had thought about giving him a full orgasm but decided against it at the last second.

What I’ve noticed from the last few ruined orgasms is that Lion has produced a good amount of semen. It’s like he’s having a full orgasm. In the past, even his full orgasms haven’t produced consistently. Maybe he finds the prospect of a ruined orgasm as sexier than a full one. Maybe I’ve just been pushing him harder to the edge. Maybe he’s just in a hormonal period that he’s prone to produce more semen. No idea. All I know is I like it.

Apparently I need to be more closely supervised. I can’t be trusted with chemicals. Anything stronger than lube is no good in my hands. I assumed all Icy Hot was created equal. Why wouldn’t it be? Gel, roll on, whatever other forms it takes. And Lion bought it all so ultimately it’s his fault his balls were on fire last night. It isn’t. This falls under the live and learn category. Read the label. A little dab’ll do ya. More is not necessarily better.

I feel bad about last night. It’s one thing to cause Lion pain because he wants it. It’s an entirely different thing to put him in real pain. Of course I let him wash it off. If I knew a trick to counteract the stuff we’d get some. Milk is supposed to work with hot peppers. I’ve heard tequila does too but I think tequila just puts you in a place where you don’t care that your mouth is on fire. I doubt either would have any effect on Icy Hot to the balls.

I guess there is some good news. Lion was still hard and willing to be edged after he got most of the offending goop off. Since I couldn’t play with his balls as I normally do when I’m edging him, I traced a line near his anus. He likes that. I wasn’t actually touching it but I was in the neighborhood and even a drive by is welcome there. I stopped edging him and I pulled my finger away when I thought he was close. He gave me a look as if to say, “What happened? Why’d you stop?”

I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm. I just wanted him close. When I resumed I kept my finger flirting with him even though I stopped edging him. This boy is craving some anal attention. I’ll have to give him more tonight.

Yesterday after I wrote my post I mowed the lawn. An hour of back and forth, up and down, punctuated by a few stops while I decided whether I should stop or if I could actually finish. What drove me on, and it sounds stupid, is the idea that I didn’t want to get another set of clothes sweaty and dirty if I had to finish it today. I was definitely tired and achy but after a short rest I was just a little achy. By bed time I was ready and assumed I’d sleep well. Nope. This morning I have a muscle tweak near my shoulder blade but it’s nowhere near as painful as my neck was.

I did have energy to snuggle with Lion and attempt to wake the sleeping weenie. I didn’t get anywhere. Lion didn’t apologize. He didn’t mention not being horny. We just snuggled. When I had to move I didn’t go far and we spent a good portion of the night intertwined while watching TV.

Today, we already wasted time watching a college football game. Lion is getting the new waxing station ready while I write this. I can’t keep track of his fur. I’m not sure if he needs to be waxed this week or next week. He says he’s furry enough but it doesn’t look that way to me.

We also have to get ready for Lion’s friend who’s coming in a little less than two weeks. There really isn’t too much to do. It’s mostly moving extraneous stuff out of the spare bedroom. We’ve managed to keep the house fairly clean from all our visitors throughout the year.

Later on I’ll either bring out the Magic Wand or the Icy Hot to get things moving. I threaten him with Icy Hot a lot. I guess it’s time I follow through.


Last night didn’t start out very well. Our power went out a little after 4. Lion called me to come home and help with the generator. Unfortunately, several traffic lights were out and I realized this was more of a widespread outage than I thought. Lion was able to get the generator going and run the power cords without too much trouble anyway.

While we sat there watching TV, Lion said he hoped the power outage didn’t screw up our plans for the evening. I was more concerned with whether or not we’d be able to take showers, having to put more gas in the generator at some point and running around unplugging everything that was plugged into the generator when/if the power came back on but, sure, our plans should have been on my mind. I know Lion and I have different priorities for sex but that seemed a little out of place on the list of things to worry about last night.

In all, the power was out for about three hours. Not bad for one of our outages. They’ve been known to go on for days in big storms. We were able to take our showers at a reasonable hour and we had plenty of time for fun. Lion had generously put the roll-on Icy Hot next to the tube I’d left near the sink.

I put on a glove before I set to work with the Icy Hot. I didn’t want to get any on my hands to transfer to my weenie. I only wanted the balls to be on fire. I squirted a fairly liberal amount and rubbed it in. In the past I’ve just done a little racing stripe. As hot as it is, I knew Lion could take more. I put a wash cloth over his balls to protect my weenie. If I had thought about it ahead of time I could have used a hot wash cloth to make things worse. Live and learn.

As I played with my weenie, I rubbed the boys through the wash cloth. Not only was the dry wash cloth scratching around the hot spots but I was also rubbing the Icy Hot in further. Lion was not a fan of this. He was grimacing a lot. And then I decided if I couldn’t get him to the edge, obviously it was because he needed more Icy Hot. I squirted another liberal set of gobs on his balls. Insult to injury.

However, at some level he must have liked it because soon he was bucking into my hand. I didn’t want him to come so I let go. Then I decided he should get an orgasm for withstanding the Icy Hot. I was pretty mean with it. But then it was difficult to get him back to the bucking stage. Eventually he got there and had a very slow and (I hope) enjoyable orgasm.

I’m a nice mean person.