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Fees and Interest

Lion is meeting with a personal trainer today. He needs someone yelling at him to make him work out. I think I’d wind up punching that person in the face, but that’s me. Because he’s meeting with a trainer, Lion

Lipstick on a Pig

I’ve been thinking of something for a while. Actually it’s only when I brush my teeth. That’s when I see the collection of nail polish. About a week or so ago I thought maybe it’s time Lion had pretty toes


I’ve been sitting here for quite a while trying to come up with a post. I’m usually the play-by-play reporter and when there’s no play there’s nothing to report. We just had a quite day of snoozing off and on

Spring Cleaning

It appears Lion is back to himself again. He’s horny. He’s rock hard. He’s satisfied. I edged him quite a few times when he started bucking. At first I let him go. Then I took over again. I knew he