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Penis Whisperer

I’ve made a lot of mention about Lion being stuck. By this I mean that he gets excited but can’t get any further. If I can just get him to the edge once, I can do it a few times.

Frustration Spanking

Is it possible I used last night’s punishment to take out frustration on Lion’s butt? I’m sure he’d say that was fine. He’s wanted me to do it for some time. But what if the frustration is with the manner

Ambidextrous Spanking

Lion likes to try different spanking positions. Sometimes it’s because it turns him on. I assume this is the appeal of over the knee. Since I have a belly, over the knee doesn’t really work for us. The few times

Up, Up and Away

Lion slept till 11 this morning. I was up at 8:30 but I fell back to sleep around 1. Apparently we’re both trying to catch up on some long, lost sleep. I like to have one day on the weekend