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Lion's homemade bread and butter pickles
Our homemade bread and butter pickles. This is the batch we made today.

Maybe we can blame it on his orgasm the other night. We joke about men thinking with their penises and all the blood rushing there. Perhaps Lion’s blood hadn’t quite returned to his brain when he forgot to set up the coffee pot last night. I noticed it when I was making dinner but I restrained myself from giving him any hints. It’s his first punishment in almost two weeks, I think.

Lion, aside from being upset he earned a punishment for forgetting the coffee, is “glad” he’s being punished for something. This, I assume, is a jab at me for not punishing him for annoying me. Oddly enough, my head has been feeling so foggy I really haven’t let him annoy me. It’s just not worth the effort. I can’t imagine how much effort it would be to spank him if I can’t even get annoyed. But today he will get his spanking.

I didn’t lock Lion in his cage until last night. I don’t know if the delay will skew my experiment* or not. I haven’t asked if he’s horny. I figure I’ll know when I ask him later or when I unlock him. Even under ideal circumstances, he probably wouldn’t have been horny last night. He isn’t usually on the day following an orgasm. In the “olden days”, he would have started feeling horny on the second night. Within the last year or so, it’s taken longer than that to get his motor running again. Well, I can get his motor running. It’s the spontaneous combustion that’s been slower. By locking him up, I’m hoping to turn back time a little. Maybe knowing he can’t touch himself will make him want to touch himself and the frustration will begin. That’s the theory.

Since Lion has been on furlough, he’s been watching a lot of cooking shows. In addition to trying new techniques for old things, he’s been trying some new things. Right now he’s working on his second batch of bread and butter pickles. He doesn’t remember ever having that kind of pickles. Many years ago, I remember helping my mother make them. As I recall, they came out mushy. Lion’s are much better. It doesn’t surprise me. My mother worked with recipes handed down from generation to generation and with the ingredients she had available. I assume she used regular slicing cucumbers which aren’t really suited for pickling. Lion has the benefit of using the exact ingredients he needs and possibly some better methods. The house smells like a pickle factory.

Maybe there’s an analogy between Lion fermenting in his cage and the pickles fermenting in their jars. I hope he doesn’t turn out mushy.

* Mrs. Lion’s current experiment is testing whether Lion is easier to arouse when he is kept locked in a male chastity device.

On Tuesday night I had to stop giving Lion oral sex because I was hot and tired. I’d just come out of the shower and couldn’t see getting myself all sweaty again. Last night was another matter. I work from home on Thursdays and I don’t always take a shower Wednesday night. It didn’t really matter how sweaty I got.

The Magic Wand was all charged up and ready to go. Unfortunately, it didn’t have much of an effect on Lion. I’m not sure why. It’s worked in the past. We tried for a bit but it didn’t seem to be getting any better. I decided what he needed was oral sex. If you ask him, he’ll say that’s usually the case.

I knew Lion was having fun. He went from being pretty hard to not very hard, but I knew he was still enjoying himself. That’s my criteria until one of us cries uncle. At a certain point, I didn’t want to stop because I was afraid he was almost there. Here it is. Nope. Maybe now. Nope. Almost. Nope. Afterward, Lion said it was apparent I wasn’t going to stop. He’s right. I’d decided that I’d put too much effort in not to come away with an orgasm so, dammit, I was going to keep going. Eventually he had one. It was a nice one. He was happy. I was drenched in sweat. And happy.

Before I even started, I decided if he had an orgasm, I was going to lock him back up. I wanted to test out the theory that he’ll get horny faster if he’s locked up. And then he got under the covers because he was cold and I was trying to get cooled off. And I didn’t lock him up. I thought about it a few times before bedtime but I didn’t do it. As we were hunkering down and the lights were going out, Lion said he was wild. I don’t think it was a reminder. I’m not sure if he was surprised I hadn’t locked him up. He certainly wasn’t asking me to do it. I think it was just a statement. As I think of it now, I could always tell him to meet me in the bedroom so I can lock him up. I think I’ll wait till after his shower. I’m fairly certain he won’t be horny tonight. We can start the clock then.

