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More Waxing Practice

My office has been invaded by a loud-mouthed coworker. There’s training going on and she was bounced off the computer she normally uses on Monday. Hurray! I dislike this woman under normal circumstances. Having her sitting next to me is


I’ve annoyed my knee somehow. It started as a strain type feeling and, by the time we were done in Costco and running up and down stairs putting groceries away, it was really pissed off. I definitely overdid it yesterday.

More Practice

I knew when I soaped Lion’s mouth the other night, that I hadn’t gone as far as I should have. In the past he’s told me I need to use my fingers to “really get in there” with the soap.

Wash Between Your Teeth

Last night I had to punish Lion for being a know-it-all. When he was in spanking position I asked him why I was punishing him. He told me and I started out slowly. When his cheeks were rosy I asked