I’m actually interested to see if the cage has anything to do with his horniness level. I guess it makes sense. He can’t help but notice he’s locked up. He has no access to his favorite toy. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’d think it would make him want to play with himself more simply because he can’t. We shall see. [Lion — I’m not allowed to do more than get myself hard. (rolling eyes)]

I thought I had the perfect idea for playing last night. We haven’t used the Magic Wand in a long time. I wondered how Lion would react since he’s very horny. It may have been a perfect idea, but a better idea would have been to make sure it was charged.

On the fly, I decided to swat Lion’s balls. He hates that but conceded that it was better than my other idea of Icy Hot. He definitely would have hated that even more. However, I think he might have been more excited. That’s not exactly true though. My weenie was very hard when I started sucking him. He just lost some of his oomph along the way. I knew Lion was enjoying himself and would have gotten to the edge eventually, but I was sweating and tired. I had to stop. He said he liked it a lot when I was giving him a handjob while I was swatting him. Maybe the Magic Wand will live up to its name later.

While I was working on Lion last night, I was debating whether he should have an orgasm or not. I can see the arguments for and against. I guess it will all depend on how things are going when I get him to the edge. I had high hopes for last night when he was so hard. I’d like to test the theory that he’ll get horny more quickly if I lock him right back up after orgasm. But is that enough of a reason to give him one?

I know there’s no absolute rule to consult. We’re just making this stuff up on the fly. Lion probably both wants and doesn’t want to come depending on how excited he is at the moment. Closer to the edge I’d assume he wants to be put out of his misery. Of course, that might make me less inclined to allow it. Or not. I love giving him orgasms.

Several days ago I started taking Prevagen to see if I could improve my brain function. Ironically, that’s about the time I started having headaches and a foggier brain. Headache is one of the side effects so I didn’t take it this morning. I’m hoping the headache and fog wear off today. I certainly don’t need any help having trouble thinking.

Yesterday, Lion told me I need to stand my ground. If I want him to have an orgasm, he should have an orgasm. He doesn’t want to influence me. I think that ship has sailed. How can he not influence me? Everything from what’s for breakfast (he wanted English muffins and I wanted bagels) to when he should have an orgasm (he thinks he should wait). But the hardest part right now is the brain fog and headache. I just don’t care what we have for breakfast or when he has an orgasm. Concepts more involved than where I parked the car are not something I want to deal with right now. Should he be spanked for asking for the cage to be put on? Fog. Do I want fries with that? Fog. We didn’t play last night because of my head. I’m determined to play tonight regardless of what it feels like.

Lion was complaining (not annoyingly) that he was itchy near the cage. I’ll have to unlock him before he takes a shower so he can make sure to clean under it. And then I’ll leave it off till we play. Yes, I trust him. I’m sure he can make it a few hours without the cage. If I have to put it back on after the shower, it will stay on until tomorrow. That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.

We haven’t been using the Box O’Fun. When we play, we’ve been coming up with our own ideas of what to do. This is fine. This is great, actually. As long as we keep going with it, we don’t need the box. It’s just there to make sure we don’t stall out. Sometimes doing the same things over and over can get boring. Yes, I said I get bored sometimes. That’s what I meant all those years ago when I said things could get boring. Tie up the balls, clothespins, tie up the balls, butt plug, tie up the balls, clothespins. Boring. When we leave it to chance, there’s an element of danger. Oh no, will he get Icy Hot this time? Come on butt plug!! Damn! Tiny clothespins. Also, by asking Lion if he has a preference, I’m allowing him to avoid something he’s really not in the mood for. Is he ever in the mood for Icy Hot? Maybe not, but I’m sure there are times he’s more open to it.

The key to all of this is to have fun. If we don’t change it up from time to time, it can get to be less fun. Dare I say, boring? Lion’s already said he’s bored with handjobs. That was a blanket statement. I’m sure if I threw one in every once in a while he’d be fine with it. Soon he may tire of blow jobs. I try to keep them interesting. A little extra pressure there. Maybe a little more suction. Slower strokes. I like to try to perfect my technique. I’m sure Lion appreciates it. [Lion — I do!!!]